Halo 2 Auto Update is Live!
Posted by Sketch at 4/18/2005 4:51 PM PDT
The next time you connect to Xbox Live, you'll download a small bit of data which will update your version of Halo 2 to 1.1. This update will provide a number of fixes to existing cheats and exploits as well as a few gameplay balance enhancements via weapon balance tweaks. For more details about what the update entails, see last weeks [url=http://www.bungie.net/News/TopStory.aspx?story=weeklywhatsapril15th&p=3014696] UPDATE.[/url] In light of the removal of many common forms of cheating and a severe change in the effectiveness of the popular "stand by" cheat, many players feel the need to "test" these results for themselves. This is a bad idea. Engaging in bandwidth manipulation and standbying can result in you getting banned from matchmaking. DON'T DO IT! Also - as we've said previously - using a "hacked" profile, save game or any other manipulated piece of data on your Xbox that is not part of the retail version of the game is also grounds for being banned from matchmaking. This includes playing in custom games or even playing on a LAN while you're still connected to Live. Halo 2 is "Live Aware" so if you're plugged in, make sure none of those files are on your Xbox. If you simply must play with these types of games, you should unplug your network cable or risk getting banned. Hacked files of ANY sort have no place on Xbox Live. In some cases, such as upcoming tournaments, you may not be ready to commit 100% to the new update. If you need to remove the udpate for any reason, you can go into your Xbox Dashboard and wipe out all the Halo 2 saved files (the root). This will effectively remove the 1.1 update but will also remove your saved games, profiles and gametypes. You can back those up to memory card if you like. If you have downloaded maps on your Xbox, they will also be erased. The next time you connect to Live, you'll then download the update once again.
Top 10: Online Multiplayer Console Games 

Posted by urk at 11/3/2010 9:21 AM PDT

ScrewAttack shows us some love.

If you're not familiar with what ScrewAttack does, it's about time you got acclimated. And what better way to introduce yourself than with a video where they sing our praises? Bam!

Cover your ears if you aren't into naughty language. Thanks to HBO for pointing us in the right direction.

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Backwards From Dawn, Part 1 

Posted by urk at 4/20/2010 9:17 AM PDT

I Hardly Knew Thee...

Forward Unto Dawn is taking a look back at Halo 2 with a fresh perspective. Get your own eyes on at the jump below. Thanks to HBO for the heads up (and the bandwidth).

I Hardly Knew Thee...

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One Final Effort 

Posted by urk at 4/16/2010 1:51 PM PDT

There are those who said this day would never come...

Read Full Top Story

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Posted by urk at 4/15/2010 10:10 AM PDT

Halo 2 is still going strong!

Looks like the Xbox LIVE team has yet to flip the switch. Halo 2 is still online and operational. If you're looking to get some last minute games in, now's the time - there's no telling when it's going down!

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Walshy's 2nd - Halo 2 Montage 

Posted by urk at 4/15/2010 9:19 AM PDT

Goodbye to you.


"This is the amazing Walshy's second montage on youtube. No description needed, but I'll give one anyway. Walshy is an amazing Halo 2 player, and is on one of the best teams, Final Boss, with players like him, Ogre 1, Ogre 2, and Strongside. This montage is a very honest montage with great editing and gameplay. Many snipes, sticks, multikills, and no scopes etc. I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment for me to read!?"

YouTube - Walshy - 2nd Halo 2 Montage

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