Halo-Ween Contest
Posted by Sketch at 10/20/2003 9:37 PM PDT
Want to win a copy of Halo PC or some other cool Bungie stuff? Bust out your carving knives and sharpen your skillz for the first ever Halo-ween pumpkin carving contest! The top three Halo-inspired pumpkins will win nifty prizes.

Halo-ween Pumpkin Carving Contest

1. Get a fresh pumpkin
2. Get a knife (kids, be sure to get an OK from your parents, knives are dangerous!)
3. Draw inspiration from the Halo universe
4. Slice, dice and carve your masterpiece onto your pumpkin
5. Send us a picture of it!

The rules

1. All entries will be judged by members of Bungie based on creativity and quality of work. What we say is final. This is our contest. We pick what we like. Winners will be announced on Bungie.net on Monday, 11/3/03.

2. Only one entry is allowed per person. Don't even try it... if you send in more than one, you're out of the contest and some bad Haloween mojo is headed your way.

3. Original photos only! This means no photoshopping or trickery will be accepted. This is the real deal. If your image is doctored in any way, your entry is void. Don't try to fool us. If we even suspect forgery we'll toss it. Seriously.

It is recommended that you put a candle, flashlight or some other light source inside your carved out pumpkin to make the image more visible.

4. The top 3 pumpkins will win prizes! You'll be contacted by us, at the email you used to send in the picture, within a few days of the contest ending. If you're mailing in your entry, be sure to include some kind of way to contact you. We are not responsible for incorrect or invalid contact information.

5. The contest ends on 10/31/03 . No photos will be accepted after that.

How to Enter

1. Entries can be submitted digitally by sending your picture to us at feedback@bungie.com. Put "Halo-ween Contest" in subject line.

Any standard image format is accepted -(.jpeg, .bmp, .tif, .gif, etc...)

Your total file size for your picture should not exceed 1 MB and the overall resolution should be at least 640x480 pixels. (it needs to be big enough for us to see it clearly, but not so big that we can print out posters from it!)

2. If you prefer the old fashioned way, original photos can be mailed to:

Bungie Studios
Attn: Halo-Ween Contest
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052

All mailed entries must be in our hands by Sunday, 11/2 . Please allow adequate time for mail delivery. We are not responsible if your entry gets lost or delayed.


1st Place:
  • 1 copy of Halo for PC
  • 1 Halo PC strategy guide
  • 1 Halo Poster – Signed by Bungie team members
  • Master Chief mini figure
  • Bungie stickers

2nd Place:
  • 1 Halo PC strategy guide
  • 1 Halo Soundtrack
  • Master Chief mini figure
  • Bungie stickers

3rd Place:
  • Halo T-Shirt
  • Master Chief mini figure
  • Bungie stickers

More Contest Madness...

Remember, The Great Halo Scavenger Hunt is still underway at halo.bungie.org. There are tons of great prizes still up for grabs! Go here for more info!

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