Incompetent Cartographer 2
Posted by urk at 7/28/2010 3:44 PM PDT
Lars is busy cranking away at project "Bakken Crick," and here I am, still stuck in Jurkout. I took Chad's advice from yesterday and added some more flat real estate to the back half of shadow base, using some bridges and floating landing pads that connect back to the central, lower structure. Hopefully, the additional square footage will make the process of creating the myriad of spawns I'll need that much easier.

To tell the truth, I'm not looking forward to it. While there are a whole host of Forge improvements designed to aid in general construction, spawning is and always will be a thinking man's game. Basically, I'm screwed. But it's not all doom and gloom. Chad's promised to give me a few pointers here and there. Hopefully, when we get to that point in the process, his pointers will help you out, too.

But we're not there yet. Carney told me I should add more cover to the lower routes. He suggested I use columns and noted that they've been properly man sized. I only had a brief encounter with Jurkout today, so I didn't get a chance to add them into the mix, but as you can see, I did drop in a pair of man cannons to create a second route up into the back base. From inside, you can drop back down and head through the water up the gut, branch around to the platforms on either side, or ride the central gravity lift back up. Seems like it could play out okay and provide a cool cat and mouse experience. Of course, more likely it'll just be janky and totally suck.

After my first foray into map making, I was asked to drop a Spartan into the mix so people could get a better sense of Jurkout's overall size. See that white blip on the top of the central tower in the image above? That's an initial spawn point, properly Spartan sized. And for that matter, the tower itself is straight out of Lockout. Hopefully, that gives you better grip on the map's scale.

There's our friend again, seen from the top of the aforementioned tower. Check out the sweet blue lighting effect on the cavern wall behind the base. And yeah, I added some ornamental shizzle on the base's rooftop. Can't decide if I want to let players mess around up there, though. We'll see.

Here's the newly added dance floor and a look at one of the man cannons and the upper a lower entrances to the base.

And the view from inside, looking down on the central route below.

From one of the base's extended, raised walkways.

Back the other way from the kiddie pool.

So, there you go. Day 2. (Not that I'm going to be able to update you each and every day.) Next time, I'm going to incorporate some additional cover, play with the movement between the lower routes so people don't accidentally hit the drink thinking they're on solid ground (thanks for the tip, Chad!), and start figuring out where I'm going to put spawns and weapons.

Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it.
More Crimson: Steam Pirates Reviews 

Posted by urk at 9/16/2011 4:23 PM PDT

No moneyhats necessary.

If you're one of the few iPad owners who has yet to set sail on Harebrained-Schemes latest adventures with Crimson: Steam Pirates, here's a few more reasons to give it a go.

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Link Up with the! 

Posted by urk at 11/1/2010 9:35 AM PDT

Free Credits!

Earn some easy money this morning by linking your Xbox LIVE gamertag to a profile. Click here to create a profile if you don't have one already, and use your current Xbox LIVE credentials to complete the hook up.

Once you're ready to go, click here, then jump into Halo: Reach matchmaking and play some games to earn an amazingly easy 3,000 Credits.

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Welcome to the Arena 

Posted by urk at 9/20/2010 4:59 PM PDT

Spartans...prepare for glory!

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Invasion + Forge! 

Posted by urk at 9/16/2010 9:09 AM PDT

A communications disruption can only mean one thing...

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Networking 101 

Posted by urk at 9/14/2010 2:17 PM PDT

Come on over here and sniff this packet.

It's been up for a few days already, but just in case you didn't notice, we've updated our Halo: Reach Project Page to include some information about the Network Status section you'll find in the main menu of Halo: Reach. If you're experiencing technical issues, or you just want to make sure you're rockin' the fattest pipe in the neighborhood, hit the link below to get your nerd on.

Halo: Reach - Networking 101


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