Bungie Weekly Update: 08/10/07
Posted by lukems at 8/10/2007 5:00 PM PDT
Frankie writes:
In case you missed it on the front page, the latest edition of the Bungie Podcast is now available for download. Grab it from iTunes so we can continue our assault on the iTunes Podcast charts. Subscribe via iTunes here.

For your enjoyment, we've acquired some panels from the upcoming Halo: Uprising series being put together by Marvel. Larger versions of these seven panels are available when you click on them.

Sometimes we take a break from the normal update format to answer pressing questions that you, the people, need answers to. Today is just such a day:

Ajenteks asks,

1) How many multiplayer maps will there be at launch?
2) What is your favorite multiplayer map so far? Ske7ch's? Luke's?
3) Did the female multiplayer Spartan voice make it into the final cut?
4) Can we see Mister Chief sporting the kitten in a cowboy hat with a bow tie emblem?

1) About the same as Halo 2, more or less. We haven’t revealed them all yet, obviously.
2) Mine is one that’s briefly glimpsed in the Vidoc, Et Tu Brute. It’s a ong, narrow map with some interesting vertical stuff and is possibly the ultimate shotty snipers match, as Luke lamented in the Humpday.
3) Yes. You may select gender for voice, the default is male.
4) We’ll see about that.

Bsig asks,

Can you promise that we get the see the various movies that you are always referring to aka the impossible warthog stick and the elite head bob bug? not anytime soon i know, but eventually?

Possibly not. With each new build of the game that’s made, the older saved films become incompatible. We’ve already filled and refilled our debug HDDs time and time again. However, we will be sharing movies with you guys in the future – and of course, Humpday challenges will soon be publicly viewable by anyone with a 360 and a copy of Halo 3. We’ll occasionally recommend some cool movies too.

Sylntsniper asks,

1) There was an interesting discussion earlier on the forum about shields and health in Halo 2 vs. Halo 1. I was wondering if shields and the invisible health after that function like Halo 2? If not, how is it different?
2) This might be too close to a "plot-related" question, but since there seems to be indication that the various armor permutations will be unlocked, I was wondering if their use and/or existence had any relation to the storyline? As in, will the EVA, for example, be somehow important in the campaign?

1) The shield and health mechanism will be almost precisely identical to that seen in the Public Beta, which as most folks know, is identical in most regards to that found in Halo 2.
2) They have fictional backgrounds, with real purposes, but they are for aesthetic appeal only in Halo 3. That’s not to say that you won’t see those perms in other corners of the Halo universe.

Avateur asks,

How's that water coming along, Frankie? Has it gotten even better than it already is? I can't wait to see it. :)

Actually, yes. Some slight improvements to the physics and animation, including improved watery grenade explosions and some antics with objects and water that you will only see in Campaign.

SeannyD asks,

1) Is there anything I can do to get myself a free Halo special edition? I'd be willing to do just about anything. And I mean ANYTHING. Just say the word.
2) What is the genesis of the "Believe." tagline?

1)  We don’t have any, so not from us.
2)  The “Believe” tagline will make itself clearer, soon.

Klind asks,

Seriously: With saved films can you only record from the predesignated angles (First person, Overhead, etc.) or can you record a player controller sweeping camera. Like if I wanted to make a video mimicking the beta menu. Do you just select angles for parts of the film or do you hold down a button to record...

Does that make sense?

A film can be viewed from any angle. When you make a clip of that film, the angles and camera movements you record are retained. So when somebody views one of your clips, they see the same camera work, yes. But they may, at any time, detach and control the camera themselves.

Ibeechu asks,

1) Are we going to get a new ViDoc before launch?
2) What is the REAL release date of Halo: Uprising?
3) Does the Legendary Edition come with some form of a Bestiarum?
4) Are there weapons and/or vehicles that have NOT been shown to the public yet?
5) Are you aware that the actual meme is "Is it can be...?"
6) Confirm or Deny: Halo 3 will be the equivalent of a deep-fried pancake wrapped in another pancake and covered with WINsauce.
7) What is there left to do in Halo 3's production schedule?

1) Possibly.
2) Soon-ish.
3) An expanded digital version with more art.
4) Yes, lots.
5) What are you, a cat lawyer?
6) It is a cathedral erected of winbricks and lovemortar.
7) Polish and vacation and manufacture.

Vlad3163 asks,

Can you give us an idea of how the meta-game might be scored? I.E. How many points is a Grunt kill with a headshot?

Points and scoring techniques will be discussed in detail before the game ships. So you can figure out your combos and whatnot.

Peptuck asks,

Will Jackal Snipers be the unrelenting horror that they were in Halo 2 Legendary?

They are not so much easier, as they are more fair. And in co-op, you can always send out a chump, erm, volunteer, to spot them….

Dojorkan asks,

1) The Elephant, so far we know you can spawn players in there, but will it do the same for vehicles? Just like any other Light Vehicle spawn?
2) Will Forge allow us to spawn vehicles on maps that wouldn't otherwise have them? An Elephant on the smallest map in the game?
3) Do our Armor colors effect how the Forge's monitor looks like?

1) There is already a Mongoose in there by default, so yes.
2) Yes, but not all vehicles on all maps. Elephant is ONLY on Sandtrap, but others are more flexible.
3) No.

Dan Chosich asks,

1) Is there a kind of server list (browser) for custom games?
2) Is the Halo Xbox 360 using the 65 nm chip?
3) Does the game support 1080p?
4) Can I make my Spartan / Elite black?
5) Is the armor from Halo 1 unlockable or available Halo 3?
6) In speaking to the press, has Bungie revealed all the available multiplayer weapons, vehicles and equipment currently available in Halo 3? Or could there more surprises?
7) Can you change the weather or time of day in multiplayer?

1) No, we use an improved version of Halo 3 Public Beta’s matchmaking with far more options.
2) No idea.
3) Yes, if your system does – through component or HDMI (depending on your TV and 360) and it is (wonderfully) scaled.
4) Not quite. But darker colors are available.
5) We have many unrevealed armor perms, all of which are secret right now.
6) There are surprises left.
7) Nope.

GhaleonEB asks,

1. How complete is the music implementation in the game so far? You had mentioned it was being added as recently as a few weeks ago, and I'm curious how it's progressed.
2. Will we see any game footage from Bungie before the game launches?
3. Does Luke really whore the long rifle as much as it sounds?

1. Very. Finishing touches were made last night. 99%, I’d call it.
2. Possibly.
3. More than you know.

DarkSim asks,

1. What's with Bungie's "professional" news writers filling their articles with super lame internet memes and trends?
2. And exactly how much space is there in the Elephant?

1. We are trying and failing to be as edgy and mature as “DarkSim”
2. Enough to fit all members of both teams, two Mongooses and a Scorpion. Seriously.

Jordan 117 asks

There are at least two full-page ads floating around that deal with the same spoilerish content. You've said before that these ad designers have no access to the end of the game and that it's all just "flavor". It's still disconcerting, though, that both imply the same ending, and have the same "tone". And Marty's ominous warning sure didn't help. In any case, are the ad folks really basing their marketing efforts on what they're guessing is the ending? Please tell me their just blowing smoke.

Assuage me, Frankie. Assuage me good.

PS: When will we (or will we?) hear more about Bungie's multi-city antics? "Mysterious criteria", indeed...

A. There are no spoilers of any kind in the marketing. You have my guarantee, and Marty literally freaks out every time he reads any story content, such as when I mentioned that Spartan 117’s real name was “John.” Seriously.

Konrad asks,

Are the co-op characters going to be AI's when you're not playing co-op? And if so, will they be stupidly invulnerable?

Only the Arbiter is there for some of the time when you play solo, and he’s not invulnerable.

Kanbo asks,

Can we have an exact or close number on the armor variants that will be available to us?

Nope. It’s plenty, and there are thousands of possible combos. 

Plsh asks,

The live action [Blomkamp] shorts. How many will there be and when-ish?

A couple more, and ohmygod I just saw a still from one that made me pee. When, soon-ish.

Baratos asks,

1. How do grunts reproduce?
2. What’s the weirdest glitch you came across while testing Halo 3?

1. Frantically.
2. I would call the recent tumbling Elephant glitch the weirdest.

Scarab asks,

Will there be any invulnerable allies in Halo 3?

Not really, no.

Geary asks,

What is the meaning of life? 

Consume and reproduce. Await further instructions.

Masterskill asks,

Can we get a screenshot with the Forge UI, just to get a little taste of the features and stuff? I realize everything’s not final at the moment, but I think we'd all like to see what’s up.

Not from us, or at least not yet. Try EGM or Edge for a taste.

Elchupanebre asks,

1) In Co-op, do any of the Characters you play as ever need to stray from the pack and go do a separate task (ala Gears of War)? Or does everyone just stay together, and go do the single task at hand the entire game? I was wondering if me playing as the Arbiter in Co-op for my first play through will restult as a different experience than if I had played as the Chief.
2) When you are watching a saved film and are in the free-camera mode, does the camera collide with the level? Does it collide with the Objects within the level? And is it affected by the level border barrier?
3) Will the saved films playback feature a depth of field tool? So you can focus the camera on objects (mainly for machinama)?
4) And Will you be able to piggy-back the camera on to objects to get an attatched camera? Such as the mongoose drive by shot on the ViDoc?

1.Generally you need to stay together (with plenty of room to spread out) and if you get way too far away, you’ll warp together.
2.Camera smoothly slides onto invisible soft surfaces, so you can’t pass through the floor, for example.
3. No DOF for you.
4. Only players, and by association, the vehicles they are driving.


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