Bungie Day '09
Posted by urk at 7/7/2009 1:06 AM PDT
Bungie Day Begins

Today is Bungie Day - the seventh day of the seventh month of the year - and we demand celebration.  Why?  Well, you might have noticed that our little studio has something of a historic fondness for the number 7. Our plan for World Domination is comprised of seven steps, our titles tend to wind up riddled with a healthy dose of the cardinal number 7, and though the fine folks over at Halopedia have done an admirable job of tallying the more overt examples of our numerical predilection, both in-game and on our website, the reality is that there are just too many obvious, subtle, and never-to-be-seen references to the number seven embedded into our works to track.  We have what you could call an affinity for the number.

We also have a fondness for our fans.  So while Bungie Day was born out of the recognition of the number seven itself, it's also an acknowledgment that you, the player, kick all kinds of ass. 

Thanks for taking shotgun and riding along with us as we've rolled down this long and winding road.  And of course, thanks for playing.  We couldn't have done it without you.  That's why we want you in on our celebration today.

And besides it's not just about the sevens anymore.  While the numerology  attached to the date makes for a pretty good excuse to throw an online bash, it also recently marked a significant moment in our studio's history.  On 07/07/07, Bungie once again became an independent developer, completing Step 6 and forging ahead by crafting a new constitution.  So while we're going to spend some time with you in celebration, and  while we're going to make sure you have tons of stuff to keep you occupied at Bungie.net and in Halo 3 today, we're also going to spend some time together as a team, reveling in the past, taking a great look at what we're doing in the present, and yeah, casting a wild eye toward the future.

Though there have been some changes since the studio was founded, the principle that guides our efforts remains the same:  We make games we want to play™.  And we can't wait for you to get your hands on them.

For now get your hands on some snacks, find your chair, and get set to pop open a delicious frosty beverage. If you’re not of age, make it a glass of chocolate milk or something - helps build strong bones, we hear. And of course, get your parent’s permission if you plan on playing some Halo 3. It’s a mature title!

All throughout the course of Bungie Day, we’ll be taking short breaks from our own snack-filled, in-studio festivities to check in with you, deliver some sweet information about Bungie Pro Video, and who knows—maybe we’ll even have a little sneak peek at a kick ass trio of maps nobody can play yet.

Sound good? That’s not the half of it.  There's also a podcast with Nathan Fillion, a puzzle for you to solve, and oh yeah, a twenty-four hour playlist featuring our own able-bodied employees, heads ablaze, going forth to represent.

Bungie Vs. The World

We’re gonna be stomping through Halo 3 Matchmaking in four player squads all day, jumping into an exclusive Bungie Day Playlist where we’ll square off against you on your own stinkin’ maps. Thirty-five in all, you know these arenas much better than we do—you built ‘em—so this is probably the best chance you’ll have at earning yourself a shiny suit of Recon armor from here until September 22nd (which you may have heard is when our next hot jam, Halo 3: ODST, drops into all stores everywhere).

Want to know who you're playing?

The Roster

1:00 AM - Clowntown FTW

Derek the Gorilla
Lord Shishka British
David the Wizard
Princess Carney

2:00 AM - There's tequila in the office!

Matt R.

3:00 AM - There's STILL Tequila in the Office! And Rum and Whiskey now too!

Matt R.
Pat J.

4:00 AM - Hey, Where'd All the Tequila Go?

Cameron P.
Matt B.

5:00 AM - Team I'M ROMEO

Dan Miller
Cameron P.
Matt B.
Tristan R.

6:00 AM - Too Good to Win

Jonty Barnes
Pete Parsons
Chucky Gough
Jason Jones
(Harold Ryan is the secret 5th player on rotation)

7:00 AM - Dawn of Recon

David Candland
Justin Y.
Ben T.

8:00 AM - Morning Wood

CJ Cowan
Jason S.
Vic DeLeon

9:00 AM

Eric E.
Sam J.
Justin H.
Ray B.

10:00 AM to 12:59 PM - Hired Guns from Microsoft

Eric H.
Scott S.
Desmond M.
Paul G.

1:00 PM - Clowntown FTW

Derek the Gorilla
Lord Shishka British
David the Wizard
Princess Carney

2:00 PM - Compare Our Lives to Your Own, Then Wet Yourself

Pat J.
Blake l.
Artem V.
Chris A.

3:00 PM - A Coupla Guys Who Are Up To No Good

Max D.
Tam A.
Jon C.

4:00 PM - The Only Hour That Counts

Luke Smith
Joseph Tung
Lars Bakken
Luke Timmins

5:00 PM - Grizzled Ancients™

Ben the Wallace

6:00 PM - $#%! Shoot me in the face!

Dave G.
Nick G.
Andrew H.
Jon W.

7:00 PM - Team Twatter

Mike M.
Ken T.
Cameron P.
Jason S.

8:00 PM - MP/UI Mobsters

Luke T.
David A.
Brad F.
Paul L.

9:00 PM - Get Whoomps!!!

Matt R.
Drew S.
Mike H.

10:00 PM - Team Free Recon!


11:00 PM - $#%! Shoot me in the face!

Dave G.
Nick G.
Andrew H.
Jon W.

12:00 AM - $#%! Shoot me in the face!

Dave G.
Nick G.
Andrew H.
Jon W.

The Rules

The rules for today’s festivities are simple. Fire up your copy of Halo 3 and enter the Bungie Vs. The World Playlist. In case you forget what you were doing from the time you read this article to the time you launch into Halo 3, we’ll bug you with a sweet pop-up (which is really for the shameful folks who don’t check into Bungie.net) covering the very same details you’re reading right here. We know that you’re already up to speed, but go ahead and read the message we crafted anyway. We whipped it up just for you.

Once you’ve gotten past the message and menus and find yourself in the twenty-four hour Bungie Vs. The World Playlist, be on the lookout for four flaming heads. In the event you get eyes on one of our four-player crews and give them a good old fashioned ass kicking, your efforts will earn you and your team all fancy new sets of Recon armor.

While the Bungie Vs. The World Playlist is social, it is limited to a maximum of four players per party to prevent mix-ups when matches are formed. Further, when a match ends, if you find yourself wanting to play with your new friends again, you will have to do it in another Playlist, as you will not be able to party up at the end of the game. If you go in by yourself and find three people that you really think will be able to challenge our nigh-invincible team of pro-level BxR masters, you'll have to send them an invite and re-enter the Playlist as a team before you can begin seeking your premature demise at the hands of our elite hunter-killer teams.

Of course, there are a few catches (aren't there always?). Folks who fall into the following categories get nothing no matter what they do (you stole Fizzy Lifting drinks!):

  • Cheaters who’ve cheated in a sad attempt to stave off their feelings of inadequacy (or for any other reason).
  • Boosters who’ve boosted their way to shame and a sense of emptiness (even in Juggernaut gametypes).
  • Jerks who quit out of games today because they don’t see any flaming heads in the lobby (this one will also score you a tasty, longer-than-usual ban for ruining all of our friends’ fun).
  • Players who have already earned Recon Armor—you know we love you baby, but it’s time we saw other people. It’s not you, it’s us.
  • Players who are already on The List for any reason—you know who you are.
  • Players who teabag a Bungie employee. This is just plain rude.

Okay that last one isn’t really legit, but you get the idea. The basic rule is: give us a whoopin’ in the Bungie Vs. The World Playlist and we’ll bestow your account with Recon armor, provided you haven’t given us a really solid reason not to. If you’re scratching your head right now wondering if your minor ban or bad behavior on Bungie.net earned you a spot on The List, you don’t have anything to worry about.  No need to send a PM.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of not quitting games. Best case scenario for quitting games is you're trashing the experience of other players. Worst case scenario is a visitation from the Banhammer. And we're not talking about some crummy 2-week EXP ban, either. Don't quit. Just don't do it. Not getting Recon will be the least of your concerns if you do.

Go read that last paragraph again.  We'll wait right here.

We do realize that finding a team of four people in a playlist with thousands of people is like finding the proverbial needle in the equally proverbial haystack. Don't worry, we got you covered.  Remember V-Day Massacre? Similar to what we did for Valentine's Day, we'll be tracking specific statistics and then awarding Recon to the players that best achieve those statistics. What are they? Well, we won't say just yet. However, since it's Bungie Day, you can guess that the number seven is involved. Also, we promise to award Recon in a far more timely manner than we did with V-Day (blame stosh), though you shouldn't expect instant gratification. So, if you don't run into a Bungie team while you're playing, don't be discouraged! You still have a shot at Recon.

Extracurricular Activities

If your employer was too short-sighted to give everyone the day off and earned their stodgy corporate entity a VIP slingshot ride straight into the sun, no worries, we’ve got some stuff to keep you satisfied until the whistle blows and you tear through traffic to get your chance to throw down in the Bungie Vs. The World Playlist.

Heretic, Citadel, and Longshore

Want to get your first good look?  Check back in later this morning.

Bungie Pro Video

The feature formerly known as Render-to-Video is going live today and being reborn as Bungie Pro Video.  Want to know more?  Check back later in the day for all the gory details.

The Bungie Day Podcast

More information on the way about Bungie Pro Video straight from The Wolf himself, and oh yeah, did you hear Nathan Fillion dropped by the studio? Brian, Marty, and Joe shoved a mic in his face and spent some cozy moments with the man himself.  As soon as this Podcast is ready to go today, we'll drop a note in the Bungie Blog so you can download it directly from our servers or dash over to iTunes to have yourself a listen. 

Roger’s Recon Hunt

You might remember a small contest we ran on Bungie.net sometime back asking you to locate Roger while he was rocking his Bungie-branded t-shirt while he was on a road trip. Well, he’s back and he’s got another object for you to dig up. Check out the Bungie Blog for more details later this morning. You could end up winning Recon right from your office chair.

Are You Not Entertained?

Well, that’s all the words we got ready for now. Check back in a few and we’ll have even more whipped up for your reading pleasure.

For now, we just wanna say thanks for celebrating Bungie Day with us. It just wouldn’t have been the same without you. We’re super glad you stopped by and we’re pretty pumped about what’s coming in the near future. We think you will be too.

But for today—let’s just chill and get our Halo 3 on. See you in Matchmaking and thanks for playing.

Non facete nobis calcitrare vestrum perinæum.

Crimson: Steam Pirates for iOS 

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The Adventure Continues on iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

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MLG Anaheim Live 

Posted by urk at 10/28/2009 2:18 PM PDT

Come out and watch!

The fourth stop of the 2009 MLG Pro Circuit is set to kick off from Anaheim, CA on Friday, November 6th. Come out and be a part of the event by purchasing a spectator pass for just $20. A pass covers one person for the entirety of the three day event (November 6th-8th). If you're not lucky enough to come out and spectate, MLG will be streaming the entire event all weekend long on our homepage at www.mlgpro.com.

For more information on being a spectator, click here: http://www.mlgpro.com/pro-circuit/2009/index4.php#spectator

For the entire Live Stream Schedule, click here: http://www.mlgpro.com/pro-circuit/2009/streaminfo.php

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Brawlin' for Recon 

Posted by urk at 5/9/2009 10:35 AM PDT

Double the EXP and a chance to win Recon.

Mythic Brawl is up for this weekend's Double EXP Playlist and we want proof that you participated.  Fire it up and get your Free For All on, then fill up your File Share with the evidence.  Want more details?  Rules and regulations are below.

* Entry into the contest is granted by snapping a screenshot of your play in the Double EXP Weekend Mythic Brawl Playlist.
* Screenshots must be taken and uploaded today, Saturday, May 9th, 2009 (PST).
* Screenshots must be uploaded into your File Share and remain there until next week's update.
* Screenshots must be tagged (not named) with the word "Brawl."
* Maximum of six (6) entries per player.
* Cheaters and boosters need not apply.

You can take screenshots of any action you like, but you'll have a better shot at winning if you catch our eye with something that isn't staged.  Play to win, try and capture the essense of Mythic Brawl, and keep your fingers tightly crossed.  If you've already played in Mythic Brawl this morning, you're ahead of the game - you can use screenshots from those matches.  If you haven't, fire it up and get your brawl on.

Want to talk about the contest?  There's a discussion thread attached to this news item.  Good luck.

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