Humpday: Hollywood Halo
Posted by Anonymous User (Deleted) at 10/26/2006 6:24 PM PDT
KPaul writes:

This week Bungie almost failed to recruit enough players for the Humpday yet again, but luckily we found a way to get enough players and met the fellows over at Hollywood Halo.

Hollywood Halo brought some of its community regulars to the game. And a few ringers.

bastardlydanny: I was preceding his name with a different profanity throughout the night.
Gilean: More like... “silly one!” Hah! ...I got nothing.
FrAnK SiXeR: Somehow louder and more offensive than our own Frank. An impressive feat.
ImSuck: UrSuck at internets.
Bizballa: The only person who never prompted me to ask myself, “why is he yelling?”
MasterKnshn: MasterCnsnnt.

Bungie was distracted last night and forgot to send out a notification last night, so we had to conscript a few Cavegirls to give us a hand.

Frankie: The prettiest Cavegirl.
Zoom Demon: You may remember her from such updates as: Monday’s !
THE DON WAN: Ran the Fight Like a Girl tournament with Zoom.
KP: Fought like a scared, weak little girl.

Game 1:
Team Slayer
Lockout, BR start
Game Duration: 6:19
General Tone of Game: Yeah.

So four of the guys on their team, at least, were in New York two weeks ago. What were they doing? Well... I’ll tell you what they weren’t doing: seeing the sights. Luckily, Zoom and DON WAN are pretty decent so they helped to offset some of our suck. But there’s only so much counter-balancing you can do with suck of such proportions.

There wasn’t a whole lot of strategy at play. I ran around like a moron. About 95% of my deaths could be contributed to nade spam. Sadly, I kept running into them. What’s the definition of insanity again? Bastardlydanny and Zoom Demon both lived up to their reputations as absolute beasts, levelling the competition.

Hollywood Halo held the lead the whole game, but it was a relatively close match nonetheless. Zoom and DON WAN kept it close for us. As Frankie so aptly pointed out when I showed up this morning, if I’d performed up to my usual level and not like a roving lunatic, we probably could’ve made it a much loser match.

50 to 40. Hollywood Halo wins.

Game 2:
CTF Classic
Midship, BR start
Game Duration: 4:49
General Tone of Game: Roar!

A symmetrical map with BR starts! Zomg surprise! This game was much closer than the first. They drew first blood but scored right after them. Flag wasn’t at home to score so it went pretty quickly. Both teams stopped a flag return in a convenient location once or twice and were able to hold it in that position either until it returned or for a significant amount of time. Zoom, DON WAN and myself spent most of our time on offense while Frankie mostly held back and defended the base and/or threw stickies directly at the area which we were about to respawn. It went back and forth for a while. Both teams would grab the flag and return it while the other team was busy protecting their flag carrier.

The closing minute was pretty insane. They seemed to have it wrapped up as they ran from our base with the last flag with the score tied at four all. But we managed to stop them and throw their flag down. As I respawned I grabbed the flag and tossed it up to Zoom, but we were about two steps too late as Hollywood Halo scored the last cap to win it.

5 to 4. Hollywood Halo wins.

Game 3:
Team Slayer
Ivory Tower, BR start with a twist
Game Duration: 4:59
General Tone of Game: Deceivery

It might not be his favorite, but Frankie’s best level is definitely Ivory Tower. I’ve seen him pull off some pretty impressive victories on it. So when they gave him party lead it was no surprise that he chose it, along with his favorite twist of BR starts with rockets secondary (which the other team often doesn’t know until the first rocket flies by them).

They weren’t so easily fooled, however, and discovered their secondary weapon right off the bat. Being a rockets game on a medium-sized map, it was a pretty fast paced game (meaning I died a lot). The only time any one ever broke out their rifles was to finish off a damaged opponent, everyone ran around with the rockets, predictably.

While it was another relatively even match, Hollywood Halo got the lead early and never let go of it.

50 to 40. Hollywood Halo wins.

Thanks to the crew over at Hollywood Halo for showing us a good time and to Zoom and THE DON WAN for filling in for the rest of the Bungie crew on incredibly short notice.

Top 10: Online Multiplayer Console Games 

Posted by urk at 11/3/2010 9:21 AM PDT

ScrewAttack shows us some love.

If you're not familiar with what ScrewAttack does, it's about time you got acclimated. And what better way to introduce yourself than with a video where they sing our praises? Bam!

Cover your ears if you aren't into naughty language. Thanks to HBO for pointing us in the right direction.

Tags: Halo 2 (Xbox)


Backwards From Dawn, Part 1 

Posted by urk at 4/20/2010 9:17 AM PDT

I Hardly Knew Thee...

Forward Unto Dawn is taking a look back at Halo 2 with a fresh perspective. Get your own eyes on at the jump below. Thanks to HBO for the heads up (and the bandwidth).

I Hardly Knew Thee...

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One Final Effort 

Posted by urk at 4/16/2010 1:51 PM PDT

There are those who said this day would never come...

Read Full Top Story

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Posted by urk at 4/15/2010 10:10 AM PDT

Halo 2 is still going strong!

Looks like the Xbox LIVE team has yet to flip the switch. Halo 2 is still online and operational. If you're looking to get some last minute games in, now's the time - there's no telling when it's going down!

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Walshy's 2nd - Halo 2 Montage 

Posted by urk at 4/15/2010 9:19 AM PDT

Goodbye to you.


"This is the amazing Walshy's second montage on youtube. No description needed, but I'll give one anyway. Walshy is an amazing Halo 2 player, and is on one of the best teams, Final Boss, with players like him, Ogre 1, Ogre 2, and Strongside. This montage is a very honest montage with great editing and gameplay. Many snipes, sticks, multikills, and no scopes etc. I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment for me to read!?"

YouTube - Walshy - 2nd Halo 2 Montage

Tags: Halo 2 (Xbox)



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