Humpday: Video Gaming Refugees
Posted by Anonymous User (Deleted) at 9/14/2006 4:05 PM PDT
KPaul writes:

This week the Bungie crew took on a cool bunch of dudes called the Video Gaming Refugees . I actually had the chance to play with these guys about a month ago with evil otto, and they were just as cool a group as advertised, a bunch of fun to play with. This week we finally met in a Humpday so that they could deliver yet another crushing blow to my already-battered self-esteem.

The Video Gaming Refugees assembled a crew of their finest.

Secord 20- Poor guy was being yelled at the entirety of the first game.
Riggy469- Riggy the gamey maybe?
HoosierDaddy812- Bridger.
Yaters- Has conceded defeat in the war on spelling his own name correctly.
KOONCECRUSHED- “Halo 3 better not suck.” Thanks for the constructive feedback.
Wicked Aura- Wicked retodded.

Bungie rustled up a few bonafide game designers, a waterboy and a hobo.

evil otto- VG Refugees’ inside man. Currently under investigation for treason.
Billy77Bones- Once stabbed a man with an Xbox 360 power brick.
Jejor- “We’ll address you properly when you stop carrying water.” -Frankie
Phlegm Brulee- Once, when pulled over for suspicion of intoxication, asked the officer if he could instead storyboard himself walking the straight line. He now carpools.
KP- “I hate it when they practice.”

Game 1: Low King of the Hill
Beaver Creek, SWAT settings
Game Duration: 11:12
General Tone of Game: This should have lasted longer...

I should’ve known something was wrong when they sent us their game choices a month ahead of time. These jerks practiced and it was freaking evident from the start. With the hill being static they had plenty of time to form a strategy to hold that one area and they executed it very well for good stints of time.

Their plan was to camp covering the hill and a base if they could while we walked into their fire. They situated one man in the OS and Shotgun spawn as well as one on top of the base, when possible, all guarding the one man in the hill. The flaw with their plan was that it was geared more to protect the hill from intrusion and less to cover cover the man inside it. This game would have been over even quicker if they’d focused on covering the bases instead of killing us as we got into the hill. To break their plan, I just got up on top of a base or up one of the ramps on the side of the map and took out the man in the hill and whoever else I could. That was enough to draw one or two of them out of their holes and into the open to be shot, usually.

While their strategy didn’t protect the man in the hill so well, it certainly did stop us from gaining time. We didn’t have the coordination to set up the same system they had even when we had the opportunity. We would occasionally get a rally going, while we focused on the base from which the VG Refugees were assaulting. We could never keep it up for long, however, because we didn’t have a strategy which would keep each others’ backs covered like they did.

The VG Refugees simply dominated us in this round. Bungie had success breaking up their hold on the hill for brief periods of time, but they held us out of striking distance after the first few minutes.

0:30 to 0:07. Video Game Refugees win.

Game 2: Team Slayer
Relic, Snipers
Game Duration: 13:19
General Tone of Game: Ow, my face!

According to their version of things , they were content to hide and let HoosierDaddy812 do all the killing for them. That makes sense of the first few minutes of that game for me, because I didn’t see any one at all until my third or fourth life.

They definitely couldn’t expect to sit back while he did all the sniping, eventually they came out to snipe too but they largely stayed towards the edges of the map, either by Hog spawn or behind the relic. This worked pretty well for them since generally people gravitate toward the relic, which was the case with us as well.

We did a decent job of holding steady after their initial slaughtering upon spawn. Otto and I found a rhythm and put some bullets into faces. I played like an idiot though, rushing too often and dying more than anyone. It wasn’t so much their strategy in this one but the fact that HoosierDaddy812 and Yaters kept nailing us.

100 to 76. Video Game Refugees win.

Game 3: Team Slayer
Lockout, normal weapons
Game Duration: 4:58
General Tone of Game: Ugh

They said they expected something more original from Bungie, but when you let me pick the game, you can expect something standard on Lockout. I love the way the map is balanced (yes, even with SMG spawns, go back to your hole) and sometimes a clear-cut game of Slayer is just refreshing.

This game started off just about as well as the prior two. Network performance was rocky at best throughout the match, but the beginning of the Lockout game was . It’d be nice if punching someone in the face in real life was like it was in the beginning of this game: completely without consequence. After about a minute, things had smoothed out and we had nothing to blame but our lack of skill.

The Video Game Refugees spent most of the game on the lower levels. For a while I was holding the top of Battle Rifle tower with the Sniper, but it wasn’t very fruitful, I got one snipe the entire time and it wasn’t entirely attributable to the fact that I suck, I really only saw three guys the whole time. So I let someone sneak up behind me and assassinate me, so I could spawn back with my trusty SMG on a lower level.

None of us faired too well on the lower levels either. They controlled the sword the entire game and most of them had powerful dual combos. At this point in the match, Bungie broken down and began running around screaming and throwing grenades. It was good for 33 kills and some entertainment, but that was about.

50 to 33. Video Game Refugees win.

Some very good times were had this week, despite our being trounced. The VGR guys were perhaps the best sports we’ve come up against since I started doing these, and they were a pleasure to play with. I look forward to hopping into their parties where possible in the future.

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Walshy's 2nd - Halo 2 Montage 

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Goodbye to you.


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YouTube - Walshy - 2nd Halo 2 Montage

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