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"The Gym" by The Dent 043 on 12.14.2007
This is the gym you wish your school had. For Old Dodgeball game type. 8 players and up.
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Subject: Old Dodgeball
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Based loosly on the school game, players on both sides start with their butts to the wall and no balls, they are located convenantly at the middle of the map (more will spawn elseware later) the match begins with a mad rush to the goodies with some shenanigans ensuing. Players have unlimited lives but dieing costs them, those who be felled will soon find themselves in Jail, an unescapable jail. While in there they can watch the action, play with the soccer ball, or run in a circle, waiting, not for the match to end but for a team mate to free them! A well placed grenade will obliterate the baricade and free all those who fell to unleash havok and revenge. After ten seconds the baricade will respawn and the jail will wait. There are some peices of defensive equipment that can act as the fat kid that you would normally hide behind. The match ends at 25 kills or seven minites, unless your team has o Luke Skywalkers on your team that can make the shot, then its best to end the match early and hang your head in shame. The match has to quick varients 1)hounor rules, no one can pass the barricades unless by man cannon to get to the flanking balcony. 2) no hounor rules for a more caotic enviroment. for 8-16 players of two teams. P.S. my xbox is currently broken if gravity is set to 200% please set it to standard thanx

for use with Old dodgball game type

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  • 12.15.2007 10:42 AM PDT
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This sounds a lot like the Dodgeball we played in school, where you could score on one of the basketball hoops on the other side of the gym to free your teammates, which made the game interesting. Your idea of the barrier seems pretty similar.

I can't download it right now, but the thread's saved! :)

  • 12.15.2007 10:46 AM PDT
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nice map. and also if you or anyone would like to join my forging group click here Killan Forg3rs

  • 12.15.2007 10:48 AM PDT

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