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How To

Can't find something? Be sure to restrict your search to be as specific as possible (terms like "halo" and "bungie" are bad). When searching in the forums, you can now restrict your search to a specific forum if you want.

Advanced search techniques:

  • word1 AND word2
    search for 'word1' and 'word2'.
  • word1 OR word2
    search for 'word1' OR 'word2'.
  • "a whole phrase"
    search for an exact phrase.
  • (word1 OR word2) AND word3
    logically group words and/or phrases.
  • word1 AND NOT word2
    search for 'word1' and exclude 'word2'.
  • word*
    wildcard search for any word starting with 'word'.
  • Author searches match exactly on logins
    Use the People Finder to find the user, then search for their forum posts; the previous matching helpers don't apply for author searches.

  • People Finder

  • find by gamertag or find by Bungie.Net username