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  • R000 - A113

  • Firefight Games: 19 – Highest Score: 67,422
  • Campaign Games: 80 – Highest Score: 66,723
Invincible! x 11


Dream Crusher! x 9


Untouchable! x 39


Rampage! x 47


Hammer Spree! x 17


Completed Normal

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Many Mongeese, Little Room to Breathe.
Real skill doesn't concern itself with framerate.
This is an original map that is totally original and not sto...
BNGL Pro map
Real pros don't need to see their opponents to win.
A game variant of Slayer, Wednesday April 1, 2009 10:26:48
A game variant of Slayer, Wednesday April 1, 2009 10:30:10
BNGL Pro map
Oddball without the no-skill weapons to get in the way.
Double helix staircases rise from the pool of life. To be p...
Using BNGL Skull Rush, this map simulates a zergling rush ap...
Jump into the nearest vehicle and get to the skull, no matte...
A game variant of Slayer, Wednesday January 23, 2008 21:30:3...
Loaded with heavy vehicles and a few surprises for massive c...
The PraetoriaGuard's "Tower of Power" gametype. For use on t...
The "Spire" map variant - for the "Tower of Power" gametype.
stoshouts spiritual successor, stoshington!
A place where fun goes to die. Good with mosh pit, stoshout ...
Faster in all ways
would you like to taste my stoshage?
Deep in the bowels of Installation 05 Zombies have gotten a ...
In the heart of this Forerunner structure, far above the tro...
Because of its speed and luxury the Pious Inquisitor has bec...