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Career Stats: Summary

Games Played:

  • 271
  • Playtime1d 18h 29m
  • Kills1,106
  • Deaths1,306
  • Assists92
  • Kill/Death0.85
  • Kills/Game4.08
  • Deaths/Game4.82
  • Kills/Hour26.02
  • Deaths/Hour30.73
  • Medals1,290
  • Medals/Game4.76
  • Medals/Hour30.35
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Custom Top Medals
  • Killtacular



    Kill 5 opponents in the blink of an eye.


    Per Game:0.0037

  • Overkill



    Kill 4 opponents in the blink of an eye.


    Per Game:0.0074

  • Running Riot


    Running Riot

    Running Riot
    Kill 15 opponents in a row without dying.


    Per Game:0.0074

  • Killing Frenzy


    Killing Frenzy

    Killing Frenzy
    Kill 10 opponents in a row without dying.


    Per Game:0.0480

  • Splatter Spree


    Splatter Spree

    Splatter Spree
    Splatter 5 opponents using a vehicle without dying.


    Per Game:0.0074

  • Sniper Spree


    Sniper Spree

    Sniper Spree
    Kill 5 opponents with a sniper weapon without dying.


    Per Game:0.0258

  • Laser Spree


    Laser Spree

    Laser Spree
    Kill 5 opponents with the Spartan Laser without dying.


    Per Game:0.0037

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Custom Top Weapons
  • Energy Sword - T1 EW/S

    Kills: 138 | Deaths: 145

    Energy Sword - T1 EW/S

    This weapon consists of a grip that contains an energy storage/generation device and the blade projector and, when activated a blade composed of plasma stabilized within an energy field.
  • DMR - M392

    Kills: 102 | Deaths: 47

    DMR - M392

    Although it saw more widespread use throughout all branches of the UNSC prior to 2548, it has since been superseded in use by the BR55 in all branches but the Army.
  • Melee

    Kills: 91 | Deaths: 55


    Not the face!
  • Heavy Machine Gun - AIE-486H

    Kills: 91 | Deaths: 20

    Heavy Machine Gun - AIE-486H

    A Spartan is easily strong enough to remove, or more accurately, rip a turret-mounted machine gun from its tripod base. Although doing so will detach it from its main ammo feed, a Spartan can use whatever’s left attached to the gun to devastating effect. It’s heavy even for a Spartan, and slow to spin up to full firing rate.
  • Shotgun - M45 TS

    Kills: 84 | Deaths: 79

    Shotgun - M45 TS

    This special-purpose weapon is used in any situation where range of engagement is limited, over-penetration is not desirable, but maximum stopping power is required.
  • Sniper Rifle - SRS99

    Kills: 84 | Deaths: 49

    Sniper Rifle - SRS99

    The SRS first entered service with the Army in 2460; because of its modularity and ongoing manufacturer support the SRS99 was adopted by all branches in 2521.



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