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Metovex - XRM1

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Games Played:

  • 31
  • Playtime0d 5h 22m
  • Kills445
  • Deaths573
  • Assists60
  • Kill/Death0.78
  • Kills/Game14.35
  • Deaths/Game18.48
  • Kills/Hour82.91
  • Deaths/Hour106.76
  • Medals562
  • Medals/Game18.13
  • Medals/Hour104.72
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Custom Top Medals
  • Overkill



    Kill 4 opponents in the blink of an eye.


    Per Game:0.0645

  • Triple Kill


    Triple Kill

    Triple Kill
    Kill 3 opponents in the blink of an eye.


    Per Game:0.1935

  • Killing Spree


    Killing Spree

    Killing Spree
    Kill 5 opponents in a row without dying.


    Per Game:0.1935

  • Splatter Spree


    Splatter Spree

    Splatter Spree
    Splatter 5 opponents using a vehicle without dying.


    Per Game:0.0323

  • Sword Spree


    Sword Spree

    Sword Spree
    Kill 5 opponents with the Energy Sword without dying.


    Per Game:0.0323

  • Hammer Spree


    Hammer Spree

    Hammer Spree
    Kill 5 opponents with the Gravity Hammer without dying.


    Per Game:0.0323

  • Zombie Killing Spree


    Zombie Killing Spree

    Zombie Killing Spree
    Kill 5 zombies as the human without dying.


    Per Game:0.0323

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Custom Top Weapons
  • GrenadeLauncher - M319 IGL

    Kills: 83 | Deaths: 73

    GrenadeLauncher - M319 IGL

    Because of its simplicity, ruggedness, and firepower, the M319 has been a mainstay within the UNSC Army’s arsenal since its official adoption in 2263.
  • Gravity Hammer - T2 EW/H

    Kills: 65 | Deaths: 67

    Gravity Hammer - T2 EW/H

    A field generator, which is located in the head, emits a kinetic pulse (~4.5 meters). The exact mechanism by which it functions is currently under investigation.
  • Sniper Rifle - SRS99

    Kills: 55 | Deaths: 67

    Sniper Rifle - SRS99

    The SRS first entered service with the Army in 2460; because of its modularity and ongoing manufacturer support the SRS99 was adopted by all branches in 2521.
  • DMR - M392

    Kills: 51 | Deaths: 40

    DMR - M392

    Although it saw more widespread use throughout all branches of the UNSC prior to 2548, it has since been superseded in use by the BR55 in all branches but the Army.
  • Warthog M12 FAV - Driver

    Kills: 37 | Deaths: 41

    Warthog M12 FAV - Driver

    The ubiquitous Warthog - three thousand kilos of fuel-injected ballistic polycarbonate, titanium, and carbon nanotube.
  • Melee

    Kills: 29 | Deaths: 32


    Not the face!



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