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Colonel Grade 3

snowninja17 - ELI

Colonel Grade 3Next: Brigadier  (138581 of 220000)

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    Arena Season 44

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Career Stats: Summary

Games Played:

  • 114
  • Playtime1d 0h 35m
  • Kills1,715
  • Deaths1,052
  • Assists266
  • Kill/Death1.63
  • Kills/Game15.04
  • Deaths/Game9.23
  • Kills/Hour69.74
  • Deaths/Hour42.78
  • Medals2,190
  • Medals/Game19.21
  • Medals/Hour89.05
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Invasion Top Medals
  • Overkill



    Kill 4 opponents in the blink of an eye.


    Per Game:0.0175

  • Triple Kill


    Triple Kill

    Triple Kill
    Kill 3 opponents in the blink of an eye.


    Per Game:0.0702

  • Running Riot


    Running Riot

    Running Riot
    Kill 15 opponents in a row without dying.


    Per Game:0.0088

  • Killing Frenzy


    Killing Frenzy

    Killing Frenzy
    Kill 10 opponents in a row without dying.


    Per Game:0.0789

  • Be the Bullet


    Be the Bullet

    Be the Bullet
    Kill 15 opponents with a sniper weapon without dying.


    Per Game:0.0088

  • Sword Spree


    Sword Spree

    Sword Spree
    Kill 5 opponents with the Energy Sword without dying.


    Per Game:0.0088

  • Sniper Spree


    Sniper Spree

    Sniper Spree
    Kill 5 opponents with a sniper weapon without dying.


    Per Game:0.1842

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Invasion Top Weapons
  • Melee

    Kills: 347 | Deaths: 204


    Not the face!
  • Sniper Rifle - SRS99

    Kills: 227 | Deaths: 64

    Sniper Rifle - SRS99

    The SRS first entered service with the Army in 2460; because of its modularity and ongoing manufacturer support the SRS99 was adopted by all branches in 2521.
  • Plasma Grenade - T1 AP-G

    Kills: 195 | Deaths: 111

    Plasma Grenade - T1 AP-G

    Highly explosive Covenant grenade with a dangerous adhesive property.
  • Magnum - M6G Pistol

    Kills: 158 | Deaths: 35

    Magnum - M6G Pistol

    The standard sidearm of all UNSC personnel, highly regarded for its ruggedness and reliability. Several variants are issued with the smart-linked KFA-2 x2 scope.
  • Shotgun - M45 TS

    Kills: 154 | Deaths: 44

    Shotgun - M45 TS

    This special-purpose weapon is used in any situation where range of engagement is limited, over-penetration is not desirable, but maximum stopping power is required.
  • Needler Rifle - T31 Rifle

    Kills: 127 | Deaths: 65

    Needler Rifle - T31 Rifle

    The projectiles move faster and fire straighter than a standard Needler while still detonating several seconds after coming to rest in soft tissue.



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