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Game Types

  • IGN

    by Kid River on 9.10.2010

    Farm Achievements

  • Hog Wars
    Hog Wars

    by Ghumbo on 9.18.2010

    Defend your turf! Prevent the other team from landing on your territories. For use with Hog Wars UNSC 1 & 2 map variants.

  • Team Vehicle Launcher
    Team Vehicle Launcher

    by Ghumbo on 9.18.2010

    Land on the target to win the round. Win the best of three rounds. For use with the VehLa UNSC-1 & 2 map variants.

  • Launch!

    by D0UBLE8 on 3.12.2012

    Spartans have been deployed to an Elite launch site!

ESRB Halo Reach