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  • Use the Force Luke
    Use the Force Luke

    by Vexsf on 12.17.2010 | Length: 00:00:05

    Thank you Obi-Won, where ever you are.

  • Pwnage'

    by Vexsf on 12.24.2010 | Length: 00:00:11

    My friend Tom was Under Attack, so i gave him a hand, this is why Split Screen is so Effective.

  • Maximum Fail
    Maximum Fail

    by Vexsf on 2.10.2011 | Length: 00:00:07

    I like when people use Emile, they often show his true skill, as seen in this video. :]

  • Mythic Rageing
    Mythic Rageing

    by Vexsf on 3.10.2011 | Length: 00:04:05

    I clearly kill the Elite with the spartan laser, the Mythic grabs it before me, then dies, i take it back, and he rages at me.

  • Team Snipers
    Team Snipers

    by Vexsf on 3.17.2011 | Length: 00:15:17

    Im never going to "1v1" anyone, so stop messageing me like cry babies, im not wasteing my time with you :]

  • Falcon Punch¿
    Falcon Punch¿

    by lHooded Fiendl on 3.21.2011 | Length: 00:00:09

    I was like oh shi-! I went flying! @_@

  • Yay!

    by Vexsf on 3.23.2011 | Length: 00:00:10

    A Nice No-Scope on a Bngie player

  • One Flag CTF
    One Flag CTF

    by KYL3R K on 1.18.2011 | Length: 00:00:06

    One Flag CTF on Boneyard, Tuesday January 18, 2011 02:22:18

  • Wall Hacks.
    Wall Hacks.

    by Vexsf on 4.15.2011 | Length: 00:00:05

    In The Video, Go over to the Guy who Snipes me, I dont think it should be Possible.

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