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Custom Maps

  • 32 ARGO V2
    32 ARGO V2

    by Gato70 on 4.24.2011

    2 forts and falcons with telaporters to sniper nests overlooking the feild. Very popular remake. CTF and team. 2-16

  • 32 Boli Outpost
    32 Boli Outpost

    by Gato70 on 4.24.2011

    NOT MINE. "thePolarianrace" made it but his NAT type wont allow him to put it on his file share. His first map... Team. 2-16


    by Gato70 on 4.24.2011

    A forerunner cave on Halo. Shaped like a Û and features Reveanant action, heavy guns, and strategic structure. Team. 2-16 plrs.

  • 32 TARNAC
    32 TARNAC

    by Gato70 on 4.25.2011

    A small map shaped simalar to a FRG courser. Symmetrical. Great FFA, CTF, and team. Infection also compadable. 2-16 players.

  • 32 FAUNUS
    32 FAUNUS

    by Gato70 on 4.27.2011

    A moderate 2 base map shaped like a target or crater. Semmetrical. Team, Multiteam, and FFA. 2-16

  • Climb The Giant
    Climb The Giant

    by neilkalb99 on 7.12.2011

    Climb a giant + obstacle courses

  • SkyTrack

    by xXtiggisXx on 8.07.2011

    sub to for more halo reach forge maps

  • Blood gulch
    Blood gulch

    by Cyberwhite94 on 10.01.2011

    a newer version of Blood gulch 4-16 play this :D

ESRB Halo Reach