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Paranoia UK - PUK

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  • Kalmaya

    by Paranoia UK on 10.29.2011

    Despite being abandoned for a millennia, this ancient relic stills has a stench of death and decay.

  • Legacy

    by Paranoia UK on 10.23.2011

    Several Forerunner structures in this area indicate that this place was once very important.

  • Bloodlines

    by Paranoia UK on 10.16.2011

    An arcane santum where even a Prophet will not tread.

  • Prologue

    by Paranoia UK on 6.26.2011

    Many people believe the Forerunners preferred desolate places. Some believe few other places survived The Flood.

  • Precursor

    by Paranoia UK on 6.26.2011

    Ancient stones obscure ancient ritual. What is this Relics true purpose?

  • In SetTayari

    by Paranoia UK on 2.28.2011

    Prior to the Covenant invasion of Earth, Tayari Plaza was the center of commerce for all of New Mombasa.

  • Incarnation

    by Paranoia UK on 2.28.2011

    Believed to be the remnants of a pre forerunner civilisation. ONI officials are unsure of this artifacts true purpose.

  • In SetIvorian

    by Paranoia UK on 2.22.2011

    Unngoy slaves have worked around the clock to prepare this place for Forgehub's 'Throwdown Contest'.

  • In SetNarrows

    by Paranoia UK on 2.13.2011

    Aesthetic remake of Narrows from Halo 3. By Paranoia UK & Syphon Octane.

  • In SetExodus

    by Paranoia UK on 12.28.2010

    Once the pinnacle of human architecture, this ancient relic stands proud in the wake of certain destruction.

  • Quarantine

    by Paranoia UK on 12.15.2010

    This facility has become like a second home to the members of the Spartan IV project.

  • Poseidon

    by Paranoia UK on 10.17.2010

    By extracting oxygen directly from the ocean, this facility plays an integral role in regulating 'The Arks' atmoshere...

  • Overflow

    by Paranoia UK on 9.20.2010

    This once blood stained river shows the signs of many a battle. Harsh winds and a rising tide are slowly washing this away.....

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