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Interact with us, and our kick ass community, through web forums, private messaging, and with our fancy pants app, Bungie Mobile (available in the iOS App Store). Note: We are are no longer managing Halo online playlists or matchmaking services, but you should feel free to rage against the dying of the light in our Halo forums, even though we can't help you, no matter how desperately we want to.


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Sign-up for our Bungie Beta Testers program and arm us with insightful information about your game playing habits to help make our next game even better. You'll also be putting your name in the hat for a limited chance to learn about and play our next game before anyone else (no promises). You'll need to create a account and verify your email address to participate.


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Set up a social group and keep your chatter private. No matter which games you and your crew are currently playing, you are welcome to socialize in a clean, well-lit, and rent free space, right here on