Today, we updated with a few new features.  First, of course, we've updated the site with all the appropriate information to support stat tracking on the new maps.  We also took the opportunity to fix a few bugs and add a major feature or two.  You'll notice that there is now a "report as spam" button on forum posts and (if you have a linked gamertag) file share items.  No longer will you have to PM moderators about spam, just hit that button and it will flag the item as spam for later review.  Please note, however, that the system is smart enough to detect abuse, and there will be consequences for you abusing it.   You'll also notice that everybody in the public forums got some new forum titles - in addition to the standard Member, there are Heroic Member, Legendary Member, and Mythic Member.  These titles are automatically granted to users who maintain certain criteria.  We also fixed a few other odds and ends, most notably the forum avatar/info box display for non-member posts in groups and tweaked the Heatmaps so their display is much more useful than before.
Bungie Mobile for Android and iOS 

Posted by urk at 10/19/2011 10:22 AM PDT

Connect to your Xbox LIVE friends, Halo stats, and Bungie’s news feed. For free.

Read Full Top Story Maintenance (Complete) 

Posted by runningturtle at 9/7/2011 4:16 PM PDT

urk writes:

Do we cut the red wire, or the green wire?

The guys who make our computers work tell me that they'll be yanking on some wires tonight. As a result, will be offline between the hours of 12:00AM and 2:00AM PT. You've been warned (but please feel free to squawk about the outage on Twitter).

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permalink Gets a Facelift 

Posted by urk at 8/2/2011 2:12 PM PDT

New look. Same great taste!

You're great at noticing things. No doubt you've already laid eyes on the new look for Go ahead, browse around. You'll likely uncover some newly bedazzled content. But don't get too freaked out about all the changes. Though today does mark the transition of Halo playlist and matchmaking support, you can still access our friendly forums, hang out in your private groups, and check all your career Halo stats.

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Welcome to Bungie Mobile 

Posted by urk at 6/13/2011 12:01 PM PDT

There's an app for that.

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Tags: CommunitySite Update Goes Read-Only [Complete!] 

Posted by sawnose at 5/31/2011 10:45 AM PDT

urk writes:

[Override issued]
Access... Granted!

Anything that requires, sign-in (including forums, private groups and messaging, etc.) will be offline for a few hours today while our online team performs some "scheduled maintenance." Remember that cheeseburger you stuffed under the couch cushion? Yeah, we have to clean that up.

As soon as our systems are back online and fully functioning, we'll let you know. Until then, please continue to stare blankly into your monitors.

edit:  As "a few" people might have noticed in the past several hours, we're fully-functional again.


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