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Subject: Am I good enough for MLG?

Ever since the release of Halo 2, it’s been a dream of ours to have MLG settings incorporated into Matchmaking. There just isn’t anyone out there who loves to play Halo as much as the MLG staff and our community, and seeing MLG inside the game has always been one of the things we hoped for most.

So you can understand how excited we are to see that dream come true: In just a few weeks, Bungie will be launching a new MLG Playlist in Halo 3, replacing the existing Team Hardcore Playlist.

This is a great testament to the growing importance of competitive gaming. Now, millions of Halo 3 players worldwide will be able to play like the pros--using the same maps and settings that we use on the MLG Pro Circuit. This means competitive gaming standards will reach a much broader audience than ever before.

It’s also a huge and humbling honor for us at MLG. We’ve worked hard to develop game types and settings that ensure fair competition and emphasize skill, and these settings have been adopted by competitors all over the world. To be recognized now as the standard for competitive play by Bungie is, well, pretty sick to say the least. We thank the millions of MLG competitors from all over the world for adopting these gametypes to begin with. None of this could have happened without you.

I wanted to get the word out to the MLG community right away, but there will be a formal press release with more details to follow—and more surprises to coincide with our season opener at the Meadowlands in April, so stay tuned!

And for folks who aren’t accustomed to competitive play, MLG will be producing a series of “Get Better Fast” content to familiarize players of all skill levels with the strategies and tactics used by MLG’s pro players. So keep your eyes peeled for more details in the coming weeks and once the playlist goes live you'll know where to find me--online dominating Sepso in the MLG playlist.

Go crazy.


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Posted by: LST xKryptic00x
Ok, stop the fighting. You know that MoB is dead right? They are part of KSI now...If you think your good enough then go for it. But I have one question...Am I good enough for MLG? I'm going anyway but I would like your opinions...

those are clans, not MLG teams........... MLG teams are 4 player teams

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I agree; MLG did nothing to us......until they decided to be a bunch of -blam!-ts.
I personally know a couple people in the circuit; they're egocentric, arrogant, and have nothing else on their darkened horizons except video games.

P.S. MoB and KSI are for white trash.

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