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Subject: Favorite halo 3 *SOUND*

Dues absconditus

When the Spartan Screams. I don't know, a Super Soldier, who is mute through his carrer finally says something and its a girlish scream is pretty funny.

  • 07.19.2009 5:06 PM PDT

BR shots from the other side of the pit. Dunno why

  • 07.19.2009 5:08 PM PDT


another one would be noises you hear when you betray your teammate. "DAMN YOU!!" "ARE YOU STUPID?!?!?" lol

  • 07.19.2009 5:09 PM PDT

I've got a few...
-Some of the sounds the Elites make when they die
-The sound of Celebretory Crouching (Makes the victory so much better)
-The crunch of a body under my Mongoose wheels

  • 07.19.2009 5:10 PM PDT

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Shotgun reload, and footsteps on hard surfaces.

Also, the sounds that the Spiker makes.

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  • 07.19.2009 5:13 PM PDT

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Hearing a Spartan Laser go off in the distance sounds awesome. And Elite death noises, and Spartan death noises are hilarious.

  • 07.19.2009 5:18 PM PDT


the noise of a spike grenade sticking someone, its scary

  • 07.19.2009 5:21 PM PDT

YouTube : whosOOPPY.:)

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When i NO-Scope N00Bs

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  • 07.19.2009 5:22 PM PDT
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the mario/goofy spartan death

  • 07.19.2009 5:25 PM PDT

The One And Only, MyzticStrike

When 2 or 3 snipers are shot at the same time. It's amazing.

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  • 07.19.2009 5:35 PM PDT
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When you out BR someone or No scope them and they just reply with "ughhhh" Or in social when you kill someone and you can hear them yell into their mic right as they die saying "WTF"

  • 07.19.2009 5:42 PM PDT

when an elite dies and goes blawawawa its so funny

  • 07.19.2009 5:45 PM PDT


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  • 07.19.2009 5:50 PM PDT
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my favorite sound would have to be several snipers going off at relativly the same time, the click when you stick some1 or the flag captured sound. :)

  • 07.19.2009 5:55 PM PDT

The sound the Needler makes when you melee the air with it

  • 07.19.2009 6:04 PM PDT

When an elite dies and it yells EGGY
its mad funny cause one of my friends has egg in his name, its priceless when he kills me

  • 07.19.2009 6:40 PM PDT

grunts that stuck them selfs and run at you ;)

  • 07.19.2009 6:41 PM PDT

Somebody showed me the Scarab Gun in Halo 2 once.
Then I sorta blanked out in a red haze and when I came to, everyone was dead.


I liked the sound of the Halo: Combat Evolved Banshee better, though.

  • 07.19.2009 6:43 PM PDT

I wish my nails were emo so they'd cut themselves.

Power drain crackle and bubble shied deployment.

  • 07.19.2009 6:43 PM PDT
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The sound of the Beam Rifle and Plasma Rifle when they fire. I dunno why but I love the sound of them. Great choice developers!

  • 07.19.2009 6:53 PM PDT
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A nice Woort!Woort!Woort!

  • 07.19.2009 6:58 PM PDT

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When the Scorpion tank shoots, except you have to be off in the distance. I really like that sound. Also, the crack of a Shotgun when you hear it off in the distance.

  • 07.19.2009 7:01 PM PDT
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I bet I've seen a dumber thread than you have.

i like the sound it makes when you punch a shield door

  • 07.19.2009 7:04 PM PDT
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The sniper scope/zoom sound...it's very nostalgic for me. It brings back memories of playing the original Halo, because the sound has not changed at all.

  • 07.19.2009 7:15 PM PDT