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Subject: Halo PC FOV in 1.09

So I know that 1.09 removed a whole heap of support for custom mods in an effort to thwart aim-bots and so forth but from what I can see all FOV mods are also now broken. I have no interest in hacking to get an advantage over other players in multiplayer but really like the ability to change the FOV to make it the same as it was on Halo XBox because it is so restrictive at 90 degrees.

I have seen a few mods like Skybox that purport to change FOV on 1.09 but do these only work for Custom Edition? Does anyone know any way to just mod the FOV on Halo PC with 1.09, or know of something being worked on?

Many thanks.

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I had a link, but Bitterbanana's site is down (when did that happen?!), and I didn't find a mirror.

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Posted by: Nessy

The bungie.net community is the halo PC community that is renowned for being unbelieveably sucky.

Use version changer to use all your older apps.

BTW, the intent of the patch was never to thwart aimbots, it broke them "on accident."


Also, the FOV hacks can be considered cheating since you can see stuff that other players cannot. Not that it matters though.

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Grenades are like RAM, you can never have too much

STL has sight jacker, fov and third person fov go look it up, you have to inject it btw

  • 04.05.2010 11:10 AM PDT

Awesome! I'll give version changer a go!

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  • 04.05.2010 4:35 PM PDT

Reinstalling Halo PC, updating to 1.08 and then using version changer and Third Person+FOV Halo worked a treat.


  • 04.06.2010 6:14 AM PDT