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Subject: Halo: Reach System Link?

Me and my friends are trying to system link on Halo Reach but it just isn't working.

We have two Xbox's, two copies of Halo: Reach, four controllers, and four people. We have two ethernet cords, but we only have one being used to connect one Xbox to the other. We played Black Ops fine with the System Link, but we cannot get it to work on Reach.

Nothing on Google or YouTube have helped out.

We want to play multiplayer (i.e.- 2v2 on a map). If we can't do that, then FireFight or the campaign would be fine.

We've got to the point where it shows that there are two lobbies on the system link but we can't seem to join each other's parties. There is not a "Host" or "Join" button like there was for Halo 3. What are we doing wrong?

P.S.- We have all made new accounts that have never been online so they all have the same updates. The Xbox's also have the same updates. If it didn't, we couldn't have played Black Ops with a system link.

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  • 10.05.2011 7:41 PM PDT
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Does one have the TU downloaded, and the other doesn't? I had that problem the other day.

  • 10.05.2011 7:45 PM PDT

TU? Sorry, i haven't played Reach in forever so I have no idea what that might mean. But I edited my first post to explain that we're using brand new accounts.

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One xbox probably has the TU downloaded, and the other doesn't. They're incompatible.

  • 10.05.2011 7:48 PM PDT

Oh, Title Update. No, that can't be it because when we were on our Xbox's with the XboxLIVE accounts we both downloaded the updates so that shouldn't be it.

  • 10.05.2011 7:52 PM PDT
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Did you both play Reach on Xbox LIVE?

  • 10.05.2011 7:53 PM PDT

Let me add a little more.

On both Xboxs, we have silver accounts. This let us get the updates, but it doesn't let us play online. So with the silver accounts we got the most recent updates but then we made accounts not linked to online at all and started playing on those.

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Did you press "y" and go to system link games?

  • 10.05.2011 7:55 PM PDT

Yes. Yes we did press Y and made sure both were on System Link. We've tried both on FireFight and Custom Games. What would the next step be after we set it to system link? Instead of trying to pinpoint a problem it might be best if I'm just given the directions and we'll see what's wrong.

  • 10.05.2011 7:58 PM PDT