Bungie Press Kit

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Please make sure you are using the appropriate version of the Aerospace logo to maintain legibility and adequate emphasis given the space available where it will be placed or the color or value of the background in that space.

The Aerospace logo with the full color icon (a) and either black word mark (b) or white word mark (c) should only be used as a main graphic in a layout; the black version appearing on the paper texture or white, and the white version appearing on very dark backgrounds.

If the logo is being placed in a layout as part of a flyer and is not the main graphic, please use the appropriate solid version instead.

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Usage / clear space

Please use either the horizontal or stacked configuration so that the logo can be proportionately fitted to the space in which it is being displayed.

The Bungie Aerospace logo requires a minimum blank space around it, especially if used with other logos or is placed with other elements. The letter B from the logo can be used to define this blank space

Please note the space remarked by the B from the logo. On the left-most side, the tip of the ring nests inside of the central notch of the B.

In the stacked version, selecting the B and the A together defines the appropriate space around this version of the logo.

Usage / center point

Using the clear space rules above will center the logo in that space. Please note the logo's actual center and use that as reference to place the logo centered in a larger space.

Usage / don'ts

Please do not distort, rotate or change the Aerospace logos in any way or move the elements around.


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