Bungie Press Kit

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There are several versions of the Bungie Logo. Please read the following usage guides to make sure you are using the appropriate version.

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Usage / clear space

The Bungie logo requires a minimum blank space around it, especially if used with other logos. The letter B from the logo can be used to define this blank space. Please note the width of the B is aligned to the underside of the swoosh to define the airspace above the logo, and is abutted to the outermost edge of the letter "E".

Usage / center point

Using the clear space rules above will center the logo in that space. Please note the logo's actual center and use that to place the logo in a larger space.

Usage / dont's

Please do not alter the logo in any way.

Do not convert a transparent logo to solid – this will make the swoosh's tail intersect the U. Use the solid version of the logo if a non-transparent swoosh is required.


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Bungie's corporate communications utilize Apex Sans Book for body copy, Apex Sans Bold for headlines.

Helvetica Neue 45 Light and Helvetica Neue 65 Medium are acceptable alternates.

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