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Put Dual Wheel Guns back in! What happen to them?Having 2 Guns was Awesome!
BeersNotYourFriend writes: You guys need to put Dual Wheeled Guns back in! It was great having 2 guns at one time! That feature made the game More Unique and FUN!

Message to all friends,

The frontpage news feed is for, you guessed it, news. Having to wade through a few hundred "submissions" of the caliber on display above (and depressingly much, much lower) to get to the good stuff makes me stupidly cranky. Don't make me turn this website around!


The Management

Group Directive 5/5/2010 11:41 AM PDT permalink

Beta Backend Blowin' Up

Yup, the backend servers are getting hammered.

We're aware and working to resolve slow matchmaking times and inaccessible playlists. As soon as we're back up and running at full capacity, we'll make some noise.  Stay tuned for more information and thanks for your patience.

Group Directive 5/3/2010 1:10 PM PDT permalink

Matchmaking Is Back Online

Okay, we checked into it.

Someone flipped the wrong switch. They've been terminated. Thanks for your patience.

Group Memoranda 3/22/2010 3:45 PM PDT permalink

Matchmaking Back Online

Jump back in.

Looks like we've got a bit of a blip on the Xbox LIVE side of things. We're being assured that things are being sorted. Sit tight.

UPDATE: Things got sorted. Go play.

Halo 3Group Memoranda 3/2/2010 5:00 PM PST permalink

Last Chance to Be a Hero!

Five days and counting.

If you planned on contributing to our charitable "Be a Hero" community campaign for Haiti relief, time is now of the essence. There are only five days left to lend a helping hand through the Bungie Store by picking up a "Be a Hero" t-shirt or any other apparel or accessory item we sell.

...from now until the end of February, we will be donating all of Bungie's profits from the Bungie Store directly to the American Red Cross. If you had your eye on a sweet Bungie hoodie or bag, there’s never been a better time to buy than now since that money will go right to supporting a great cause. Please note that this really only applies to Bungie apparel and accessories in our online store – if you wanted to add an HD TV or Xbox 360 game to your cart at checkout, Bungie doesn’t actually see any real proceeds from those 3rd party items."

Bungie Store - Be a Hero!

Group Memoranda 2/23/2010 1:01 PM PST permalink

Halo: Reach Emblem Contest UPDATED!

Now with more rules!

So, if you haven't heard, we're running a little Halo: Reach emblem contest right now.  If you want details, you can check them out in last week's update.  But really, this small news bite is for folks who are already planning on submitting.  Candland's been powering through the entries and has a few things he'd like to clear up before you hit the send button.  Bam:

"Please don’t send .zip, .rar, or other compressed archives. It can become a security concern opening these files and it creates an extra step for me. If you sent me a compressed file. I threw it away and didn’t look at it. A 256x256 .gif or .jpg should not require any compression to mail anyway.

Secondly, please send me the files directly, don’t send me hyperlinks. Again, there are security issues for unverified links. And again, it creates an extra step for me. If you sent your submission in the form of a link, I didn’t bother clicking it. Send your submission again with the images attached.

Lastly, there are apparently several people that completely misunderstood the contest and sent me their favorite Halo 3 emblem combination. While I am partial to my own, because it looks kind of like a Recon version of Stuntmutt’s One One Seven comic character. I applaud your pride in your personal combination, but alas, it does me this much good: none."

If you've already submitted, don't freak out.  We'll still process yours as is.  This is just for those who are still deep into the creative process.

Group MemorandaHalo: Reach 1/26/2010 9:07 AM PST permalink


Just a gentle reminder...

Not that it needs to be said, but as we march towards the Halo: Reach Xbox LIVE multiplayer beta you can be pretty certain that the Internet will inundate you with plenty of bogus information. If you want to avoid being duped, you should make sure your source is legit. Think,, and the whole host of print and online publications you traditionally expect to carry official coverage. Anything else should be met with healthy skepticism, upright eyebrows, and abject ridicule.

Oh, and one more thing. As always, the posting of "leaked" information to our forums, whether it is substantiated or otherwise, will be met with a really mean spirited ban. Especially if you catch us before morning coffee. We're cranky in the am.

Carry on.

Group Directive 1/20/2010 10:13 AM PST permalink

Message to All Friends

Rally up for Haiti relief!

Spread the word, Seventh Column.  We're almost ready to kick off our "Be a Hero" Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST online charity drive and we need you to recruit anyone and everyone you can.  If you're looking for the full instructions, I'll include them below, but the short form is simple: Change your player emblem to a red heart, play Halo 3 or Halo 3: ODST online on Wednesday and Thursday, and make sure you leave your emblem in place until you get word that the charity event is over.

Here are the details.

1. Round up all of your friends and hop online with Halo 3 or ODST any time next from 00:01AM PST Wednesday, 1/20, through 23:59PM PST Thursday 1/21.

2. Edit your appearance settings so your character is wearing the RED HEART emblem.

a. Press START
c. Select “EMBLEM”
d. Select “Hearts” ICON, “Circle” BACKGROUND
e. Back out to the APPEARANCES menu and select “COLORS”
f. Set “EMBLEM PRIMARY” to RED (or MAROON / BRICK / ROSE depending on which game you’re playing!)

3. Once your emblem is set, play! This can be a custom game or a matchmaking game, just make sure it’s played online, on Xbox LIVE, or we can’t track it.

If you keep playing more games through midnight on Thursday, KEEP THE HEART EMBLEM ENABLED or you may not get counted.

The full story can be viewed here.

Group Memoranda 1/19/2010 9:47 AM PST permalink

And We're Back!

Bloated, but operational.

After a little network blip this morning, all Bungie systems are back online and fully operational.  We missed you.  Kinda like one might miss a wart after daubing it with acid for a couple of weeks straight.  (Sometimes, they pop right back out.)

To celebrate our triumphant return to online form, check out this video of some Spartans with strangely elongatred asses dancing in a public parade.  HBO found it.  They're into this fetishist kinda stuff.

Dancing Spartan Parade

Group Memoranda 1/4/2010 10:19 AM PST permalink

B.U.N.G.L.E. Store Updated!

Bubble up, it's time to go shopping.

You know our motto.  We deliver.  Four new items just touched down into the Bungie Store.  Get 'em while the LZ is clear.

B.U.N.G.L.E. Pro T-Shirt

"Drop whatever you're dual wielding and get set to deploy this t-shirt into your stylish wardrobe. You're a Pro. Bubble up, it's time to shine."

blam! T-shirt

"The blam! t-shirt is so blam! awesome that we can't even write a proper blam! description for the blam! thing. Now add the blam! thing to your blam! cart and give us your blam! money."

Property of T-shirt

"Pull this pimpin' tee down around your bulbous noggin' and tell everybody that you're owned and operated by Then go make us a sandwich."

Marathon Hoodie

"You're probably not going to be able to save enough Bobs for Leela's liking, but picking up this sweet Marathon Hoodie might go a long way toward making things right. Nuke and pave, kill your television, and eat the path - but try and keep this hoodie out of your mouth."

Group Memoranda 11/19/2009 9:23 AM PST permalink

Bungie Store Now Rocking New Stuff

With more stuff coming soon!

Since we love you so very much, we've just deployed a brand new Bungie-branded t-shirt into the Bungie Store to help you stand out in the crowd.  And coming soon, a luxurious Marathon hoodie that'll keep you nice and toasty all through the winter season.  We don't want you to catch cold!

BUNGiE Classic T-shirt

Hey, wait a second! Aren’t these just the like t-shirts reserved exclusively for Bungie staff? Who approved this and how are we going to feel special anymore? Better get this classic Bungie t-shirts while supplies last, because we’re going straight to upper management.

Coming Soon!

Group Memoranda 11/17/2009 5:25 PM PST permalink Survey

Help us, help you.

Answer some questions for us and we might give you some prizes.  There's only twenty four queries in all and we know you've got nothing better to do.  Why not spend your valuable time at to help us make your time here more valuable? Survey

CommunityGroup Directive 10/26/2009 9:55 AM PDT permalink

Link Up with the

Extend your online experience.

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Halo 3: ODSTSite Update 9/24/2009 1:21 PM PDT

Another Word on Security

There's no beta and you're not getting piles of free points.

So, don't click on that link.

We're getting a lot of reports that the usual suspects are using the promise of a Halo 3: ODST beta and/or Microsoft Points to lure people into their traps.  Don't be so trusting.  In fact, if you've seen these links and had to think about it for even a fraction of a second, you should probably never click on any links again.  Ever.  Unless they're on our front page.  Those are cool.

If you did click on a suspect link, it's probably a great idea to get on the phone with customer support at Xbox LIVE.  1-800-4-MY-XBOX.

Group Directive 9/8/2009 9:22 AM PDT permalink


A word on leaks.

Yup, they're real.  And yes, they suck.  Spectacularly

As much as it pains us to say it, if you're looking to stay spoiler free for ODST we strongly suggest that you steer clear of our forums from now until you've finished up your first campaign play through.

From here on out, you may want to evaluate whether or not it's worth it to visit any online gaming forums or other channels where gaming discussion goes down. The only way you're assured to have a spoiler-free experience, is to go dark.  If that's the call you decide to make, we'll see you shortly after 9/22.  Godspeed, Seventh Column.

Oh, and if you do decide to stick around, best keep it clean.  There's no quarter for leaks on, fake or otherwise.  Links, leaks, and spoilers will be met with permanent bans.

Halo 3: ODSTGroup Directive 9/2/2009 12:45 PM PDT permalink

File Shares Fully Functional

Just in case you were wondering.

File Share maintenance is complete and everything should be back in working order.  If you have no clue what we're on about, don't sweat it.  You didn't miss any fun, just a brief tune up.  Carry on.

Halo 3Group Memoranda 9/2/2009 9:12 AM PDT permalink

Roger's Recon Hunt

Winners have been notified.

As you may have already guessed from the subject of this blog post, if you participated in Roger's Recon Hunt yesterday, you should be firing up your copy of Halo 3 to see if you've won.  If you did, you'll have a nice new armor permutation to rock.

All told we saw nearly 4,000 submissions, with 438 providing the correct answer to Roger's puzzler.  Of course, we also saw plenty of players who were thoroughly tripped up by the format itself.  It seems, "put the answer in the subject line" proved to be quite the conundrum in its own right.

So how many players ultimately earned Recon?  More than we promised.  What are the gamertags so you can send them explicit messages notifying them that you don't personally feel they deserve their new duds?  Uh, nice try.

If you entered and didn't win, thanks for participating.  We hope you had fun.  If you didn't enter, why are you reading this?

Group Memoranda 7/8/2009 2:09 PM PDT permalink

Roger's Recon Hunt

How about a nice game of Tag?

Since we know not everyone has access to an Xbox 360 for Bungie Day, Roger thought it would be cool to run a contest for Recon. If you were planning on spending the rest of the day wallowing in your own terrible misery while everyone else jumped into Halo 3’s Matchmaking for their shot at Recon, it’s time to dry those tears and get focused - iIt’s puzzle time.

Roger as "Outermage." Costume design: K. Thaler

Here’s the details, straight from the Wolf himself:

Hi everyone,

It's Bungie Day, and I feel like handing out some Recon. So let me tell you a story...

There's a cool event that happens every year or so at Microsoft called Puzzlehunt. Teams of a dozen, many of whom work at Microsoft, spend an entire weekend without sleep solving puzzles created by that year's hosts, fitting into a theme. Two years ago (when we were still at Microsoft), the team hosting Puzzlehunt 11 invited me to join them in writing game-themed puzzles. How could I resist coding a puzzle into the stats result of a made-up game of Halo 2? What's more, the guys at RvB were about to stop by for an early look at Halo 3, so I whipped up a quick script and asked if they'd perform and record it. They were happy to, and it became the intro to this puzzle.

The puzzle been sitting, hidden, on for almost two years since then, so just for fun, we'll let you take a crack at it for a chance to win Recon. Be warned: it's not at all easy, since it's meant to be a challenge to the types of people in and around Microsoft who spend a weekend each year solving puzzles for 36 hours straight. But it is solvable, since most of the teams got it.
Keep reading to see how you can get Recon.

The theme for this Puzzlehunt was Tron - teams were zapped into the computer by an evil program, and had to solve puzzles to do battle with him, and eventually escape with the help of friendly video game programs they'd meet along the way. This video introduced the Halo puzzle:

Red vs. Blue: How About a Nice Game of Tag?

Players were then directed to this page, which is the puzzle itself. You don't need to navigate away from this page to solve it. Just click the links that change what you see in the main image.

Want to play for recon? We've set up a account to receive your answer. Simply send a private message to this user with your answer as the subject. The answer is a single word. We'll search through the PMs and give Recon to the first five correct answers who we deem to be provided by legitimate solvers (so don't write a script to submit a word list! And we'll check for answers automatically, so be sure to spell correctly.) We’ll also pull a couple of random users with the correct answer out of the pile too, so if you don’t get it right away, keep at it until you have it solved.

Employees of Bungie or Microsoft, participants in Puzzlehunt 11, or others who have had similar exposure to the correct answer, are not eligible. Players who post the puzzle answer to our public forums, share it via PM, or otherwise distribute the answer will be banned from both winning Recon and from Plus, they’ll only be hurting their own chances by adding more players to the random drawing.  Oh, and there's a discussion thread attached to this article.  Please use it.

Happy Hunting.

Halo 3Halo 2 (Xbox)Group Memoranda 7/7/2009 9:02 AM PDT permalink

Bungie Day Is On Approach

And requesting a flyby.

Whaddaya know, tomorrow is Bungie Day.  Came up fast didn't it?  How the time flies.

Since you're so stinkin' awesome, we're planning on packing with a whole pile of great content for you to check out tomorrow.  Maybe (just maybe) we'll have some brand-new screenshots of some stuff you've never seen, another puzzling way for you to win Recon, a battle-tested beta feature becoming publicly available, and some sonorous words to cast your way.  You should definitely Stay Tuned.

On the Halo 3 front, we've got a whole mess of Bungie employees signed up to square off against you in the Bungie Vs. The World Playlist. We've filled the 24-hour hopper with community-crafted maps and set it to go live tomorrow at the wee hour of 1:00AM PDT.  Set your alarm clock - if you're wide awake and physical and find yourself facing down four flaming heads in the lobby tomorrow, you'll want to buck up and play your best because Recon armor will be on the line.  Pull out a victory against one of our four-player teams and you'll be one of the few that gets to rock Recon before Halo 3: ODST ships in September.

Wanna see who you'll be playing against should you get the luck of the draw and run into four flaming heads?  Scroll.

The Roster

1:00 AM - Clowntown FTW

Derek the Gorilla
Lord Shishka British
David the Wizard
Princess Carney

2:00 AM - There's tequila in the office!

Matt R.

3:00 AM - There's STILL Tequila in the Office! And Rum and Whiskey now too!

Matt R.
Pat J.

4:00 AM - Hey, Where'd All the Tequila Go?

Cameron P.
Matt B.

5:00 AM - Team I'M ROMEO

Dan Miller
Cameron P.
Matt B.
Tristan R.

6:00 AM - Too Good to Win

Jonty Barnes
Pete Parsons
Chucky Gough
Jason Jones
Harold Ryan (Tagging In Whenever He Wants)

7:00 AM - Dawn of Recon

David Candland
Justin Y.
Ben T.

8:00 AM - Morning Wood

CJ Cowan
Jason S.
Vic DeLeon

9:00 AM

Eric E.
Sam J.
Justin H.
Ray B.

10:00 AM to 12:59 PM - Hired Guns from Microsoft

Eric H.
Scott S.
Desmond M.
Paul G.

1:00 PM - Clowntown FTW

Derek the Gorilla
Lord Shishka British
David the Wizard
Princess Carney

2:00 PM - Compare Our Lives to Your Own, Then Wet Yourself

Pat J.
Blake l.
Artem V.
Chris A.

3:00 PM - A Coupla Guys Who Are Up To No Good

Max D.
Tam A.
Jon C.

4:00 PM - The Only Hour That Counts

Luke Smith
Joseph Tung
Lars Bakken
Luke Timmins

5:00 PM - Grizzled Ancients™

Ben the Wallace

6:00 PM - $#%! Shoot me in the face!

Dave G.
Nick G.
Andrew H.
Jon W.

7:00 PM - Team Twatter

Mike M.
Ken T.
Cameron P.
Jason S.

8:00 PM - MP/UI Mobsters

Luke T.
David A.
Brad F.
Paul L.

9:00 PM -  Get Whoomps!!!

Matt R.
Drew S.
Mike H.

10:00 PM -  Team Free Recon!


11:00 PM - $#%! Shoot me in the face!

Dave G.
Nick G.
Andrew H.
Jon W.

12:00 AM - $#%! Shoot me in the face!

Dave G.
Nick G.
Andrew H.
Jon W.

So, just how do you get your fancy new duds?  Well, first let's explore a couple of ways in which you won't: you won't have to give us any of your personal information and you won't have to join a custom game or indulge in any wacky Internet shenanigans to claim your prize.  In fact, just ignore anyone offering to give you Recon via any method.  They're jerks.  Jerks who are trying to trick you. 

When you run into our crew, you'll know it.  They'll have the Bungie nameplate visible from the lobby and their friggin' heads will be on fire in-game.

The ways in which you can earn Recon through this Bungie Day event are pretty straight forward.  Simply defeat one of the four-player squads you see listed above in the one-day-only Bungie Vs. The World Playlist or trigger some special metrics that we're not going to tell you about until after the competition is over and done with.  A few days after 07/07, once we have everything in order, we'll tell everyone to check their armor permutations for Recon.  Once the Internet recovers from the mass outage, you'll be able to sign-in and see if you've won.

Again, we won't ask you for passwords or personal information, and we don't need a thing from you to enable Recon.  Just play and have fun.  We'll take care of the rest.

Make sure you're ready to go when the Playlist goes live at 1:00AM PDT, and check back in with us at all throughout the day tomorrow for more information.  Even if you find yourself sans Xbox 360 or stuck at the office, we should have plenty on hand to keep you in a celebratory mood.

See you suckers in matchmaking.

CommunityHalo 3Group Directive 7/6/2009 4:01 PM PDT permalink

Stats Temporarily Offline [Complete]

Halo stats and file shares will be unavailable from for about an hour this morning for database maintenance.

Update:  This work is complete, everything should be working as normal.

No new features this time.  Just boring maintenance that will disable stats and file services for about an hour this morning, beginning shortly.  This story will be updated upon completion of the work.

Update: This work is complete, everything should be working as normal.

Halo StatsSite Update 6/30/2009 8:56 AM PDT permalink

Site Maintenance Complete!

Starting tonight around midnight will be getting some hardware upgrades.

Edit: The upgrades are complete.

Tonight around midnight you may be unable to sign-in or use parts of the site that require sign-in. We'll be performing a series of hardware upgrades to better handle the growing size of the community.

Everything should be back to normal just a few hours later. Thanks for your patience.

Site Update 10/16/2008 10:02 PM PDT permalink

New Avatars and Skins!

Available now on, new forum avatars, profile backgrounds and group skins.

In honor of Bungie Day we've added some new community inspired content for you to use on

To update your settings sign-in with your Windows Live ID and navigate to the Profile Settings page (My Stats -> My Settings).


Inside BungieCommunitySite Update 7/6/2008 1:12 PM PDT permalink

Marathon Gets DLC on Xbox Live June 18th

Our friends at Freeverse released a content pack (available 6/18/08) coming to the Xbox Live Arcade port of Marathon: Durandal.

Earlier today, Freeverse announced that their "Jjaro Map Pack," a content pack that includes 12 classic multiplayer maps from Bungie's Marathon and Marathon: Infinity. In addition to the 12 maps, is the Jjaro collection "a texture and design set previously introduced in Marathon Infinity." There will also be a couple of new achievements to, uh, achieve.

Some users are getting together for some Marathon action. If you're interested in participating, head to the forums.

CommunityMarathon Series7th Column 6/18/2008 4:52 PM PDT permalink

Movies, a Blog and Order Arrive at evolves today. Read about the changes, improvements and tweaks inside.

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Inside BungieCommunitySite Update 5/29/2008 11:55 AM PDT