Bungie Studios Podcast: Forgetacular

The Bungie Podcast returns with Multiplayer Designers Lars Bakken and Tyson Green discussing Halo 3's Forge.

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Bungie PodcastHalo 3 8/28/2007 4:06 PM PDT

This Week's Podcast is Delayed!

This week's edition of the Bungie Studios Podcast is coming next week.

Due to the technical challenge of taming Mat Noguchi's rage, (read: Actually, Sketch, Frank and I are all out of town next week, scattered to three of the Earth's corners, so we're delaying the podcast until early next week to split the difference until the next show) the Bungie Podcast has been delayed until next week. While next week's show won't feature the much-maligned interview with the Furious One, it is a show focused completely on Forge with the dulcet tones of Tyson Green and the pleasant timbre of Lars Bakken purring into the mic. Patience is a virtue.

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The Bungie Podcast: 08/16/07

The A.I. show. No, we're not talking about some kooky movie, we're talking about a different kind of artificial intelligence. A Brutal type.

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Inside BungieBungie PodcastHalo 3 8/16/2007 2:11 PM PDT

The Bungie Podcast Returns

lukems writes:

We're not joking. The hiatus is over. The end is nigh: The Bungie Podcast is back.

After nearly a year (who really is to blame?), the Bungie Podcast has left the nest and spread its wings. Instead of a bird, it's a fierce dragon and the below download is your seat on the fire-breathing winged beast's back. Joining me this week in the studio are podcast veterans Brian Jarrard and Frank O'Connor, with special guest star Multiplayer Designer Lars Bakken rounding out the four-part harmony. We talk about some of the studio's preparations for E3, Bungie's Technical Lead Chris Butcher stops in for a few minutes and finally, a very special guest phones in to the Bungie Teen Support Line. All of this and more on the Bungie Podcast.

Download it now (right click and Save As)

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