Antagonize's 1st Halo: Reach Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

Tell the world that I'm comin' home.

This is Antagonize's 1st Halo: Reach montage, edited by OurFallenHero. The gameplay is really good, featuring a lot of very nice overkills along with a killtacular on Zealot. I really liked the relaxed song choice, and the editing goes along with it quite well. Enjoy!

YouTube - Antagonize's 1st Halo: Reach Montage

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Achievement Horse 9

GPK Ethan writes:

When is a HORSE not a HORSE?

When it's a pig!

YouTube - Halo: Reach Achievement HORSE #9

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Bungie All Star Website Project

AmX15 writes:

Now view a website instead of a freakin'-huge image!

If you want to unofficially show off your hard work, read the message below. Don't worry, it won't impact the judging process in any way. Promise.

"I'm not going to lie, it was not easy throwing the hundreds of images together into one giant collage, but I have a better idea, (much easier for me too).  I will be designing a website showing everyone's artwork! The website will be up and running as soon as I finish it, (later today).

Submit your card ideas to

The website address is:

As soon as you start submitting, they will start getting added to the website!"

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The Science of Usability Testing

Go behind the curtain.

Edge sits down and chats with some industry research veterans, including Bungie's own John Hopson. Great read!

The Science of Usability

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1500 x 3500

Having trouble baking that cake?

This week's Bungie All Star Challenge has led to a little bit of confusion. What is a megapixel anyway? Existential questions aside, here's a quick breakdown to help you get on track.

The dimensions can be either 1500x3500 or 3500x1500. It depends on whether your card is formatted horizontally, or vertically. See, you're ultimately going to fold it, so technically the front panel is really half the width of the layout (1750 or 750, respectively). If your design spans the entire width and doesn't account for the fold, it's going to make for an odd birthday card.

Example (Not to Scale):

<-------this is the back of the card----------3500---------this is the front of the card------------->

Fold down the center. If you want to design the interior, you'll need to create a separate image using the same parameters for the left and right interior panels. If you're still confused, hit up the local drugstore and emulate the layout of a real birthday card.

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Reclaimer: Unrest

The ultimate in stalker technology.

There ain't no rest for the wicked.

Reclaimer: Unrest

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Inactive - A Halo: Reach Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

Honesty's the best policy.

We need a montage! An MLG montage!

"This is a Halo 3 montage from KayEmX, edited by Revenge, entitled, 'Inactive.' The gameplay is good (the last clip is ridiculous and there's a sick 5 shot on MLG pro Cloud for the triple somewhere in the mix), and as the 1st 100% MLG Halo: Reach montage, it sets a respectable bar for MLG gameplay. Revenge's editing is relatively simple, as usual, and the syncing's very nice. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Inactive - A Halo: Reach Montage

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Top 5 Halo: CE Games from the Winter LAN

Tr3eDuB123 writes:

Five from one thousand.

MLG hosted a Winter LAN this year and some mighty fine players were in attendance. If you yearn for the days of old, hit the link below to watch them throw down on some classic Halo: CE multiplayer maps.

"Watch as some of the best CE players on the planet duke it out in the best competitive console FPS ever!"

Top 5 Halo: CE Games from the Winter LAN

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Halo: Reach Fails - Episode 7

Gear61 Owns writes:

Now with 50% more Top Gun!

This is the 7th episode of the Halo: Reach fails series, bringing you more Halo: Reach hilarity from players all over the world. The fails are funny, as usual, and the "Epic Fail of the Week" is almost painful to watch, but it's still really damn funny. Enjoy!

YouTube - Halo: Reach Fails - Episode 7

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Forge Lesson 43: Lasting Impression

Godly_Perfection writes:

The importance of how veterans play your map.

I apologize for missing last week folks. I'm back with another lesson though. This series isn't going anywhere for a while. Today's lesson talks about the importance of long term playtesting. Play your map over and over and over again with a regular group and learn how veteran players play your map. Take notice of the areas they tend to stay in and figure out what weapons they feel are most valuable and adjust accordingly. Read on for a more detailed exploration of the topic.

Lesson 43: Lasting Impression

* The lasting impression of a map is all about understanding how veterans of the map will play after learning everything about it
* There is no telling when a map is going to enter the lasting impression stage, but using previously learned techniques a designer can make the transition happen faster
* After studying the lasting impression, taking the time to learn from it and redesign your map over and over again can help it reach perfection

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Rate My Spartan

It's like Hot or Not with more MJOLNIR.

When Stosh demands an app, Stosh gets an app. Now go get him some coffee.

Rate My Spartan

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Arby 'n' The Chief: Duck Love

Yeah, it's explicit.

The Arbiter wastes no time going forward with his idea: developing his own gaming news show; though he struggles to come up with material, a task made no easier being badgered by Master Chief.

YouTube - Arby 'n' the Chief: Duck Love

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Reclaimer: Apostate

Do your homework!

Learn the secrets of the universe in this morning's Reclaimer.

Reclaimer - Apostate

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Blue Skies - A Halo: Reach/Halo 3 Mixtage

Gear61 Owns writes:

This is a song for anyone with a broken heart.

Monday. Montage.

"This is a laid back Halo: Reach/Halo 3 montage from Dutchy, edited by himself, entitled, 'Blue Skies.' The gameplay was gotten on two 48 hour trial accounts, and for just 4 days, it is ridiculous. Look out for the nice killimanjaro on Aslyum and the insane 2 for 1 overkill leading into a killtacular at the very end. I also really liked the soundtrack, and the laid back editing went along with it very well. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Blue Skies - A Halo: Reach/Halo 3 Mixtage

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'Showing Our Love'

Carnage A51 writes:

Put it on the fridge.

Sometimes you gotta show your love in public.

"This is a Star Nameplate themed Spartan Rube Goldberg that me(Carnage A51), and xXNA7EXx made for Bungie and the community. This took us about two weeks to make, so we hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for all of the good memories Bungie! And for those of you trying to get the Star Nameplate, good luck getting that star!

YouTube - Showing Our Love

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Bungie All Stars - Week 3 Submissions

ConstantC4RN4GE writes:

The community submissions just keep getting better.

Bungie All Stars did it again for you this week. Check out our community submissions video for Week 3!  One of our members also made a second video for us this week. Enjoy!

YouTube - Bungie All Stars - Community Submissions *Week 3*

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Fire Team Zulu Digest: 1/10

FyreWulff Rex writes:

A grab bag of new challenges for Halo 3, and some upcoming news.

January is coming to a close, Christmas is a full month behind, and Valentine's is just around the corner. Feeling the love, we've got some good stuff on tap for everyone on Fire Team Zulu.

FIRST, four brand new Halo 3 challenges to try.

1. "The Tenth Circle of Hell" takes you through a nightmarish run of Cortana on Legendary. Completing this challenge will earn the FTZ Godly achievement, so give it a shot and see if you can best it's daunting tasks.

2. "Push, don't Shove" offers an equally legendary challenge on The Covenant, minus inclusions of iron or black eye. Regardless, there are enough restrictions to thwart even the most seasoned players.

3. "Milky Way Rally", a challenge submitted by our community's 'the new easy', offers a more sane journey through The Ark. Don't get cocky though, as you only have a half hour to complete this seemingly simple run.

4. "Sore Knuckles", submitted by Harbringr, takes your FTZ run to a new speed altogether, pitting you against your fellow Spartans in fastest time challenge through Sierra 117. Keep your distance though, all melee is prohibited!

Give them all a shot, and see what you can accomplish with everyone's favourite green and gold giant!

Fire Team Zulu 1/28/2011

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Reclaimer - Just Out of Reach

Scratch that itch.

Dunk some Reclaimer into that morning cup of coffee.

Reclaimer - Just Out of Reach

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The Fails of Reach - Fan Fails Edition

CruelLEGACEY writes:

No time for losers.

This very special episode of The Fails of Reach was made 100% from clips submitted by the Halo Reach community. I received over 200 submissions in just two days, giving me plenty of great material to create this episode! I will continue taking submissions. Fails, wins, amazing moments, or something just plain funny... send it my way! Submit your clip at

YouTube - The Fails of Reach - Fan Fails Edition by CruelLEGACEY

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Teabag Prevention: How to Score (Attack) Weeks 3 & 4!

jake_108 writes:

Catch up on the last two weeks of Teabag Prevention!

Week 3 centers around Gruntpocalypse on Corvette. We show you where to keep your nest so you can work your way up to Onyx commendations in no time!

Week 4 tells you how to rank your vehicle commendation up. Start a match up on Beachhead and you're already halfway done!

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CheckedBRUTES writes:

Welcome to Blockout.

Our lawyer called this his own personal peanut butter cup of gooey gaming goodness.

YouTube - Halocraft - Gameplay Preview

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Tyrant's Mythic Difficulty Guide - New Alexandria

Louis Wu writes:

Fly that Falcon... for Victory!

Want some help beating New Alexandria on Legendary, with All Skulls On? Tyrant's your man - his Mythic Difficulty Guide at HBO now contains everything you'll need to put this level in its place. Looking for tips for particular sections? He's got that. Want some tricks to lighten the load? That, too. Visual learner? No worries - there are 10 videos (with commentary) to guide you through the critical sections. Check it out!

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Achievement HORSE #8

Off the killball, nothing but face.

Jack and Geoff are back for another HORSE! Will Jack even up the score at 4-4 or will Geoff finally break the streak? Tune in to find out!

YouTube - Achievement HORSE #8

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This Lego Grunt is Ready for the Great Journey!

SonOfTheShire writes:

Suck back some methane and step inside.

Nathaniel mixed and matched a variety of building blocks to bust out this awesomely accurate recreation. Hit the jump to check it out.

Nathaniel Shields'  Lego Grunt

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