The Sweet Idiot

Playing with dead bodies can be hazardous to your health.

All too often the wilds of matchmaking are populated by those easily distracted by a dead body.  These feeble few find more pleasure in humping a corpse than playing a game, and take delight in dancing on dead bodies.

In the following video testimony, we here at Tied The Leader would like to show you why playing with dead bodies can be hazardous to your health. Please read the full report from XerxdeeJ on the Gunslinger Blog.

Good Game!

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Merry Christmas Montage

SpartanT1g3r writes:

Christmas comes a bit early by way of Bagel.

When we said it was Montage Monday, we meant it was Montage Monday.  Here's another nicely edited video using YouTube's shiny new HD feature.  Enjoy.

"The holidays are upon us, and that means having time off from work to spend time with your family. And, of course, extra time for fragging. So set down the controller, grab a glass of non-alcoholic eggnog, and watch Bagel's holiday-themed montage!"

YouTube - Bagel, "Merry Christmas"

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Halo 3 Montage - 'Immortal'

Montage Monday continues.

SniPinAtoR shows off his skills in this nicely edited Halo 3 montage, "Immortal,"  Nice music selection too. - Halo 3 Montage, "Immortal"

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2old2playHalo's Clan Montage

jonny12gauge writes:

Are you ready to go?

This montage is written, produced, and stars a cast and crew entirely comprised of old fogeys.  If you're just home from an early evening Country Kitchen run and find yourself looking for something to watch before you crawl into bed at five o'clock, take a peek.  It's thirteen minutes long though, so you might want to change into a fresh pair of Depends before you fire it up.

"This is a Halo 3 Montage I did a while ago taking advantage of the fileshare system.  Clan members of 2old2playHalo (yes, we are a bunch of old farts!) sent me clip after clip.  I picked out the best ones and made a montage!  Everyone that submitted clips was included, and each member had different music for their 15 seconds of fame.  It was a total blast seeing what kind of crazy stuff people send you!"

Higher-Res Filefront Download Link

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Tag and Release - 'Flamethrower'

We don't need no water...

The M7057/Defoliant Projector is a support weapon unlike any other.  Instead of lobbing a battery of projectiles toward an opponent's position, this bad boy spits fire and flame inside the radius of your own private personal space.  And as we all know, when you're the one roiling in hot mess, "fire bad."

Blaze of Glory

My What Big Teeth You Have

Blast Off

Before you run off and tell all of your e-friends about these sweet Flamethrower snaps, remember to stop, drop, and roll your way over to the All Tags tool to check out some more sweet content.  If you're wondering why your own content hasn't caught fire, make sure you've added the relevant tags.  We can't do everything for you.  

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Halcylon Stickytage

ArrivedLactose writes:

High Resolution Plasma Pwnage.

Lots of nice play and editing.  Video quality is awesome too.  Check the perfect timing at 1:17.

"From Halcylon, a proud member of Facility B5D. It's nuts. He sticks everyone. He even sticks flames. Better news, it's in HD! It'll blow your mind the resolution on this thing."

YouTube - Halcylon - Best of Stickies '08

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Halo 3 Webcomics

Silent Vandal writes:

A new Halo-based webcomics collective.

Looks like Silent Vandal has taken his love for comics and Halo one step further and put his own money and bandwidth up in order to help out those looking for a home for their own webcomic creations.  If your creative juices have been damned by lack of funds, hit the link below and unwrap your holiday season gift.

From the man himself:

"I'm pleased to announce the official launch of Halo 3 Webcomics, a collective for other Halo 3 comics writers to share their stories. It's my opinion that one of the biggest barriers to publishing a webcomic is affordable hosting. I'm donating space on my server for anyone who wants to publish a Halo-based webcomic to set up shop and get to work writing comics. Already, there are three comics that are either new or have transferred to Halo 3 Webcomics:

Chaos Theory

Anyone who wants to write a Halo webcomic but hasn't been able to acquire hosting is welcome to contact me at In the meantime, check out the comics above and add them to your regular reading."

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Hard Justice: Episode 7

OUTGUNN3D writes:

The chicks man. The chicks.

Howard gets a rude awakening from an unsettling dream as governor Roman Drake demands to know what Bernard is up to.  While Max is absent tackling the situation at the Esoteria shopping center, Bernard and Eddie continue to investigate the off-limits case of the mutilated body.

Warning: naughty words.

YouTube - Hard Justice: Episode 7

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Reclaimer 124 - Turnkey

Silent Vandal writes:

It doesn't pay to take a nap.

This installment of Reclaimer reveals how Ferial was able to trap one of the members of the powerful Cavalcade.

Reclaimer 124 - Turnkey

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Duel with the Duo

Red, Blue, and...Black?

The DuoGroup uploaded this video last week, but Randomsauce just tipped us off last night.  It's one part machinima and one part dance video.  Check the video below and get chair dancin'.

YouTube - Duel with the Duo

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Weekly What's Update: 12/12/08

Questions, answers and a progress update on Halo 3: ODST.

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Bungie Weekly UpdateCommunityHalo 3Halo 3: ODST 12/12/2008 3:39 PM PST

Major League Driving

Vehicular Montage.

Silver 772 pulled up in his whip, rolled down the tinted window, and let us know that Major League Driving, a homegrown group here on, slapped together a little collection of clips of burnouts, fender benders, and stunt driving for our viewing pleasure.  It's embedded below for those interested in the fast and furious side of Halo 3's multiplayer experience.

YouTube - Major League Driving Montage

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Crank Dat - Soulja Boy and Stephen Totilo

We Believe in you Stephen.

Looks like Stephen Totilo is doing more than scouring the World Wide Web for unusual wedding invitations.  He's also getting down and dirty and bird walking his way into a Soulja Boy Halo 3 Multiplayer Showdown.  Luke Smith answered the call and supplied Totilo with a few choice tips on how to come away with a victory.

Tell 'Em Tips

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With This Ring

This ring will make us...wait, what?

Stephen Totilo over at MTV's Video Games News channel has the scoop on a couple of die-hard Halo fans.  You think you have love for the game?  Check the link and prepare to have your loyalty challenged.  And before you ask, no you cannot have Recon for proposing to your significant other in matchmaking.  Thanks to HBO for the heads up.

Halo Wedding Planned

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Frostbite Montage


Cold blooded.

Edited by HAZMATV2 and featuring gameplay from A Yellow Snowball, this montage is heavy on the editing, effects, and explicit lyrics.  Adults only.  Warning: those over forty years of age may have trouble following the action.


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Reclaimer 123 - Crimes of Opportunity

Silent Vandal writes:

The best time to catch a powerful AI is when it's sleeping.

The Reclaimer's little outburst causes no real harm but frees up the new Cavalcada to explain a little history involving the nefarious Ferial.

Reclaimer 123 - Crimes of Opportunity

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Major League Goose'n

XxKireNum2xX writes:

And we said it was just a transport vehicle...

T3h Goose King shows once again that the mongoose is a tool of destruction not to be underestimated.

YouTube - Major League Goose'n

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Breaking In - Nick Gerrone

Breaking stuff for a living at Bungie.

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Inside BungieCareersBreaking In 12/11/2008 12:53 PM PST

Winter League Grifball Weekend Begins!

Smash, squish, boom.

Starting 11am PDT today and continuing until Monday the 15th at 2am PDT, Grifball returns as Double EXP champion. If you've somehow just tuned in to the Grifball disease, we're talking about an Assault variant for two groups of four on a special made Foundry arena. No shields, and lots of hammers (or swords, if that's your thing).

This time around we're using Grifball as something of an experiment for matchmaking. Specifically, we're testing measures to reduce team splitting. How is it working? Feel free to let us know in the Optimatch forum.

For more information, check out the official Grifball website, hosted at Red vs Blue. Enjoy your weekend!

Grifball Double EXP weekend requires the Heroic Map Pack, available on Xbox Live Marketplace at the low, low price of absolutely free.

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Bryan Simon Show - Streaming Live!

Tune in tonight.

Bryan Simon dropped in to remind us that he's putting on a live show tonight at 7PM EST.  If you enjoy his Halo 3 themed musical stylings, or you're just sick of the Thursday night Prime Time television lineup, hit the link below and be entertained.  Free for all ages.

The Bryan Simon Show

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IamDank's Drive-In Montage

IAMDank writes:

Synchronized sniping.

Early morning montage.  Seven minutes.  Show a lot of things happening at once...

"A sort of "Funtage". Focuses on the fun part of making a video. Bob your head to the music!"

YouTube - IamDank Drive-in Montage

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Sup Chief?

Twenty Two writes:

See if you can interpret the subtle body language.

"TheDuoGroup is well known for their machinima shorts such as "Without Providence", but they have decided to make a series using Halo's Master Chief.  Check it out."

YouTube - Sup Chief?

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Master Chief Theater 3000: Episode 210

Pyroman writes:

Heckling Uprising and High Charity.

Chief and Arbiter sit back and take a look at the Uprising and High Charity cutscenes. Next week is the Season Finale! So be sure to stay tuned.

Master Chief Theater 3000: Episode 210

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Community Spotlight - Forge Hub

Hammer, anvil, spark, and smoke.

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Capcom Unity Puts Their Coin Up

And they've got game.

You've read our side of the Street Fighter IV story, now it's time to tackle Capcom's take.  If you're interested - and you should be - there's a really sweet write-up and picture gallery online over at s-kill's Capcom-Unity blog detailing their visit to the studio.  Insert Coin, hit the link, and check it out.

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