'Thunder' - A Halo 3 Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

What would it take for things to be quiet?

Four minutes does not a minitage make, but it's still pretty slick. Check it out.

"This is a Halo 3 montage from Rezilient entitled, 'Thunder,' edited by himself. It contains the leftovers from his final montage, Paramount, and for leftovers, they're pretty damn good, featuring a nice triple kill on Narrows and an impressive spree at the end. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Thunder - A Halo 3 Montage

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'Day One: P4' - Webcomic

Adam Susskind writes:

Something sketchy.

That's more like it.

"HEY! It's me again, Adam Susskind.

I hope everything is going well with you because I'm just dandy. I know each and every one of you has been eagerly awaiting news on the up and coming blockbuster, action-packed, fourth, major installment of my comic. So to try and satisfy that insatiable need for more paneled goodness, I've got just what the doctor ordered. Another episode.

Here she is: Episode Four

And hey, while you're at it, here's the first one: Episode One

Oh an, uh- my man Urk. I didn't realize that you had been missing the color on the post for the second episode until I had submitted the third. So, to correct the err in my ways, my signature will look like a bowl of fruit loops in this post.

Adam Susskind (Blue Shift Creations)

I tell you- you do a comic the size of the one I did last year and you kind of get used to the tedium it requires to change the color of every individual letter in a name.


Peace and love and all that jazz."

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Forge Hub's Best of Halo 3's Forge

chrstphrbrnnn writes:

You decide!

Forge Hub's semiannual Best of Forge competition is back in action for the month of August, however this time it's for all the marbles.  Come nominate your favorite maps in categories such as Best Competitive, Best Slayer, Best Original and, of course, Best Overall.  You nominate, you vote and you decide which maps were the best of Halo 3's custom community.  Make sure to read all the rules so that your nomination is counted!

Nominate Now!

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The Running Riot Podcast LIVE

emilio30 writes:

Rescheduled and confirmed.

Episode 30 of The Running Riot Podcast has been rescheduled and will now be recorded LIVE on August 9th at 9:30pm ET. Our guest will be Burnie Burns from Rooster Teeth. Come over to The Running Riot on the 9th to tune into the live show and chat along with us!

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Fire Team Zulu: Augustus

FyreWulff Rex writes:

Look on my works and desp...oh wait, wrong guy.

We're taking a break for this week from new community submissions (we have room for a few more before Reach hits, by the way) as the site needs to catch up code-wise to support the new ones coming down the pipe! So here's a new non-community Firefight challenge for you to try on the most popular difficulty.

There are still plenty of community challenges still up and available for you to tackle, too. Earn some achievements off them!

Fire Team Zulu: Augustus

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Grifball Double EXP Weekend Live!

Catch the disease!

Red vs Blue's contagious Assault-like sport. Catch the disease!

Category: Double EXP Weekend
4 Players Per Team
Max Party Size: 8
Heroic and Mythic 1 Map Packs Required
Updated 08/05/10


  • Grifball (50%) - Teams vie over a bomb, attempting to plant and detonate the bomb on the other team's arm point. Players spawn with Gravity Hammers and Energy Swords. Player traits: No grenades,  infinite ammo, 200% damage and no shields. Ball carrier traits: Orange forced color, 2x shields and 150% movement speed. Assault bomb arms instantly, and one successful detonation ends the round. Team with the highest score after five rounds wins. Three minutes per round.
  • Mayan Grifball (10%) - Players have 110% move speed. Ball carrier has 150% move speed. No Vehicles
  • Grifball Up There (30%) - Bomb reset time is 10 seconds.
  • Aerial Grifball (10%) - Players have 75% gravity and 100% move speed. Ball carrier has 50% gravity and 100% move speed. Bomb reset time is 10 seconds. Custom Powerup Traits: 3 seconds of Weapon Pickup.


  • Grifball Court (Foundry) - Variant of Foundry made specifically for Grifball tournament play.
  • The Grif Cave (Sandbox) - Grifball in Sandbox's crypt.
  • Chichen Itza (Sandbox) - Grifball court styled in the fashion of an ancient arena.
  • Nøxy's Court (Sandbox) - Will the real Mayan ballcourt please stand up.
  • Ultim8 Grifball (Sandbox) - Oh! Now I get it. They named it Ultim8 because the court has eight sides.
  • Grifball High (Sandbox) - Grifball in Sandbox's skybubble.
  • Grifball Naught (Sandbox) - "How did I get into the game before the map?"
  • Grifball Club (Sandbox) - 7-Wood starts. Aerial settings. 8 sides. All the weirdness packed into one game.
  • Blockdrop Court (Sandbox) - Red vs. Blue vs. Gravity.

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Chronicles of ODS Steve: #77

The Story So Far.

Steve needs a summary.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: The Story So Far (#77)

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'How it Ends' - Fan Trailer Remix

Dara255 writes:

You already know how this will end...

Sweet trailer, bro!

"This is a short trailer I made for Halo: Reach. After I heard this song I instantly thought of Reach so I decided to made a video."

YouTube - Halo: Reach - How it Ends

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IGN's Halo: Reach Interview - Multiplayer

SD2522 writes:

Carney soothes some ears and drops some knowledge.

Chris Carney is one Big Dude. Wanna hear what he has to say about Halo: Reach's massive mutiplayer? Cool cause IGN has a little interview with him teed up and ready to go.

Halo: Reach Interview: Multiplayer

Halo: Reach 8/5/2010 9:00 AM PDT permalink

Halo 2600

oakenhawk_co writes:

Wait, what happened to 2552?

Still got your Atari 2600 in good, working condition? Don't put it on eBay just yet!

Former Microsoft VP brings Halo to the Atari 2600

Halo 8/5/2010 8:58 AM PDT permalink

Dutchy's 2nd Halo 3 Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

I pledge allegiance to a country without borders.

I'm getting Jimmy Johns for lunch today. Dunno why.

"This is Dutchy's 2nd (more like 20th, but all of his other montages minus 'The Other Side,' count as minitages so whatever) Halo 3 montage, edited by Exus. Similar to Contractus, this video is just flat out amazing in every way. The gameplay is simply ridiculous, showcasing lots of insane multikills from both MLG and non MLG gametypes. There's stick overkill exterminations in MLG, unbelievable 2 for 1's, lift snipes for the killtacular, and pretty much any other insane play you can come up with. The editing is sick as well and even though I felt that it skipped through the gameplay too quickly at times, there's a lot of originality in it (I loved the running Spartan on Narrows) and the syncing is just amazing. And, as expected, this video is in glorious high definition. Make sure to watch this video all the way through because there are a TON of nasty clips in the credits. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Dutchy's 2nd Halo 3 Montage

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'Cone Combat' - A Halo 3 Machinima

Arbiter 617 writes:

Who's side are you on?

None of this is necessary. And that makes it so very awesome.

"Bill, a hardcore MLG player, is suddenly conflicted with hatred against the Street Cones littered through out the battlefields. In an epic conquest to destroy this threat, his imagination wanders. Watch this battle between Spartans and Cones unfold all because of Bill's mistake in murdering a few by-standing cones."

YouTube - Cone Combat

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Pulling Out All The Stops

Marcus talks about sending our baby out with a bang.

Brier Dudley from The Seattle Times sits down for a fireside chat with Halo: Reach Creative Director, Marcus Lehto. Okay, so there wasn't a cosy fire, but still, they were sitting. Maybe. Don't quote me.

Halo creators pull out all the stops for fourth version for Microsoft's Xbox

Halo: Reach 8/4/2010 9:37 AM PDT permalink

IGN Goes Off

The battle has begun.

Looks like IGN has even more coverage for you this morning and HBO has all the links covered. Hit the jump to hit the jump.

IGN Unloads Reach Stuff

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Halo: Reach Campaign Hands-On

Gamespot goes in guns blazing.

It isn't all doom and gloom, but if you're staying dark, you might not want to click the link below (click it, you know you want to).

Gamespot - Halo: Reach Campaign Hands-On

Halo: Reach 8/4/2010 9:30 AM PDT permalink

Halo: Reach Preview - Multiplayer Maps

SD2522 writes:

Zealot, Reflection, and Spire.

Actually, Zealot has nothing to do with Midship, aside from aesthetics. Still, if you're not dark yet, hit the jump for some tasty new treats.

"IGN gives us a tour through three maps, two old faithfuls and one new beast."

Halo: Reach Xbox 360 Preview - Video Preview: Multiplayer Maps

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'Day One: P3' - Webcomic

Adam Susskind writes:

Swinging back around for Wednesday's installment.

Ah, there's the color.

"Hey ladies and gents,

I'd like to thank those who have left comments over on the site for their support. It is appreciated greatly.

As per the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, here's is The Long Haul: Day One: Part 3

Also, if you missed the second episode, hit the jump.

Peace and love,
Adam Susskind
(Blue Shift Creations)"

Halo 3 8/4/2010 9:24 AM PDT permalink

'Vision' - A Halo 3 Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

Girl, I want you.

Moar Montage!

"This is a Halo 3 montage from ManWithoutModem, edited by Standards, entitled, 'Vision,' featuring some of his leftover clips. The clips are pretty sick for leftovers and showcase sick snipes from both MLG and non MLG gametypes. The editing features some sweet syncing and theater work to go alongside a unique soundtrack. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Vision - A Halo 3 Montage

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'Skittles' - A Halo 3 Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

Taste the rainbow.

Short and sweet.

"This is a short Halo 3 montage from Orangeclock entitled, 'Skittles,' put together by himself. The song is very relaxing, the editing is minimal, and every clip is a stick multikill. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Skittles - A Halo 3 Montage

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'Day One: P2' - Webcomic

Adam Susskind writes:

The second page.

What, no fancy colors this time, Adam? (Please don't make your Pg. 3 submission a rainbow.)

"Hey gang,

Here's another episode of that yet unfinished series. Remember to leave a comment and let me know if you are enjoying it, because I will consider finishing if that's the case.

Episode 2 of 18: The Long Haul: Day One: P2


Adam Susskind"

Halo 3 8/4/2010 9:14 AM PDT permalink

One Million Contributions

They are NOT Bungie Studios!

But we couldn't have done it without 'em. HBO hit a major milestone last night. One million posts have been logged to their online forums. As the original Halo haunt, it's good to see Claude and Company hit high numbers, but it's even better to see 'em keep on keepin' on well into the night.

Here's to a million more

Community 8/4/2010 9:09 AM PDT permalink

Incompetent Cartographer 5

Don't be playin' with my emotions!

The first dance went down on Riptide and though there were a few holes shot through her hull, the vessel remains afloat. Sure, Derek said that the submerged walkways were totally confusing and didn't add much to the experience, but who the hell is he to judge? Oh, right. He's a multiplayer designer. Dammit. She's seaworthy (barely), but taking on water.

Okay, so Riptide needs a little more work. A few patches here and there. That's cool. I didn't expect the first version to be a rousing success. I'm just glad it didn't make anyone throw down their controllers in abject disgust.

Lemme set the stage.

First thing first, we only had four players for the inaugural run. This was more of an exhibition match than anything else. Just looking to ensure that the initial spawns work and that we can, indeed, get a game in. (Also confirmed: initial loadout camera from Blue Base works as advertised.)

On the Red Team, Chad and Cameron. With me on the Blues is my man Derek. Well, he's not my man. We're just friends. At least we eat lunch together from time to time. But I don't pick up the check or anything. And then we go back to our desks. Alone.

So yeah, 2v2. Manos y manos.

First stop, DMR. I make the run out to the extended walkway's over watch position thinking I can take the Reds by surprise.

No dice, they've already identified their best firing position and they're using it to pepper my face with hot magnum. Nowhere to run, I drop down into the water below.

Collect the Rocket Launcher.

And run away.

Fortunately for me, the Reds aren't interested in giving chase, or putting rounds into my back, so I make it to the lift below Blue Base unscathed. Going up!

Only to cycle all the way back down and around to sneak in underneath their perch, armed and ready to deliver my explosive payload.

But my splash damage misses the mark. I only succeed in giving Chad's backside a slight burning sensation.

Allowing him to soar into the air like a bird.

Swoop down and around.

And come from behind with his newly acquired Shotgun. Which now seems like a terrible idea on this map. Who the hell put that thing down there, anyway?

Regardless of where the fault lies, Chad turns my upper body into so much bloody chum and my master plan to open the game with a bang ends with us down by a score of 4 to -1. Ouch.

And let it be said that Chad is indeed a gentleman and a scholar. He did drop down to collect his spoils, but he did not defile my moistened corpse with any celebratory crouching.

And the next time I claimed the Rocket Launcher, I decided to take it into the drink instead of dying and leaving it to be claimed by the other team. Head height water did the trick. At this point, Derek and I are desperately down by a score of 5 to 2, but our fortunes are about to change.

I can't upload the full video and I don't have the time to go into any more blow by blow breakdowns of the action, but let's just say that Cameron took to the skies, I took hold of the Rocket Launcher again (this time with much success), and Derek...well, Derek went Death Blossom with the DMR.

By the time it was all said and done, Blue Team turned it around and finished out strong. Blues win, 25 to 15.

The real story is that Riptide isn't really set up for 2v2. It's just too big. And it's not anywhere near ready for prime time, either. But there weren't any game breakers and I think I already have a good way to solve for Derek's feedback. Before I do, though, I want to widen the net and see what comes out of the official round of playtesting. Start building a consensus on what works and what's total crap. As soon as I have that feedback in hand, I'll start thinking about revisions and form my Forge plan of attack, armed (hopefully) with a wealth of invaluable information.

Stay Tuned.

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'Forge is Crazy' Remix

Peanut butter and jelly. Everywhere.

Forge is crazy. GutterXshark is awesome.

YouTube - Forge is Crazy Remix

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Red vs. Blue: Revelation Chapter 15

Check Your Local Listings.

Wait, we still have local listings?

Red vs. Blue Revelation Chapter 15

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Halo3: ODST Mythic Guide

The Tyrant returns.

The Tyrant is back, but don't worry. He doesn't want to rule with an iron fist, he just wants to help you get through the most challenging difficulties in Halo 3: ODST!

Halo 3: ODST Mythic Difficulty Guide

Halo 3: ODST 8/3/2010 10:22 AM PDT permalink