E3 Announcement Shelved, For Now

No Internet, yanking the countdown timer yesterday was not a joke. We wish it was, though.

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Inside BungieCommunityEmotional Support 7/7/2008 8:00 AM PDT

Bungie Day Gamerpics and Theme on XBL

Download the limited-time only Bungie Day '08 Themes and Gamerpics on Xbox Live Marketplace now.

Download those seven Gamerpics on Xbox Live Marketplace now. The Bungie Day '08 Theme and Gamerpics will only be available on Bungie Day only. Get 'em while you can.

New Bungie.net Avatars and Skins!

Available now on Bungie.net, new forum avatars, profile backgrounds and group skins.

In honor of Bungie Day we've added some new community inspired content for you to use on Bungie.net.

To update your settings sign-in with your Windows Live ID and navigate to the Profile Settings page (My Stats -> My Bungie.net Settings).


Inside BungieCommunitySite Update 7/6/2008 1:12 PM PDT permalink

New ViDOC: And on the Seven7h Day..

lukems writes:

In anticipation of Cold Storage's Monday release, we've readied a new ViDOC to get you a bit more familiar with the map.

And on the Seven7h Day...

A quick look at Halo 3's redux of Chill Out, Cold Storage is available for your enjoyment.

Download the files below or use the Bungie Media Player to check out the ViDOC

Mecha-plex super zoid size file here.
Smaller, more modest size here.
Comfortable and portable size here.

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Recon Road Trip 2008

Find the Bungie employee, win Recon. Terms, conditions, rules, restrictions and fierce threats of beatings inside.

An anonymous Bungie employee writes:

Hello! As I prepare to hit the road for a weeklong trip across the western U.S. to an undisclosed destination, I thought it would be fun to issue a challenge to the community: you think you deserve recon? Prove it by spotting me! As I trek halfway across the country, I'll be out in public plenty of times (restaurants, gas stations, etc.) If I'm wearing one of the two Bungie employee shirts pictured below, the challenge is currently "open for business" and all you have to do is walk over and say hello to me while carrying your copy of Halo 3 and I'll give you Recon, simple as that! What's the catch? Well, you don't know who I am, or where in the western U.S. I'll be. But if you deserve Recon, you'll be able to spot the Bungie shirt without knowing when to expect it, right?

The fine print: The challenge runs from July 5th-9th at whatever times I'm wearing one of these two shirts. If I'm not wearing it and you think you know me anyway, sorry but I'm not open for business. (e.g., no camping out in front of my hotel room.) I'll be staying West of the Mississippi River - sorry easterners, but it's only fair to tell you that this trip won't take me that far. I will *not* be in Washington state during the challenge period, so don't start stalking Bungie employees at home or at work - they might be wearing one of these shirts, but they're not involved in the road trip and it doesn't count. Be safe - if someone finds me and posts my location online, and a caravan of cars starts trying to chase me down the highway or tag my car with a tracking device, the challenge is off. Be polite - if you spot me, you just have to show me your copy of Halo 3 and give me your gamertag to get recon, but if you're not polite about it, I won't give it to you. Be smart - I will not ask for money in exchange for recon, so don't let someone with a homemade shirt convince you that they're me and take your cash; we're not responsible for imposters. On the off chance that another Bungie person is also on the road and wearing the right shirt and has no idea what you're talking about, politely ask them to take your gamertag anyway, and we'll sort it out when they get back to the office. I will initial or otherwise mark the top of your Halo 3 disc with a marker to prevent a mob of people from passing around one copy and ebaying the recon - one disc, one recon. Also, one recon per person -if I walk into a game store where you work, you don't get to pull out a carton of Halo. I'll call Bungie at the end of the challenge period and give them all the gamertags I've collected (don't expect recon to appear as soon as you get home from having found me.)

So for 5 days starting July 5th, keep your copy of Halo 3 on you when you're out and about, and if your recon skills are good enough, you just might get something to show for it. And maybe you'll spot someone else carrying the game and gain a friend for LAN parties!

The first t-shirt to look for on my voyage.

And keep your eyes peeled for this one, too.

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Bungie Weekly Update: 7/03/08

What's the deal with Cold Storage's release date? How much is it going to cost? Read.

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Bungie Weekly UpdateCommunityPlaylistsHalo 3 7/3/2008 9:13 AM PDT

Bungie Humpday: Cold War

It will be a cold day in hell when our Dream Team loses a Humpday Match to the Wonder Triplets.

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Halo 3Humpday 7/2/2008 11:50 AM PDT

Bungie Weekly Update: 6/27/08

It's housekeeping time as we rifle through a variety of quick updates with a few new screenshots thrown in for good measure.

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Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo 3 6/27/2008 3:52 PM PDT

Dedicated Members Recreate First Ever Halo Screenshot

Truly a blast from the past.

These fellas submitted their post to the blog, but I wanted to include the images for easy perusal. t was made by XxFLAWxLESSxX, Rockout514, and lxjarh34dxl.Download it here



Inside BungieCommunityHalo (Xbox) 6/23/2008 5:42 PM PDT permalink

Getting into the Game Industry

lukems writes:

The IGDA (International Game Developers Association) has some worthwhile reading if you're interested in getting into the game industry.

One of the most frequently asked questions in Bungie employees' message boxes, either here or on Xbox Live generally involves asking how to get a job in the game industry. Over at IGDA, they've got a pretty resourceful starting point for people interested in getting into game development. In addition to developer profiles on a bunch of folks in the industry, the IGDA has special sections on various disciplines in game development: Audio, Design, Production, Visual Arts, Programming and Biz & Misc.

CareersCommunity 6/23/2008 2:11 PM PDT permalink

Bungie Weekly Update: 6/20/08

The first ever Weekly Update to feature trigonometric functions. It's like summer school!

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Inside BungieBungie Weekly UpdateHalo 3 6/20/2008 5:20 PM PDT

Shishka and Luke's MLG Wrap-Up

Check out some brief notes from our weekend in muggy San Diego at MLG.

Last weekend Shishka and I took an easy sub-three hour flight from the rainy Northwest (begrudgingly missing the best weekend of golf in the Seattle area since early May) to head to San Diego for MLG’s second tournament of the season. For a wrap-up of who won what and how everything looked, MLG’s official site is probably your best bet – this is just a brief series of notes on what Shishka and I checked out.

This being his first MLG event, Shishka hadn’t been exposed to the complicated and elaborate series of technical hurdles that MLG overcomes in order to stream events live – rightfully, he was impressed with the number of folks hard at work preparing for Saturday and Sunday’s live streams. The “Yankee Stadium” – as we’ve previously discussed – blew his goatee back. Three monitors broadcasting gameplay, transitioning between players, showing their faces, reactions and their nightmarish skills that haunt my dreams.

In the time it took Shishka and I to go on our tour, four middle school-to-early highschool Bungie.net users had fashioned a sign with a slipshod sketch of Mister Chief asking for Recon. Fruitlessly, they cobbled the drawing together like MacGuyver using a Q-tip and Silly Putty to blow his way out of a foreign prison, the hilarity with these fans was only just beginning. At different times throughout our Friday evening at the venue, we’d look behind us to see the four of them standing there with a camcorder stalking us and filming our mundane existences.

  • “Shishka is about to take a drink of Dr. Pepper, I wonder if he’d drink that if Gamefuel was available.”
  • “Luke seems to be paying close attention to this Halo 3 match, I wonder if he’s thinking ‘Man, I’m better than these kids.’”
  • “Luke and Shishka look thirsty; I wonder if they will go back into the Pro Lounge for free drinks or use the drinking fountains like commoners.”

We met another group of guys at the venue – the Three M’s – three Bungie fans and talked with them numerous times on Friday and Saturday. Saturday as you’re well aware by now, is the reason we were at this particular MLG event.

Paired with Team Classic’s “Legend,” and Shishka teamed up with Carbon’s “Karma” – we revealed Cold Storage, a remake of Halo: Combat Evolve classic Chill Out. Via means treacherous and nefarious, Shishka and Karma ousted Legend and I – I played pretty awful once Legend and I lost Rocket room – I blame myself and Stosh for the loss.

And no, we haven’t forgotten you, sweet, sweet Bungie.net users, we’ll have more on Cold Storage this week, I promise.
In the interest of rare full disclosure, the plan to show Cold Storage came together pretty quickly and so we didn’t spin up art assets for screenshots. We’ll definitely have treats for Bungie.net users this week, though. Friday sounds like a safe bet. For now, Bungie.net user CrypticGuardian put up a great thread with a bunch of cellphone pictures from the exhibition. Drink it up!

Shishka passed this note over to me during study hall with some of his favorite moments from the weekend. Enjoy them.

MLG’s set up for managing their live stream is simply incredible. They’ve cobbled together some amazing talent to make the stream exactly like what you’d expect to see for any professional sport. Even as a designer, I find it hard to comprehend that a video game has buried itself so deep into culture that a group such as MLG can create such a high caliber broadcast. We’ve come a long way.

The exhibition match was awesome, even if I threw some of the worst grenades of my Halo playing career. At first I was a little too aware of the crowd of people watching us, and I gotta admit, was a bit freaked out. Eventually I was able to focus on my screen and the feedback Karma was giving me and in the end I had a lot of fun. I walked away from the match craving more, but unfortunately there were things that needed to be done and I didn’t get the opportunity. And yes, kids, I know my BR was out of ammo. I have a habit of swapping to it even when it’s low or out of ammo. I was okay. Really. Not like it particularly mattered. Karma and I won because A) Karma is awesome and B) I managed to suck only slightly less than Luke.

After the exhibition, I went back out into the floor and had the opportunity to talk with a bunch of fans. Luke, on the other hand, pulled a perfect impression of Rush’s Neil Peart, jumping off the stage and disappearing before the fans could even get near. He reemerged not much later – wearing a completely different set of clothes – and met up with me in the venue. As we were talking, some fans approached and asked me (draped in my Bungie-branded apparel) for an autograph. After I signed their 360 controllers, they turned around and walked away—they hadn’t even noticed Luke was there. I turned and looked at Luke for a moment, and then I lol’d. Oh, how I LOL’d.

Despite my tenure with Bungie
[Editor’s Note: three months this time around - LS], this was actually the first MLG event I’ve ever attended, so it was pretty cool to see a mix of people I had never met before as well as some familiar faces. The PMS clan had a ton of representation, and there were even a couple Bungie.Net regulars around to check things out, so the venue had this familial undertone while at the same time being a completely new experience for me. I had a lot of fun, and hopefully San Diego won’t be my last MLG event.

[Editor’s Note: The above story may have been edited from its original state by me - LS]

[Editor’s Note 3: When you inevitably complain about the length of this week’s Weekly Update, add this story’s length to it, jerks :) – LS]

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Bungie: Now Used in Management Texts

An HBO forum user stumbled across a Bungie reference in the most quizzical of places - his college textbook.

HBO user Tablesandchairs4 found a strange Bungie reference in an even more obtuse place - his Miami of Ohio MGT 291 text book "Organizational Behavior." Regrettably, Tablesandchairs4 points out that in the book's index they refer to Bungie as "Bungle Studios." Apparently, authors Robbins & Judge didn't like that Halo 2 eschewed the pistol.

(image shamelessly stolen from the HBO post and rehosted)

Inside BungieAbout BungieCommunity 6/16/2008 4:40 PM PDT permalink

Bungie Weekly Update: 6/13/08

I wish this update was one sentence long. One awesome, announcement filled sentence. It's not.

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Inside BungieBungie Weekly UpdateCommunityHalo 3 6/13/2008 4:39 PM PDT

Bungie Weekly Update: 6/6/08

Another Update from the land of "we're in-between cool new stuff to talk about."

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Bungie Weekly UpdateCommunityHalo 3 6/6/2008 6:16 PM PDT

Achievement Unlocked: 1000/1000

After endless mocking and messages and people asking me if I wanted "some help getting ur Overkill LOL" -- it finally happened.

I normally wouldn't write about something so self-aggrandizing as my personal quest for 1000/1000 gamerscore in Halo 3 (the only other game I have full gamerscore in is Pac-Man: CE), but for so long I've been getting mocked by Bungie.net users for not completing the lone achievement that eluded me - Overkill. Some samples range from aggressive, to oddly helpful:

"Luke, wtf how can u not have Overkill, you work at Bungie and sukk at Halo and can't get Overkill"

"You do know that if you keep shooting a player after you get a Triple Kill you might unlock that Achievement you're missing, right?"

"Hay, change your language settings and my friends and I will get you Overkill, but can we have Recon?"

I hadn't unlocked an Achievement in Halo 3 since Oct. 31st of last year - thanks to the Halloween playlist for the Steppin' Razor achievement - the drought was long and filled with jokes about how bad I am. That said, on June 2nd, it finally happened in Shishka's glorious reappearance of Legendary Brawl. I was indisposed during the first Legendary Brawl way back when, so I wanted to mess around with it. I'll never forget taking the interior lift to Spartan Laser spawn on Avalanche and what havoc and hell I wrought upon landing. The destruction and my demise was followed up with the sweet, sweet pop-up text: Achievement Unlocked. The clip is in my File Share labeled: "finally," if you're into poetry in motion really average Halo play.

What was your last achievement in Halo 3? Did you get your achievements legit, or is your Marathon helmet stained with mistruth and treachery?
Did you save the file to keep for all time, like I did?

Tell me about it, Internet.

Inside BungieCommunityHalo 3 6/4/2008 1:56 PM PDT permalink

We're Hiring: User Experience Designer

We're looking for a User Experience Designer, head over to the Jobs Page to learn about what this position demands.

The listing was so full of requirements, expectations and job functions that Achronos had to retool the Jobs Page in order to make it look right. Go check it out.

Gamasutra Looks at Bungie in 2008

Industry-focused Web site Gamasutra published a giant-sized interview with Artist Michael Zak, Engineer Chris Butcher and the man you know as Ske7ch.

In a lengthy piece titled "Bungie in 2008: Reflecting on Halo 3, Moving Beyond," Gamasutra chats with three Bungie staffers about their roles on Halo 3's development. In an interview conducted during the 2008 Game Developer Conference Gamasutra chats with  Michael Zak, Chris Butcher and Brian Jarrard walk through some of Halo 3's development, talk a bit about the separation from Microsoft and how things have changed (and stayed the same) at Bungie since we parted ways with Microsoft.

Bungie Weekly Update: 5/30/08

Come because it's Friday, stay for the last handful of sentences.

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Seafaring Through the Past

From the darkness of the distant past, a long last classic resurfaces. Note: "Classic" should be taken with a grain of salt.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing new about this video - other than when I found it - I hadn't seen it before. Also, looking around at my coworkers, this is a crazy revelation on how independence has really changed Bungie. I mean, look at these dudes' hair. Granted, Paul Russel's excuse is something about him experimenting as an Artist with a method-acting equivalent with his mane of Piratical hair. Everyone experiments at some point, I suppose.

Fair Warning: There is a debate about the correct implementation of "Mermaid Ho -blam!-es" and a surfable wave  in Marty's hair that may sear an imprint into your mind.

Inside BungieCommunityClassic Games 5/29/2008 4:56 PM PDT permalink

Movies, a Blog and Order Arrive at Bungie.net

Bungie.net evolves today. Read about the changes, improvements and tweaks inside.

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Inside BungieCommunitySite Update 5/29/2008 11:55 AM PDT

Looking at the Creation of Flood Environments

Bungie Publications, the section of Bungie.net devoted to formal papers on our technology, now boasts a look at the creation of Flood spaces by one of our Environment Artists, Vic DeLeon.

Over in the Publications section of Bungie.net, we just added a presentation given by Environment Artist Vic DeLeon examining the biology of the Flood and the iteration that took place in creating "Floodified" spaces in Halo 3. There are multiple files in the package, including bothPowerpoint version and PDF versions of his presentation, and additionally, a couple of short clips showcasing some of the environmental work done in the "Floodgate" and "Cortana" missions in Halo 3.

Inside BungieHalo 3 5/28/2008 12:04 PM PDT permalink

Bungie Weekly Update: 5/23/08

Questions, answers, playlist updates and map chatter.

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Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo 3 5/23/2008 5:53 PM PDT

Bungie Weekly Update: 5/16/2008

Once you've seen this Weekly Update, you won't be able to unsee it.

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Inside BungieBungie Weekly UpdateHalo 3 5/16/2008 4:41 PM PDT

Bungie Weekly Update: 5/9/2008

Return. Revenge. And other words that start with "re-" in this week's Bungie Weekly Update.

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Inside BungieBungie Weekly Update 5/9/2008 5:25 PM PDT