Team Flag Double EXP Weekend

A five on five test of teamwork: All CTF, all the time.

Team Flag is online and fully operational.  Go grab yourself some flags and a double dose of EXP.

3-5 Players per team
Max Party Size: 10
Halo 3: Mythic disk required


  • Multi Flag CTF (31.7%) - Teams score points by capturing the other team's flag. First team to 3 points wins. Players spawn with Battle Rifles and Assault Rifle secondary weapons. 20 minute match time.
  • 1 Flag CTF (51.6%) - Teams take turns defending or attempting to capture the flag. Team with the most captures after 4 rounds wins. Players spawn with Battle Rifles and Assault Rifle secondary weapons. 4 minute round time limit.
  • 2 Flag Heavy (16.7%) - Teams score points by capturing the other team's flag. First team to 3 points wins. Players spawn with Battle Rifles. 20 minute match time limit.


  • High Ground (Default)
  • Isolation (Default)
  • Last Resort (Default)
  • Narrows (Default)
  • The Pit (Default)
  • Valhalla (Default)
  • Valhalla Heavy (Valhalla) - Valhalla variant with liberal use of heavy vehicles and weapons
  • Standoff (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Heroic Map Pack
  • Standoff Heavy (Standoff) - Standoff variant with liberal use of heavy vehicles and weapons
  • Avalanche (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Legendary Map Pack
  • Avalanche Heavy (Avalanche) - Avalanche variant with liberal use of heavy vehicles and weapons
  • Ghost Town (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Legendary Map Pack
  • Orbital (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Mythic Map Pack
  • Sandbox (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Mythic Map Pack
  • Utah Mambo (Sandbox) - Asymmetrical Sandbox layout (ground level)
  • Longshore (Default) - REQUIRED. Available on Halo 3: Mythic

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Low-Level Strike

Are those things rated for atmosphere?

Looks like HBO regular, Leviathan, is prepping another piece of Halo fanart.  He says this is just the top third of the what will be the finished piece.  Can't wait to see what lies beneath.

Low-level Strike - Halo Fanart

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Jackal Halloween Aftermask

Yeah, we know that's not really a word.

We made it up to describe the crafty fan fashioned Jackal mask Hawty McBloggy found.  Looks like it was assembled using a hodgepodge of Halloween effects.  Pretty realistic.  Check it out.

Kig-yar: The Other White Meat

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Aberrant Designs' Favorite Files Updated

Drums in the deep and another week of content.

The MoleN steps up this week to deliver Aberrant Designs' second round of community spotlight content.  He also has some post mortem details charting the construction of his map variant, Lords of Moria, and some ideas covering what he thinks could help Forge become a better tool.  Read up.

Q. What inspired Lords of Moria?

A. My creation was inspired by my favorite movie series, The Lord of the Rings. The map itself is based off of an area located in the Mines of Moria, and is a direct remake of Balin's Tomb. For all of you who are not familiar with Lord of the Rings, the map is basically a chamber filled with pillars, a tomb and more. I do feel I accurately remade the map, as it is nearly identical to the area I was attempting to remake.

Q. How long did it take to excavate and remake?

A. This map took much longer than I expected, coming in on around twenty hours of building. Many things took much time to perfect, and I had many versions. I had to test it, make improvements, make sure it was to scale with the original, and test some more. It also had to be aesthetically pleasing for me to be satisfied with it, so I went back to this map a lot to fix things up. Over all, it was worth the effort, as I highly enjoy the final product.

Q. Which part of the finishing process took up the most amount of time?

A. The aspect that took the longest to get right was the gate. I probably remade the gate three separate times, changing my design, adding more, and fixing any problems that may have affected the map negatively. I wanted the map to look real, so the gate was a must have and it must look great. The well was a close second, as it was a real challenge for me to make and to design (as it was supposed to be quite smooth and yet function properly, killing any foolish enough to jump into it's depths).

Q. How could Forge be improved?

A. Although Forge is already amazing, it could use a bit of touching up. I would love features that allow you to interlock, geomerge, etc. without the need to glitch. The thing I would like to see most in Forge however is a weather and environment filter. These would alter things such as objects you can place and the environment you place them in. Maps with storms occurring above would be as easy as spawning a filter, and those looking to remake old maps or construct new masterpieces would only need to add an environment filter (such as valley), and items such as trees, rocks, etc. would be placeable, adding a whole new meaning to 'forge'.

Well, we don't know about easy, but we do know that the second week of Aberrant Designs' Community Spotlight has come to to a close.  Check out their latest batch of Bungie Favorites - they're online and ready to go, right now.  Since they're primary focus is snapping screenshots, we've slapped up the latest MLG map and game variants in case you've yet to become acquainted.

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Average Joe - Iggyhopper

Trying to find out where the bananas went.

Iggyhopper conducted this interview from a half finished house.  In the face of extreme and dangerous conditions, he toiled so that you might be entertained.  Are you not entertained?  Probably not, but that's because you haven't read the interview yet.

Q. Who are you and what do you do?

A. My name is Greg, although the other options were Alexander, or Mike, but my dad chose Greg just because it was cool. I am way awesome because I have two different colored eyes (one blue and one brown), something called “Heterochromia.” I was born, and still live in the glorious city of Modesto, California. I’m 18-years-old and still look 21 because I have this god-awful beard growing on my face (maybe it’s time to shave). I’m an ex-skateboarder, a mediocre guitar and piano player, and one super awesome programmer. I am currently a part-time student in my third semester, taking every class that can do with computers (synthesizers are quite spectacular, by the way), and kicking some butt over Xbox LIVE.

When I’m not being awesome by playing Halo or Worms, my family and I work on the house. My parents have completely torn apart and rebuilt our last house, now we’ve moved and are doing the same to this one. It feels so great to complete something so big, but it’s pretty much like indoor camping if you’re living in the house you’re renovating. As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this, my computer chair is on the bare concrete floor, right now. I could basically build a house from scratch, with all this stuff I’ve been doing over the years.

Q. How did you end up camping on your gamertag?

A. There is this game, called “Iggy’s Wrecking Balls.” It’s basically a racing game that takes place on broken up, vertical levels. You could grapple onto higher platforms, and even throw your friends off too. I had great fun with that game, so I decided Iggy would be the first part of my gamertag. The second half had to feel right, it had to roll off the tongue, it also, more importantly, had to be original. This is when I came up with “hopper” as the second half. The name was born, and can easily be shortened to just Iggy. That isn’t my first gamertag though, the first one I ever had was “Realm32”, but that got lost with the new Xbox 360 experience, so now I hop “iggies”, as I’m told.

Q. I have no idea what that means.  Cool story, though.  Tell me what forums you haunt when you're not renovating your pad?

A. Oh, I’ll haunt the Halo 3 forum, maybe scare some people over in the Halo 3: ODST forum. You can find me most of the time in the Community forums, and I will visit The Flood from time to time. There’s just so many creepy castles to choose from, I can’t haunt all of them, you know. Sometimes I’ll even send completely random messages to people to spark some kind of interesting conversation. I’ll get a good reply back (from cool people), and maybe a laugh.

Q. Oh man, I see what you did there with the play on words and whatnot.  What compels you to play games?

A. My game is always on with my little brother, who I introduced into Halo: Combat Evolved when he was five. He’s an adorable little brat who loves playing games and being cool, what can I say. He’s just so gullible for scams though because, well, he’s a kid. That’s why I’m here to keep him in check. I was playing my first games on the TurboGrafX-16 and the Super Nintendo. I’d see my dad always playing Galaga ’90, and I’d always play Bonk or Donkey Kong Country. It’s now 2009, so he isn’t really good with Halo 3, he just wants the sniper so he can shoot people. He can’t ever manage to move and shoot at the same time, though. My mom will always be a Pac-man and Frogger fan, no Halo for her.

What compels me to game is a good question. I think this comes from me wanting to always make games, no matter what. Sometimes when I was younger, I’d try to make my own board games out of paper and a few pieces of tape. Another factor is probably getting the best high score, or getting 100% completion (okay 99%, I’m lazy). I’m always interested in the soundtracks of the games, and the story. What happened to DK? His bananas got stolen, so I wanted to play the game to find out where his bananas went!

Q. What was the first Bungie title you played?

A. The first game I ever played was Halo: Combat Evolved, and that was when I was 9 or 10. It was a Christmas present with seven other games, and an Xbox. While a kid, I had known nothing about the story, but when I look at it now, I can see why it was so great. I don’t think any other game had deep game-play like Halo: CE did. I didn’t play multiplayer except to bash hogs with my brother, but the campaign was fun! The Halo series can be compared to a black hole, you are safe as long as you’re far away. The closer you get to it, the harder it is to get away. Once you get sucked in, you just keep learning about it, you can’t escape, but it’s fun to spin around in circles all the time, right?

Q. Are you surprised by how far you've been sucked into the community?

A. Definitely. I am really surprised, because normally I’ll join a community because I just want to know more, ask quick questions, all the same stuff. With Bungie, I would actually want to make good topics and threads, and then get to have responses by the actual employees (sometimes). It’s so fun to read when people discover new things. I also write user-scripts for greasemonkey to make extra awesome. If you want to learn more, you can visit the Script Central thread in the Community forums.

Q. Do you get involved with any other communities?

A. I am a part of the network, and the Team 17 forums for my beloved Worms. When I’m not playing Halo 3, I’m playing Worms, you can bet on it. I’m usually mapping and modding Starcraft as well.

Q. Anything you wanna add? Wanna make some shout-outs?

A. Do A Barrel Roll!

I’d like to make a shout out to Mr WhatsItToYa, my brother. I’d also like to shout out to these people I know in no particular order: Sarsion, Cortana 5, TheScriptKeeper, CAVX, Duardo, and Lord Snakie.

Here’s some people I saw on the forums, and thought they were pretty awesome: Energy Sword, L00, and Old Papa Rich. Shout out to them because they’re cool.

Last but not least, I shout at you, Urk.

Hmm, it doesn’t feel like I’m shouting. Let me get a feel for it... I’M SHOUTING!!!... Okay.

Okay.  Thanks for the interview, Greg.  Good luck with the renovations and thanks for helping us keep the community in great shape.  We'll set up a discussion thread so people can pop in and shout back.

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Hawty McBloggy Playdate Reminder

Since we stole all her news this morning...

...I figure we might as well remind you that Hawty McBloggy is looking for people to pad out her Community Playdate.  If you want in on the action (no, not that kind of action), hit the jump below and find out how you can follow her around like a stalker only to clam up when you finally get your shot over Xbox LIVE.

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

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Rat-a-Tat Tat

Armed for combat.

Another find from Hawty McBloggy this morning - check out the tattoo.  Some people say that they're fans.  Other people prove it.  Time for you to step it up (after you get your parent's permission, of course).

The Master Chief is Forever

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Halcylon's Halo: Reach iPhone Wallpaper

What if your phone...

...wrong game.  Yeah, so we haven't been all that liberal with our Halo: Reach information, but that doesn't mean you can't get ready for a digital dump by slapping some Reach goodness on your mobile phone, brought to you by Halcylon and Hawty McBloggy.

Halo: Reach iPhone Wallpaper

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Team Control Double EXP Weekend Live!

Take control of the terrain and hold your ground.

Sup.  Team Control is online.  You should go play it.  We'll give you some extra EXP.

3-4 Players Per Team
Max Party Size: 8
Halo 3: Mythic Disk Required
Updated 11/03/2009


  • Territories (26.8%) - Teams take turns attacking and defending territories. Most territories taken after two rounds wins. 4 minute round time limit.
  • Territories BRs (20.1%) - Teams take turns attacking and defending territories. Battle Rifle starts. Most territories taken after two rounds wins. 4 minute round time limit.
  • Land Grab (20.1%) - Both teams must attempt to take as many territories they can. The team with the most territories captured after three rounds wins. Territories are locked upon capture and cannot be captured by the opposite team (locks reset at the end of each round). 30 uncontested seconds within a territory to capture. Three minute round time limit.
  • Land Grab BRs (11.5%) - Both teams must attempt to take as many territories they can. Battle Rifle starts. The team with the most territories captured after three rounds wins. Territories are locked upon capture and cannot be captured by the opposite team (locks reset at the end of each round). 30 uncontested seconds within a territory to capture. Three minute round time limit.
  • Lurkers (10%) - Teams take turns attacking and defending territories. Sniper Rifle starts, and players are invisible while standing in the hill. Most territories taken after two rounds wins. 4 minute round time limit.
  • Team King (11.5%)  - Stand in the hill uncontested for points. Hill moves in sequence once a minute. Assault Rifle starts with no grenades. 150 points to win. 12 minute match time limit.


  • Construct (Default)
  • High Ground (Default)
  • Last Resort (Default)
  • Narrows (Default)
  • Valhalla (Default)
  • Foundry (Default)  - REQUIRED. Part of the Heroic Map Pack.
  • Standoff (Default)  - REQUIRED. Part of the Heroic Map Pack.
  • Ghost Town (Default) - REQUIRED.  Part of the Legendary Map Pack.
  • Assembly (Default)  - REQUIRED. Part of the Mythic Map Pack.
  • Sandbox (Default)  - REQUIRED. Part of the Mythic Map Pack.
  • Citadel (Default)  - REQUIRED. Available on Halo 3: Mythic.
  • Heretic (Default)  - REQUIRED. Available on Halo 3: Mythic.
  • Longshore (Default)  - REQUIRED. Available on Halo 3: Mythic.

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Community Spotlight - Aberrant Designs

Striving for excellence and taking sweet screenshots.

Aberrant Designs is a group that knows what they like.  They like screenshots.  And they're damn good at showing them off.  If you want to see what else they have to show you, check out what they have to say for themselves:

"Dozens of groups are made here on every single day with one sole purpose in mind; to create the largest, most enjoyable group out there. Most of these groups are made to let users share their screenshots and Halo-related content with other users. The groups normally fill quite quickly with the right leader, and before you know it, you have a monumental screenshot group with hundreds of members. But, with monumental groups come monumental problems. Nearly all members coming into a group have one sole purpose; to post all of their content to other users in the hopes that they become the next Predator, their hopes filled with coveted Recon and friends lists full of Bungie workers. After a staggering amount of threads are made, with little or no replies, the members get frustrated and leave the group for other groups, or, in some cases, make their own group. This is generally what happens with screenshot groups; it is almost inevitable.

But then, there are the groups who persevere.

We are Aberrant Designs. Originally founded and built by CAUS7IC (an elite Photoshopper and dedicated group leader) for elite screenshot artisans and Photoshoppers, Aberrant Designs has become one of the most active groups on

We don't have a staggering amount of members. But we do have talent. Our members excel in a wide range of different professions; from screenshots to 3D modeling, Photoshop to video producing, and much, much more. We provide regular contests, not all pertaining to screenshots, as well as a few tutorials on how to improve various screenshot and Photoshop methods. The community is extremely friendly, and are willing to give constructive criticism and compliments at any given time.

Aberrant Designs' point system is something we take pride in, too. One of the most organized ranking systems for a group on, our points system allows members to collect points needed to rank up by winning contests, creating a wallpaper, having content published, etc. Once they have enough points to rank up, they will be promoted to one of almost a dozen different ranks, some ranks not even attained by members yet.

As well as an organized ranking system, Aberrant Designs also has an organized "roll call". Every month or so, members will be required to address their presence in the roll call thread. Members who do not participate, or who do not have a leave of absence or legitimate reason for not participating, shall be kicked from the group. Threads are also organized into various categories to keep the forum nice and neat.

We are Aberrant Designs. We strive for excellence, and we hope that you too may join us one day in our mission for excellence."

Q. What are Aberrant Designs' favorite maps?

A. Since we are dominantly a screenshot group, we split this into two different parts: favorite maps for screenshots and favorite maps for playing. Our favorites for taking screenshots are Avalanche, Ghost Town, Sandbox, and Floodgate. All those maps have several areas that provide great backgrounds and lighting giving us numerous possibilities for effects. Our favorites for things like customs and Matchmaking are Valhalla, The Pit, Sandbox variants, Standoff, and Guardian.

Q. What about Gametypes?

A. A lot of us enjoy playing Slayer, Capture the Flag, and Infection. Team BRs is the dominant slayer gametype that we play. As for CTF, we enjoy a combination of 2 Flag and 1 Sided Flag but mainly 2 Flag. Infection is the only one where we don't have a particular gametype that we enjoy to play the most.

Q. What would you like to see in Matchmaking that isn't there right now?

A. There were four things that most of our group wanted to see implemented into Matchmaking. The most common thing we came up with was a BRs only playlist or gametype. No grenades, no power ups, no equipment. Just you, your BR, and a bunch of guys to shoot at. Another thing mentioned a lot was better user-created content, rather than more user-created content. Third was a return of Rocket Race or a revised form of Rocket Race as a full-time playlist. We greatly enjoy playing it but would also like to see things like a Brute Shot version of RR or a racing gametype like from Halotracks to add variety to the playlist. The last thing we wish to have added is a full-time Infection playlist.

Unfortunately, our full allocation of time for Aberrant Designs' week one spotlight is all used up.  If you want to learn more, make sure you visit their group home and check out all the content they have on offer for their first round of Bungie Favorites selections.

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Know Your Ninja - Duardo

Takes what he can get.  (Including Foman's mom.)

Duardo wants you to feel right at home here at  So much so that he's put together a whole pile of words in order to help you get acquainted and acclimated.  Follow his advise and you should do just fine.  Don't and he'll smash the hell out of you.

Q. Who you are and what you do when you’re not banning fools.

A. My name is Drew, and I’m a college student majoring in Mass Communication, particularly news writing, cinema/television, and public relations.

Interestingly enough, this semester I found out I was a senior (I didn’t even know I was a junior!). While scheduling classes for next semester, my advisor tells me that I can graduate a full semester early due to the university changing their criteria to graduate.

When I’m not at school I’m working at a local movie theater, where I’m the assistant manager and head projectionist. Basically, I’m the guy who puts the previews and movies together, and loads them onto the screen for your enjoyment.

I got my name, “Duardo,” from Spanish class my freshman year of high school. We had to choose a Spanish name, and the teacher suggested to pick one using the first letter of our name. I found “Duardo” and thought it sounded cool. Turns out that, not only is it a nickname for Eduardo (Edward) which I have no connection to, but also is a variant of Duarte, which means a wealthy guard.

Q. What did you do with your time on before you took up "guard duty"?

A. I was introduced to the site in 2002, when my friends and I would have LAN parties with Halo: Combat Evolved every weekend. One of my friends would go to the old Tru7h and Reconciliation site, and read the updates and whatnot. I never really looked into the website until 2003, where I would read the updates and the forums.

I loved reading the theories for Halo 2. I loved how everyone seemed to be so excited about it. The site soon changed to the New Hawtness in 2004, and on September 17, 2004, I finally joined. I already knew where everything was and what the rules were (mostly), so I got right into things. I think I joined initially to answer someone’s question, but then decided to introduce myself.

Funny about that thread is that a moderator had posted in it saying, “Welcome Duardo. Make sure you know what forum is what. But also make sure you don't let people get to you. This place rocks! Enjoy yourself.”

I feel that that is the essence of what all of us need to do for newer members. Make them feel welcome.

I would log on each day and roam Zanzibar, and then New Mombasa (the Halo 2 Forums) and the Septagon (Community Forum now). After Halo 2 was released and Zanzibar became a spam pit, I switched over to visiting the Septagon, Underground (Universe Forum), and the Flood.

The Septagon was having an Unofficial Promotional Video Contest, and I loved making and editing movies, so I felt really involved with the community at the time.

Couple years later changes came, people left, new people showed up, Foman’s Mom showed up, etc. Halo 3 was releasing soon, and I was getting annoyed seeing repeat topics all the time, so I created a FAQ where I, and some others, would answer people’s questions.

Then the Member Titles came out, and once again I got annoyed seeing repeat topics - Bam, another FAQ. Surprised to still see it’s alive and well after two years.

After going to PAX 08 (which was amazingly awesome – got to meet so many awesome people), I was asked to join HFCS and became a Ninja September 19, 2008.

Q. Do you ever get annoyed enough to want to make an escape for a spell?

Of course. Who actually likes getting hate PMs all day (besides you)? As a ninja, our job is to enforce the rules and keep the forums clean of rule breakers. Look for the bad before the good. This can get depressing sometimes, haha. Sometimes it’s better to let the forums burn for a bit, instead of having the ninja’s too burnt out to care about enforcing the rules. Thankfully I have school and work to keep me preoccupied when I don’t want to get one. That’s the beauty of the Internet. I can just click a button and turn off the computer, or go live my life if I want.

Q. When you click buttons with an eye toward checking out some other sites, where are you looking to find cool stuff?

I enjoy reading about video games, so I’ll venture to Kotaku after I get off Bnet. I usually go there, (hilarious site), Rooster Teeth, Hawty McBloggy, some Apple sites (not the fruit), and I enjoy reading random Wikipedia articles if you can believe that. I just find things interesting.

‘Course since I work at a movie theater, I get to watch all the latest movies, and not pay a dime. I also enjoy playing my video games (currently playing Left 4 Dead, Shadow Complex, batman: Arkham Asylum, and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom hourglass.

Q. And what keeps you coming back to for more?

Foman’s mom.

No really.

Seriously though, I love the community. I love seeing so many people dedicated to a particular company/game, and I love being a part of it. There have been bad times, sure, but there have also been so many great things too. I love that Bungie employees take time out of their day to interact with us. It makes feel very home like. You could say it’s my Internet home.

Q. How has your view of your Internet home changed during your residence?

The Community has evolved over time. It was once a place where everybody knew everybody, and slowly grew with the release of new games, and now people have developed real life friendships because of the bond they share with

This community will only get bigger as time passes. Is that a good thing? Sure! Look at all the fansites dedicated to Halo or to Bungie. It’s really amazing how one game can change everything.

Q. How sweet is it to swing the Banhammer?

Imagine if you were the Incredible Hulk and just started smashing things for the hell of it. It’s that awesome. I’m glad that I was trusted enough to help keep the forums clean. It can be a rough job sometimes, but it’s usually made up with chocolates and hookers (who all happen to be wearing the Webmaster’s face for some reason). I’ll take what I can get though.

I’d like to acknowledge some people if possible.

Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for being awesome. Thanks for becoming my friends. Thanks for the good times.

Curtis, Quincy, Marshall – you guys were there in the beginning, and deserve a special shout out.

Lord Snakie, Helveck, Cryptic, my fellow moderators (particularly Qbix, The Slayer Bro, El Roboto, Butane, RN54, TGP, Yoozel, Nos, stosh), Foman for being awesome with myself and his mom (he got me back, damn him), Halcylon, BS Angel, CAVX, Sonic John, Cortana 5, Gamerz, Predator, True Underdog/NinjAg/Mr Mousetrap/True Underdog, T1B3R7uMB0YXVI, Evilcam, brutenextdoor, dmg04, Dropship dude, Faulty Jaboom, Guitarplay123, Hawkeye, Obi, immortal eNeME, Kapture, Ouizer, Radekk, Sadistic, Zayne, and all the rest of you whom I love, especially you urk.

Aw, I totally love you too, Drew.  That's why I bought you dinner when you came into town.  Too bad you didn't pick up the signals then though, I think there might have been some magic between us.

If you just read this interview and want to send some of your own signals Duardo's way, stop on into the discussion thread attached and say hello.  Might want to play nice though, he's looking to keep things clean.

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Paper-Mache Master Chief Helmet

What a world!

Hawty McBloggy ran across this interesting paper-mache Master Chief helmet.  It looks all ooey and gooey.  She made some off color remarks about it.  Wanna see it?  Click the link.

Paper-Mâché Master Chief Helmet

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Stuck on Spikers

Don't try this at home!

Smick6 is a trained professional and HBO's got a news item up with some shots of his work.  It's pretty awesome.  Make sure you click through to check out the Spiker Rifle he cooked up a while back while you're there.

OC's Spike Grenade

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We Came. We Saw.

We stuck it.

Wondering what happened with's Sticktoberfest?  Hit the jump below to get informed!  Winners and a written round-up await you (and a whole lotta website packed full of Halo stats).

For the past month, several of us have taken part in a challenge like no other found out there in the vast Halo Universe. A challenge that in order to be truly successful would require a certain degree of luck, an even greater degree of skill and above all, an elevated level of consistent dedication. The singular task at hand on this particular challenge was simple in concept...

...find your opponent and stick him with a plasma or spike grenade for the kill." - We came. We saw.  We stuck it.

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Nom Nom Nom

Who's hungry for some screenshots?

Yeah, once again ihearthalo3screenshots dropped a set of screenshots on Friday and once again we're late getting them to you.  We're sorry.  Please accept this link as a token of our apology.

Nom Nom Nom

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Five Years of Fandom

The Penny Arcade Forum Halo Clan is bringing cake.

Okay, so they don't have delicious cake, but the crew over at the Penny Arcade Forums are offering up prizes in celebration of their fifth anniversary.  If you want to help them celebrate by submitting your own "awesome" screenshots, hit the jump below to learn how you can participate.  HBO let us know.

Penny Arcade Forums - TBK: Five Year Contest

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In the Dead of Night

Testing out the hardware.

Adam Grumbo over at cooked up some excellent live action footage featuring some custom-crafted ODST gear. He says it was really just a test for his fancy pants low light capable camera, but if you want to try your hand at slapping in some special effects, Adam's made the raw footage available for download.  Thanks to HBO for the link.

Direct Download

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'Oh, Hayabusa!' Halo 3 Noob Song

Gonna take the world by storm.

Louis Wu over at HBO says this is his very most favorite song in the whole wide world.  I think it's okay.  Maybe a bit repetitive.  What do you think?

YouTube - Oh, Hayabusa (Hao 3 Noob Song)

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343 Guilt O' Lantern Results

Pick a winner.

Well if you participated in the voting, you already made your selection.  Either way, see which pumpkin was plucked out of the patch and chosen as this year's winner.  It's kinda like American Idol, only with pumpkins.

Pumpkin Picking - The Results

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Halo 3 Mythic SLASO 2.0 - Sierra 117

The Tyrant returns.

He never really went anywhere, but that's a cool subject line, eh?  Like, imagine that he went away and things went to hell in a hand basket, but now he's back and you know what that means.  Somebody's gonna get their comeuppance.   While you wait for the drama to ensue, check out the Tyrant's updated guide to all things Mythic.  He's made some revisions to his Sierra 117 strats.

HBO - Halo 3 Mythic (SLASO) Walkthrough v2.0 - Sierra 117

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Staten Gets a Shot of Adrenaline

Prepare to podcast.

HBO let us know that Joseph Staten dropped into the Avault Podcast this week to talk about his history with Bungie and give a bit of detail on how the Halo stories are made.  Sounds like your kind of show?  Tune it at the link below.  Joe jumps in at the eleven minute mark.

Adrenaline Vault Podcast Episode #54 - Joseph Staten - Bungie

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Grifball Double EXP Weekend

Catch the disease!

Red vs Blue's contagious Assault-like sport. Catch the disease!

Category: Double EXP Weekend
4 Players Per Team
Max Party Size: 8
Heroic and Mythic 1 Map Packs Required


  • Grifball (55%) - Teams vie over a bomb, attempting to plant and detonate the bomb on the other team's arm point. Players spawn with Gravity Hammers and Energy Swords. Player traits: No grenades,  infinite ammo, 200% damage and no shields. Ball carrier traits: Orange forced color, 2x shields and 150% movement speed. Assault bomb arms instantly, and one successful detonation ends the round. Team with the highest score after five rounds wins. Three minutes per round.
  • Mayan Grifball (20%) - Players have 110% move speed. Ball carrier has 150% move speed.
  • Grifball Up There (15%) - Bomb reset time is 10 seconds.
  • Aerial Grifball (10%) - Players have 75% gravity and 100% move speed. Ball carrier has 50% gravity and 100% move speed. Bomb reset time is 10 seconds.


  • Grifball Court (Foundry) - Variant of Foundry made specifically for Grifball tournament play.
  • The Grif Cave (Sandbox) - Grifball in Sandbox's crypt.
  • Chichen Itza (Sandbox) - Grifball court styled in the fashion of an ancient arena.
  • Ultim8 Grifball (Sandbox) - Get it? With the 8 there, it's like saying  "ultimate." Whoever came up with that should do stand up because they're, like, hilarious and stuff!
  • Grifball High (Sandbox) - Grifball in Sandbox's skybubble.
  • Grifball Naught (Sandbox) - "How did I get into the game before the map?"

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Laird's Child's Play eBay Update!

Tale of the take.

Laird mailed to let us know that his Child's Play eBay Halo Auction (which we told you about earlier this week and last), brought in $2,373.06 in cold, hard, digital cash for charity.  Awesome.  We don't have any links to whisk you away or pretty pictures of the aftermath.  We just thought we'd say thanks for participating.


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Mongoose for Sale

Got nine grand burning a whole in your UNSC-issue pockets?

If you're looking for some Halo-themed toys to tool around in, some folks at HBO found a Mongoose up for sale.  It's $9,000 and it's on Craigslist, so get your parent's permission before you click the link and close the deal.

Real-life Mongoose For Sale

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ReconLIVE's Favorite Files Updated

Bringing great ideas to life.

ReconLIVE returns for round two of their community spotlight.  This time out, they're exploring their custom map variant, Sanction.  Check out what it took to get it constructed and then jump over to Bungie Favorites to see the rest of their week two selections.

Q. Where did the idea for Sanction come from?

A. Construct! We started off with the idea of re-creating the top portion of Construct with the sword area, lobby, and two side rooms. We thought this would turn out to be a pretty interesting, small CTF & Team Slayer map.

Q. How long did it take to recreate?

A. Once we really got down to business, the general layout that we wanted was done in just under two days. We spent a few more days fine tuning the map through community play tests and fixing exploitable spots where you could jump outside of the bases. Good times.

Q. What aspect took you the longest to get just right?

A. Finding a layout that worked and yet was still fun to play on. Our original “finished” version was, quite frankly, terrible. The map had almost zero cover and during an initial match immediately turned into a “run into the middle and throw as many grenades as possible”. After this, we realized the map needed more, so we decided to split the middle and add tunnels under the bases. Surprisingly, everything fit perfectly and worked really well together. We hope the community thinks so as well!

Q. How could Forge be improved?

A. As I’m sure it’s been said before, we’d all love to see some sort of terrain editor. Adding trees, rocks, and everything of that sort would be amazing! It would be also awesome to include decorative type props to spruce the maps up a bit and give them more of a professional feel. It could be little things, such as: adding in power grids, generators, or even throwing in some random cables that we can strew along the ground. Also, adding something along the lines of environmental effects such as rain, snow etc.

Above all, Forge was a great addition to Halo 3 and has given the community, ourselves included, a chance to build upon our great ideas and bring them to life.

If you want to add yourself to ReconLIVE's community, the link to their site is up at the top of this interview.  If you just want to see what they have in store for you inside Bungie Favorites, the link is in this sentence.  Click stuff.  It'll be great!

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