Return of the FanFest Documentary

Return of the FanFest Documentary

Remember that FanFest thing we had back in May? You know.. Bungie and a bunch of fans gathered in Los Angeles to eat, drink and be merry....oh, and Halo 2 and Halo PC were there as well. Ring a bell? You might also recall that 7th Column member MrSmiley was creating a documentary for this special event. A few delays were encountered after the initial trailer and "episode 0" were released but now we're happy to report that the next two installments are ready for viewing! Like a fine wine, the memories of FanFest 2003 improve with age so these videos are actually better now than they would have been a few months ago. Honest!

Here are the links for the original videos as well as the newly released Ep.1 and Ep.2. All files are available in Windows Media and Quicktime format.

(right click 'save as')

FanFest Documentary Trailer

Windows Media

FanFest Documentary - Episode 0

Windows Media

FanFest Documentary - Episode 1

Windows Media

FanFest Documentary - Episode 2

Windows Media

Episodes 3 and 4 will both be released very soon. Stay tuned to or check out Mr. Smiley's Xbox Lounge for more info.

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7th Column Week in Review

7th Column Week in Review

Woohoo! It's the start of a 3 day weekend and the 7th Column mailbag actually has a few letters in it. I know everyone is eager to kick off their holiday weekend so let's get right to it!

Our first bit of mail is from Rambo HALO, who writes:

Sup? I'm Rambo HALO, founder of Halo Hell Raisers and U.S. Amry. These are two of the few Long Island chapters in the 7th Column.Halo Hell Raisers is the oldest of my two chapters,with 200+ members in it,so its obviously a cool chapter. Its loaded with fun databases, heated debates in our forum, and interesting news you wont find anywhere else. And we also have a database that not many other chapters have. We have a Chapter Skit database where we can write down the current events from this chapter or their chapter in comedy form.U.S Army,is a small chapter with lots of room to grow.It only has 14 members, but it will eventually grow into a great 7th Column chapter. Well,i cant think of anything else to say about my chapters,so peace out!

Cool, thanks for the update Rambo. Anyone else have a disturbing vision of Slyvester Stallone running shirtless through Halo shouting bad one liners? A comedic chapter summary sounds interesting...

Next we have a message from SpartanSniper:

If you like Halo and/or Xbox Live, then join Kämpfer. We are looking for members that will be active and play Xbox Live. We mainly play Ghost Recon and Ghost Recon: Island Thunder, but we also play MechAssault, Unreal Championship, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War. And, of course, we will all be playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live when it comes out. If you don't have Xbox Live then just join and talk Halo in the forum.


If we like Halo? Who doesn't like Halo? =) Seriously though, if you're looking for an Xbox Live group to get in with before Halo 2 comes out, this might be the place for you.

Here's an update from Week in Review veteran, Thanatos117:

Hi, Thanatos 117 here who is the founder of Death's Head Legion. I'm giving an update for all you Seventh Column Week Review fans of my chapter. Although an update has been in the works for the last couple of weeks for the chapter new ideas are coming in and with the population growing I'm needing them to get things organized! My militaristic style chapter is going to grow to have new features that will help me out a lot. Having 300 members and people constantly doing things to raise their ranks getting pretty tough now. I'm coming up with new departments that will get ranks updated around almost every half hour and departments that will organize my troops.

I'm going to need it because since I have 300 people with specialties and wanting to have some fun with them I'm going to make a new department that will create and organize missions online so that way everyone is not as bored. It's going to take a long while but I'll make sure that it's done sometime soon. This kinda thing also takes good active people so if you got what it takes to be a very dedicated member of Death's Head Legion then let me know cause I could use anyone who is up for the challenge.

-Thanatos 117

Wow, DHL is up to 300 members already. Sweet! It sounds like a lot is happening over there so if you've got the time and interest to lend a hand, stop by and say hello.

Next up is Syzygy with an update on htis chapter, Ground Zero:

Hello again! It's been a while since I've done a WIR,
but I found time to write up an update for Ground Zero.

First off, the Halo PC Tourney has been pushed back a week to Oct. 11th instead of Oct. 4th. The reason for the date change is because I want to make sure everything is set up and perfect for the event, and we may need time to make sure it's ready. Second, the chapter's look has been updated; new theme, new motto, new greeting message, and new poll. We need members for events, and I'm still recruiting for staff, so come and join up and just ask if you want to be staff. That's about it so I'll see you next week! Thanks for reading!


Looking for your first Halo PC tournament? Head on over to Ground Zero and check out their chapter and the upcoming tourney. Thanks for the update!

Moving right along... Next we've got a message from masterchief116:

This is masterchief116 from the power surge chapter. We haven't been up to much lately mainly because "we" is actually I. Before I give this chapter up I want to extend an open hand to anyone in or near the Marion, Ohio area that eats, breathes, and possibly drinks and sleeps Halo. Plus I really need to practice against a real challenge (I now know why 12 year olds aren't much fun). Reply to:

Help a brother out. If you're in the Ohio area and can lend a hand to resusitate this chapter, stop on by and check em out.

And finally, we've got one last bit of news, this one just barely squeeking in before we go live...

In our chapter (HaloNorge) we have been planning the big thing for us, a HUGE LAN...
Well for you American guys this is proberly just an average, but we up north think 20 people are a lot...

And as always our chapter is open for any Norwegian, so why dont you join?
If you and your mates have a clan, you can enter it into our clan databases and we can profile you for the rest of Norway!

So if you are not already a member, join up now, and see for yourself Scandinavias biggest Halo Chapter as far is i know... (and I have been looking)
And everyone living in Norway who has the possibility to come to Fredrikstad the 19.-20. of september are welcome to our BIG LAN!

Thats all for this time, but we will be up with more in the following weeks!
But bye for now fellow Halo players!

Øby, founder of HaloNorge

It's always great to get updats from the other side of the globe. If I was Norwegian I'd join HaloNorge! Keep up the good work 0by, the 7th Column needs a strong presence throughout Scandanavia.

And that's a wrap! Thanks to those who shared news with us this week and remember to send in your updates for the next Week in Review. Tell us what you and your chapter are up to! Send your news to

Enjoy the weekend!

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7th Column Week in Review

7th Column Week in Review

Things are quiet. Too quiet. Either everyone is extremely busy, working behind the scenes to build up the 7th Column ranks, or perhaps this new virus that's going around has blocked all of your mail. Either way, the mail bag hasn't been this slow since.. well.. I've never seen it this slow.

Last week we had a whopping 3 pieces of mail in the ole' inbox. Guess what? It's a week later and we still have only three. Apologies to the chapters who did submit news last week. In retrospect at least your messages should have been posted but I was hoping that perhaps with more time, more chapters would send in an update. Alas that didn't happen and even after a full 2 week's we've only got 3 pieces of mail to share. I pledge to maintain the Week in Review but only as long as there are chapters willing to share their latest happenings with the rest of the Column.

Ok enough of all that. Let's move on to the letters we DID receive...

Our first bit of mail is from Banshee Buster who writes:

hey guys Banshee Buster here

Do you love active camoflage? Do you love killing others by cracking them one in the back? do you love sneaking into the enemy base and letting loose with a shotgun or rocket launcher? well if the answer is YES to one or more of these questions then come on over and join the Phantom Assassins!
We are a new chapter looking for experianced players of all types and if possible, people from pert, australia.
But thats not all. If you are considering joining then listen to this - the first 10 to 15 people become staff and the first 5 become squad leaders! well come on over to Phantom Assasins now!

I eagerly await your reponses.

-Banshee Buster

Cool. Who doesn't love a good silent but deadly stealth kill? Check out this new chapter if you want to get in the action and possibly be a staff member.

Next up is Spartan-010 who sent in the following message:

Hey its Spartan-010 again, me and Stillts have been trying to get LANs going in Connecticut. Our main problem is finding 7th Column members that are from Connecticut. So we were hoping some CT resident would read this and would join the Spartans of Halo, any one and every one can join, but the main goal of this message is to get CT locals. Right now we have about four people that are from CT and are willing to have LANs, and once we get about eight, we will start having LANs. We have three goals as of right now, number one is to get more CT residents, number two is to find a place to rent so we can have the LANs there, and number three is to find a sponsor. If you can help us with any of those goals, please join the Spartans of Halo or contact me and Stillts.

If you live in the Connecticut area and are looking for some LAN action, stop by Spartan's chapter and say hello.

And finally, we have our last piece of mail which is from Toolman:

The deposit has been paid and the dates set for the Round Table Halo Tournament in Indianapolis, IN! It will be held at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis on November 15 & 16, 2003!

For those who may not already know, this will be a 4-man TEAM and FFA (free for all) event with room for 48 teams. Registration is now OPEN>, so take a moment to sign-up while you're here! A tentative list of gametypes has also been posted on our page. Please feel free to take a look and give us some feedback on the forums.

An hour-by-hour schedule for the event will also be posted *shortly*. In the meantime, get out those controllers, call up your buddies, and starting making travel plans for the city of Indianapolis! And be sure to check back regularly for updates and recent developments. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Round Table Orginazation
Round Table Tournament Site

PS. Please bear with us as we are still in the process of moving information from our page to our Tournament Site, so it may not look too pretty right now.

Wow! This sounds like a sweet event. If you live anywhere near Indianapolis, it's time to start practicing. Stop by their chapter for more info. These are the types of mail we love to receive - chapters getting active and organizing cool things for other members of the 7th Column.

Well that's it. Short and sweet I guess. The Column is still growing at a rate of about 50 to 75 new chapters a week so I know there are people out there. Send us a mail and let us know what your chapter has been up to! Send your Week in Review material to

Also, if you have suggestions or ideas about how we can improve the Week in Review and get things going again, I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time...

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Fresh Themes

Fresh Themes

Want a fresh new look for your chapter? If the existing 27 themes weren't enough for you, we've just added four new ones. "H2" is a great Halo 2 theme submitted by Qbix, who also happens to be the creator of "Legendary" which was the 1st place winner in the theme contest held earlier this year. "Thieves in the Night", submitted by Strykerman, features Master Chief and some animated Xbox goodness. It happens to be named the same as his Chapter but it's a good overall theme that anyone can enjoy.

The last two themes were actually created by the two newest people to join the Bungie team. Claire was recently brought on board to help with the development of the new and improved In her spare time, she whipped up "Shotguns" while trying to better familiarize herself with our systems.

The final theme, "Euphoria Station", was created by Zoe, our new artist/graphic designer who just started this week. Zoe will be working with mehve to make sure the new looks and "feels" incredible.

You can see a snapshot of all four new themes by clicking on these links:

A huge thanks goes out to all four of these folks for taking the time to make the 7th Column a better looking place for us all. If you want to take a crack at creating a theme, download the theme builder and get to work. Once you've got it looking great, send it to and if we like it, we'll add it to the Column!

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7th Column Mail is Back

7th Column Mail is Back

The email alias for 7th Column News submissions is now back up and running. Please send your news for the Week in Review to Tell us what you and your chapter have been up to!

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7th Column News

7th Column News

Unfortunately it appears that the email alias for 7th Column News submissions ( is out of service. We don't know exactly how long it's been down but it appears that no new mail has gotten through in at least the past week. If you've got news for the 7th Column Week in Review, please hold onto it for the time being. We'll let you know as soon as the email address is working again. Thanks.

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What do you think?

What do you think?

Behind the scenes at Bungie HQ, we're working on our secret plans for the future of With Halo PC and Halo 2 both offering online play along with our already impressive growth, the future possibilities are very exciting. As we continue to outline our own plans, I wanted to ask for feedback from you, our loyal Community. After all, this site is built for and used by YOU.

Here's how you can help - Send us your comments and feedback on the current version of and the 7th Column. To help keep things focused, please answer the following questions in addition to anything else you'd like to add:

1. What do you like the most about What do you like the least?

2. What features do you like? What content do you like?

note: Features are things like forums, messaging, etc.. Content refers to actual pages such as screenshots, FAQs, etc..

3. Are you a founder or member of a 7th Column Chapter? (if no, you can skip the next question)

4. Please put the following 7th Column features in order, ranked highest to lowest, with the highest feature being the one you use the most and find the most valuable/necessary.

  • Forums
  • Events Calendar
  • News System
  • Chapter Databases
  • Themes
  • Polls

5. What types of new CONTENT would you like to see? i.e. Halo character biographies, backstory information, Bungie employee bios, etc...

6. What types of new FEATURES would you like to see?

Please feel free to add anything else to this that you'd like to pass along!

Once you've got your thoughts together, please put them into an email and send them to:

The window of opportunity is short, please have your feedback submitted by 7/14. That's one week.

As a special bonus, anyone who submits a legitimate response will be entered into a random drawing to win prizes. "Legitimate" responses are those that actually address the questions above and provide useful feedback. Only responses received by 7/14 will be included in the prize drawing. "Winners" will be chosen completely at random and have nothing to do with whether or not you give a glowing review or rip it aprt. Also, you may remain anonymous, just make sure your email is valid so we can notify you if you win.

Yes, this is a shameful way of bribing you to help us. =)

Thanks for your patronage at and we look forward to creating an even richer online world for our Community to grow and prosper.

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FanFest 2003 T-Shirts Available

FanFest 2003 T-Shirts Available

The Official FanFest 2003 t-shirt was recently added to the Bungie Store for your purchasing pleasure. There were only a limited amount left over from the event so if you want one, act quickly. When they're gone, they're gone!

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FanFest Documentary - Update

FanFest Documentary - Update

As I mentioned in the FanFest Flashback story, a full blown documentary is in the works from Mr.Smiley. He and his team are still working their magic on the hours of footage they captured but they recently finished 'Episode 0' which pays tribute to the famed RedvsBlue series and hints at what's to come.

A Windows Media and Quicktime version is available. (Right click, 'save as') Check it out!

Episode One should be released very soon. Stay tuned.

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Freshen up your Chapter

Freshen up your Chapter

We've got two new themes for all you Founders out there who are looking to spice up the visuals in your Chapter. A big shout out goes to gholsbane for the "Warrior" theme and to poenadare for "Revolution." (Better late than never, right guys? =) If you've got an idea for a theme that's worthy of the 7th Column, download the theme builder and get to work! If is passes our rigorous inspection process we'll add it to the list of official 7th Column Themes!

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FanFest Flashback - Part 2

FanFest Flashback - Part 2

Read Full Top Story

Community 6/10/2003 10:05 AM PDT

FanFest Flashback - Part I

FanFest Flashback - Part I

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FanFest Q&A Transcript

FanFest Q&A Transcript

At this year's FanFest, some of the guys took center stage to answer your questions about Halo, Halo 2 and the Bungie way. I had the pleasure of moderating the chat which consisted of pre-collected online submissions and live attendee questions. Our friends over at have finished the transcript of this discussion and it's now available for your enjoyment. Go check it out!

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OXM Fanfest Report

OXM Fanfest Report

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Bungie Trivia Masters Revealed!

Bungie Trivia Masters Revealed!

As you know, we had two Bungie trivia contests this year. One was held live at FanFest last Thursday and the other was hosted online over at HBO. The online version was substantially harder but the FanFest contestants had the added pressure of a live audience and the blazing spotlights. Who would win the title of Trivia Champion? Read on for the details and the final results...

The FanFest Challenge

The FanFest trivia challenge faced off 11 contestants in a double elimination multiple choice competition. After about a dozen questions, all read by Jen Taylor - the voice of Cortana, there were only two people left. Each contestant had one strike against them and it all came down to one answer. The final question appeared on screen - "Which Bungie employee lives the alter ego of Danger Boy ?" If you're a regular of, you should immediately remember an interview a while back with our own Chris Carney, aka Danger Boy. Both guys picked a different choice and we knew that one of them would emerge the champion. In the end, it was Djof who answered correctly and was crowned the Bungie FanFest 2003 Trivia Champion! Congratulations to Djof on a job well done!

The HBO Challenge

Over at HBO, several hundred of you registered and took the test but only one can take the title of Trivia Master. This year's online version was brutally tough with the vast majority failing to get even a 50% score. Special thanks goes out to poenadare and company for their help in providing some of these tough questions. The test was closed and the scores were tallied and one man emerged victorious over all others. That man is... Thomas Langdon! Way to go Thomas! Even though he got first place, he scraped by with 36/49 correct answers. It's particularly impressive to note that Thomas beat out our own Evil Otto who got 32/49 correct. In recognition of this accomplishment, Thomas will receive a nifty Bungie prize pack as well as one of the new upcoming colored Xbox controllers.

Thanks to everyone who entered and be sure to read and study your Bungie lore... you never know when you'll have a chance to show off your Bungie trivia knowledge!

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FanFest Follow-Up

FanFest Follow-Up

We're back at home now doing our best to recouperate and regroup from what turned out to be a truly incredible week. Unfortunately our plans for instant online updates proved to not be feasible but I'll be posting a comprehensive write up from my perspective of both FanFest and E3. In the meantime, if you haven't already, you really should go check out the E3/FanFest area at HBO. They've started uploading the first of their pics already with loads more to come. Stay tuned...

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FanFest Reports

FanFest Reports

Reports from last night's FanFest are starting to trickle in. I found this one from Shishka and this one from Skeletor (that includes some pics), both at the HBO forum.

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The Big Day

The Big Day

Today's the big day! FanFest is only a few hours away, the Halo 2 Theater continues it's "Shock and Awe" assault on the E3 masses and Halo PC is consistently drawing in big crowds. Things have been really hectic out here in LA and we regret we haven't been able to keep the news flowing like we planned but we'll make it up to you when we return with the full inside scoop on everything that's been happening! In the meantime, be sure to head over to HBO to take the online Bungie Trivia contest and don't miss out on the limited time 15% discount being offered at the Bungie Store

I trust everyone has googled and drooled over our 6 gorgeous Halo 2 screenshots but stay tuned, we've got one more - a exclusive, that we'll be releasing later today.

Lastly, for all of you webcam followers, our live broadcast from FanFest is starting to look bleak. Several technical hurdles look to thwart our plans. If Achronos can work his magic, you might see some action starting around 7 PM, PST. If not, we'll do our best to take a ton of photos and video clips so we can share them with you all when we return.

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Test your Bungie IQ

Test your Bungie IQ

Our friends over at are joining forces to host this year's online version of the Bungie Trivia Contest. Head over to their site tomorrow, Thursday 5/15, and put your Bungie knowledge to the test! This contest is in conjunction with FanFest so it won't be up for long! Head over to HBO and see how you measure up! The winner will get a sweet Bungie prize pack.

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Chapter Spotlight : CobaltNova

Chapter Spotlight : CobaltNova

The latest chapter to step into the 7th Column Spotlight is the Arizona based group known as CobaltNova. These guys are leading the charge with an enormous amount of Halo LAN events including the upcoming $1,000 Running Riot Invitational 3.

I took a few minutes to talk with the founder, emildux, about the chapter and their secrets of success.

What makes CobaltNova unique and successful?

We have a lunatic (me) on our staff who enjoys writing and summarizing all of our events in an amusing format. Right now we have over 30 stories amounting to more than 37,000 words.

We also happen to have a member (me) on the iGames Player's Council and we've opened up a channel between the council and the masses so that their favorite games are picked.

Finally, we host quarterly $1,000 - $2,500 interstate invitiationals and make sure that EVERY SINGLE potential detail is decided upon ahead of time.

To say that CobaltNova is involved with LAN parties is somewhat of an understatement. These guys have been involved with over 21 Halo LAN events since August 02 including some with serious cash prizes. The upcoming Running Riot Invitational 3 carries a $1,000 purse and they're hard at work on a potential event for August that might be as high as $5,000.

I believe our chapter's databases and stories make us unique but they are only the visible manifestations of the true force: enjoying each other's company at LAN's. Good time, good people, and keeping
an honest record of our adventures.

Check out their Event Summaries database to read up on all of their past adventures.

There are plenty of things that we do that other chapters do as well. Perhaps we simply catalog them better but it's something that every chapter could pick up on and do themselves or improve upon.

A few general rules we live by are:
- Host/attend LAN parties on a monthly basis with both material prizes and personal self-confidence on the line.

- Rank the players and teams that attend our LAN parties in a database

- Use the formatting and database tools over and over until we achieve a look that is aesthetically pleasing

- Go out of our way to make sure that humor and irreverence are present in any of our communications and databases.

What advice would you give to other chapters?

1. Hold LAN parties or attend them and then write about them! Not just what the score was but develop and actual story. Not attending LAN parties makes for a boring chapter.

2. Go out of your way to invite new people to attend your LAN parties.

3. Partner with neighboring chapters in your state.

4. Copy what other chapters are doing very well. In my case it was Haloid and Front Range Company 7

Thanks emildux and CobaltNova for setting a great example for the rest of the 7th Column and helping to spread the LAN love to the masses! I'm sure we'll be hearing more from these guys as we get closer to their next big event.

Remember to share news and events from your chapter by dropping a line to the 7th Column Mailbag

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Seventh Column Week in Review

Seventh Column Week in Review

It's that time of the week again...time to sort through the spam and see what's new with the 7th Column. Come with me as I take my virgin journey into the depths of the mailbag to uncover the latest happenings...

To kick things off, WRATHofGOD18 from NeedMoreAmmo writes:

There is a new Indiana Halo chapter called 'NeedMoreAmmo' that you should check out. The chapter is active with new polls daily, frequent news, weekly articles, and a different twist- we have weekly Devotional news posts, as well as a Devotional database archive. A little divine intervention never hurts.

We have a big event coming in June, it will be in the Indianapolis area. We have 32 spots open for the Event- you can find all the info on our site! Come join!

Head on over and check out the chapter and if you're in the Indiana vicinity, get signed up for their upcoming event.

The fellas from Down Under have been extra busy lately with THREE news reports coming in. The first is from Loco X who writes:

I know what you're thinking - news has been a little slow from the big sunny island down south. Things in Australia seem a little quiet of late. You may even say, a little TOO quiet. If you're a conspiracy theorist (and let's face it, who in the Bungieverse isn't?), that usually means something's going on.

Well Spooky Mulder, in this case you'd be bang on, cause things have been crazy behind the scenes at Kindred for quite some time now. A number of plane flights, some excited meetings and a stack of frequent flier points later, I'm happy to announce that the Sydney X-LAN events will be underway in less than a week! For those that haven't been keeping up with recent events, Kindred and Team FUBAR have joined forces to establish Australia's first ever permanent X-LAN venue set up, based in the Sydney CBD at a newly opened Cafe.

We're talking mega hardware, crazy prizes and regular adrenalin packed Halo fuelled LAN fest that will impress even the most seasoned of Bungie gamers! A preliminary VIP event kicks off this Friday (ANZAC Day for the Aussies and Kiwis) and public events will be underway in the following weeks. What would you love to see at our events? Game promos? Movie teasers? Life size inflatable Master Chiefs? Stop by, sign up and be heard. Check out Kindred and Team FUBAR ASAP peeps, as the action is just getting started. Told ya it would be one h3ll of a ride!

As you can see, big things are happening down there and these guys always have cool stuff up their sleeves. Even if you don't live in Australia, check out their chapters for some great content.

Our second blurb from the other side of the globe comes to us from Fungus Mungus who says:

Boyakasha to Interland people. There has been some big developments in the Australian front in the last week. Xybercide has finally surpassed Crocodile Bungie as the largest Australian Chapter. They worked hard
for the title, but the Crocs are only two members away. We also had one of the biggest LAN's in our history with
the four predominant Adelaide Chapters doing battle.

Crocodile Bungie, Blades of Wrath, Xybercide and The Zephers of Zen, were involved in some massive 16 player battles. It also saw an introduction of a new game type by "The Blades" pedantic leader Solvent. He introduced "5 lives" games which made the adrenaline pump and the heart race.

Also, on The Blades of Wrath World Domination effort we have just purchased our orbital space station and are at geo-synchronous orbit above Adelaide. We soon plan to destroy street signs and steal everyones left shoe to prevent them from going outside and hence making them more dependent on video games like Halo.

Here are the Links for the different chapters:

Blades of Wrath

Crocodile Bungie


Once again, if you haven't been to these chapters you really owe it to yourself to check them out. These guys are consistently some of the most active members out there and they really know how to run a great chapter.

Where's the domestic action these days? We gotta represent people!

Our last message is from Prowler3, of The Eliminators.

It may seen like im writing this week for no reason, but that is NOT the case! This week has been a great week for my chapter, I was away for this week and was amazed at the little things that happen. Not only has our newest staff member -FUSION- settled in but membership has inflated like a balloon! Im sure its due to the great features on my chapter (im not always modest!). Remember, you must be a member to get the voting and information priveledges! SO JOIN the now, LARGEST non-LAN chapter in sydney and the 3rd largest overall!

So there you have it... I've hit the bottom of the barrel and there's nothing left. That wasn't so bad for my first outting though I had hoped for a little more action.

Australia was clearly the place to be this week. I'm sure there's been a lot more happening out there with the rest of you so don't be shy. Send your news to And as always, it makes our lives so much easier if you take a little extra time to properly mark up your submissions. ;)

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World Domination with Style

World Domination with Style

The latest piece of the 7th Column uniform is now availabe in the Bungie Store! This new knit cap will keep you warm and stylish as we continue our march towards world domination.

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FanFest Update

FanFest Update

FanFest is just around the corner and the initial response has been overwhelming! We hit our limit of 200 registered attendees in a mere handful of days. The official registration page is closed to further entries but there is still hope for those of you who didn't make it in time.

If you were among the lucky 200 who signed up first, you should have already recevied a confirmation email to the address you provided. In addition, there is a current list of all the confirmed attendess posted at the FanFest Chapter. A few of you have email addresses that did not work and/or you did not provide the necessary information. This needs to be cleared up by Monday, 4/14 or you risk losing your spot.

If you missed the 200 person cutoff, you are still in luck. Inevitably there will be people who drop out and as spots become available, I will be adding people to list in the order that they signed up.

Anyone is also free to simply show up at the event. All confirmed registered attendees will be admitted first but anyone who is not there by 7:30 PM will lose their spot and we will start letting in people from the line. In addition, as people leave throughout the night, we will allow others to enter. So, don't despair - show up at the convention center early and there's a good chance that you'll get in at some point during the evening.

If you have more questions or need more information, please check out the Bungie FanFest 2003 Chapter listed above. There is an ongoing Q&A resource and a dedicated forum to talk with FanFest staff and attendees.

Thanks again to everyone for the strong support for this year's event and we look forward to seeing you all in LA!

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Change of Scenery

Change of Scenery

7th Column chapters rejoice! We've got three brand spankin new themes available courtesy of our pal poena.dare #CP# >BS< .

Both "Pathways" and "Dossiers & Memories" pay tribute to the old Bungie classic, Pathways to Darkness. The third, "First and Last", features our hero Master Chief and the Covenant attack on Earth. All three can now be selected from the "Group Settings" menu within your chapter. So what are you waiting for? Go check em out!

Thanks again to poena.dare and his chapter, Swift Hands of God.

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Halo 3 Man Fandango (updated)

Halo 3 Man Fandango (updated)

The latest contest has arrived and we're looking for the best Halo gametype variants for a 3 person match. Time to dig through your chapter databases and see if you have what it takes.

The Halo 3 Man Fandango Contest

As the name implies, (sort of), this contest is about creating the ultimate custom gametype suitable for a 3 person match. While many of us enjoy a good LAN match and even some one on one, three player games are often hard to come by. That's where you come in. We're calling on all chapters to submit their best custom gametype for Bungie and the Community to crown the "King of all 3 player games."

This contest is only open to 7th Column chapters and each chapter is only allowed to submit ONE entry. It will be critical that you coordinate with your chapter before you post your entry. If a chapter submits more than one then they will be disqualified. You only have one shot, make it count! Once all the entries are received, we will narrow down the list to the top 7. Bungie will pick their favorite and the community will also be asked to vote on their favorite. The winning chapter(s) and game variants will be immortalized throughout the world of Halo as THE best gametype for a 3 person match.

Since we're dealing with entire chapters, prizes are not exactly feasible. However, the winning Chapter will get great exposure, recognition and most importantly - bragging rights throughout the Column.

Here are the details and official rules, please read them carefully:

1. Gametype variant must be for a 3 person SINGLE XBOX game.

2. The contest begins on Tuesday, March 18 and runs through Sunday, March 30. All entries must be received by midnight on 3/30.

3. The contest is only open to 7th Column chapters

4. Each chapter can ONLY submit ONE entry. Exceeding this WILL result in disqualification.

5. Chapters should enter their gametypes into the official 3 Man Fandango Database
ENTER YOUR CHAPTER NAME IN THE "NAME" FIELD. You can put the actual name for your custom game in the "DESCRIPTION" area. Any entries that don't have the Chapter name clearly listed in the Name field will not be considered valid.

6. All entries will be judged on the following criteria:
* FUN FACTOR (it should be fun for 3 players of comparable skill level)
* Originality
* Ease of Use (it has to be something that others can set up without too much hassle).

7. Bungie will narrow down the list to the TOP 7

8. From the Top 7, there will be two winners. First, the Community will have a chance to vote on which gametype they like the most. This will be the "People's Choice" winner. Second, Bungie will play through the Top 7 and pick the "Bungie's Choice" winner.

9. In the event that the same entry is submitted by different chapters (i.e. the exact same settings), whomever submits it first will be given credit.

Remember, the overall point of this contest is to identify some really fun and cool three player game modes! There are no tangible prizes, just the pride and recognition that comes from having your gametype adopted by Bungie and the Community.

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