Containment 3D Screenshot!

Updates about updates are good an all, but what about those of you that want to see more free map magic?

Updates about updates are good an all, but what about those of you that want to see more free map magic? Shish's here to help you out. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this 3d screenshot is worth 100,000 words. Eat that, Frankie! What you're seeing here is Containment, one of the two maps to be released for free. Last week, we showed you [url=]Warlock[/url], so this week we figured we'd show you the other free map! So what's happening, here? Well, agdTinman and Sketch thought they were making the perfect flag run. They threw the switch, took out everyone in the base with gauss fire, grabbed the flag, and was back out before the gate had time to close. However, Shishka had a plan. Well, no I didn't. What I did have, though was a Scorpion. And with that, I taught Sketch and Tinman about Containment's own special brand of pink death- the large land mines scattered about the level. This is a 3d screenshot, and as with all previous screenshots, you'll need to have [url=]Quicktime[/url] installed. So, then, what are you waiting for? [url=]Click here[/url] and see Tinman and Sketch's untimely deaths, frozen in time forever.

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Halo 2 Tourney Weekly Roundup

Whoa. We just got a ton of Halo 2 tourney news submissions. Instead of approving them all and having a thousand halo 2 tourney posts cluttering our news I decided to consolidate them all into a single news post. Enjoy. I'll do this again next week if enough Halo 2 tourneys are [url=]submitted[/url] to News.

Additionally, I'm thinking about doing something similar with bungie related webcomics. [url=]Submit[/url] your webcomic's url and a short description to news if you'd like to see it featured on in somekind of weekly webcomic roundup. [b]Online Tournaments:[/b] [i][url=]HardcoreXBL[/url][/i] writes: Gamers! Hear me! Storm Gaming Ladders([url][/url]) and The Clan Wars come together to present the Halo 2 Rumble Slayer 1v1 Tournament! A cash prize is offered to the winner! Signup information can be found here: [url][/url] The Tourney Rules can be found here: [url][/url] Any questions? email: IM: stormgaming(AIM) stormgaming(YIM) Good luck! Daniel "Hardcore" Stull Storm Gaming Ladder ================================== [i][url=]IcemanLeigh[/url] writes:[/i] All UK Gamers who are sick of the latency and lag that we are constantly stuck with... There is a solution. Join [url][/url] is a site for UK players only who are looking to avoid the latency and lag probelms by playing other Halo 2 players from the UK. It is a site set up by UK gamers for UK gamers and runs mini tournaments and also an up and coming clan league. So if your from the UK and want to play other gamers from the UK check out [url][/url] ================================== [i][url=]icky icky stiky writes:[/url][/i] [url=]We are Larger Then Live![/url], a community dedicated to online tournaments and gamers. We host free weekly tournaments of all kinds; MLG, CTF's, KOTH, Snipes, Halo 6, Wild Wild West, and Pit Style games are just some of the types we enjoy doing. We have referees that host every match to ensure a cheat free enviornment, so come check us out. Registration is free. Once you are registered, feel free to sign up for any of our tournaments that you wish to play in. [url][/url] Any questions? Feel free to contact us at: email: Admins: InsanePatient, icky icky stiky, STICKEYGREENS [b]Offline(lan) Tourneys:[/b] [url=]EnigmaElk[/url] emailed me and told me about a Halo 2 tournament he's running at University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Check out his [url=]website[/url] for more details. ================================== [i][url=]CyberHub Troy[/url] writes:[/i] Halo 2 Tournament 2v2 With cash and prizes for first 3 teams. This Sunday, April 17th starting at 12noon. CyberHub 8726 New Falls Road Levittown, PA 19057 215-946-2788 Open 2pm - 2am 8 Xboxs System linked and online for insane gaming! [url][/url] Only 25.00 per person and tons of give aways! All day event Sunday. Well that's it for this weeks edition. Don't forget to update us with details of what happened during your tournaments, guys!

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NSCS is now on Halo.Bungie.Org!

Overswarm's [url=]Not So Common Sense guide[/url] has now moved to [url=]HBO[/url], and new stuff is going to be added every few days!

Expect training videos, new articles, additions to the old articles, interviews with top players, video commentary, matchmaking strategies, and much more. What better place for it than HBO? [url=][/url]

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Red vs Blue

Episode 54 released!!!!!!!!!

Ok the great guys at [url=]Red vs Blue[/url] have brought us the 54th episode [url=]"My Name Is Andrew"[/url]. Go check out the this great episode at [url=][/url] or go to [url=]links here[/url] at Bungie and click on Red vs Blue.

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Stranger vs. Master Chief

Stuffo has decided to pit them against each other. The Master Chief vs. The Stranger.

I was recently over at Stuffo learning about Dr. Pepper and Lando Calrissian when I noticed a picture of MC. I then discovered that Stuffo has decided to have a face of between The Stranger and The Master Chief. Definitely check it out, it's an interesting article. Here's the Link: [url][/url]

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Warlock 3D!

Remember those cool 3D "screenshots" we released leading up to November 9th? They're baaaack... Check out the carnage captured from a game on Warlock, one of the new upcoming maps for Halo 2. Details inside.

Through the marvels of technology (and the fine folks at Quicktime) we're able to capture screenshots that actually allow you to pan and rotate the scene. In this shot, I'm on the receiving end of Shishka's grenade as I put a few needles into AGDTinMan. Warlock is one of the first new maps coming for Halo 2 and will be released for free later this month. Inspired by Wizard from Halo 1, Warlock is a symmetrical arena-type map that offers intense fast paced action. You will need Quicktime installed on your machine to view this file. You can download a free copy of Quicktime [url=]HERE.[/url] Once you're all set, you can view the 3D screenshot of Warlock by clicking [url=/images/games/halo2/screenshots/]HERE.[/url] Use your mouse to rotate the camera around the action, catching a glimpse at Warlock in the process. ** Please note - the file itself is roughly 2mb. Due to size and heavy traffic, the screenshot may not be immediately available when you try to view it. If not, please try again later. You can also right-click the link and "save as" to store a copy on your local computer. Stay tuned to for more info about all of the upcoming Halo 2 multiplayer maps!

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Playlist Feedback

Calling all Live players! We need some more feedback from you as we finish up the final details for our next playlist update. You can read more about it and share your ideas over in the [url=]Optimatch Forum.[/url]

We're nearly finished with the next playlist update and it's just around the corner. As part of the update, we'll be adding a new 2v2 playlist in addition to a number of tweaks to what's already there. We're asking for feedback on what 2v2 gametypes you enjoy and also what you think this new playlist should be called. You can share your opinions in this [url=]Forum Thread.[/url] We're also looking for your suggestions and ideas to help improve the existing Head to Head playlist. While plenty of people enjoy it, overall it is the least played and least enjoyed playlist we have. Share your Head to Head ideas in this [url=]Forum Thread[/url]. And, if you haven't already, be sure to stop by the [url=]Voting Booth[/url] Forum to chime in on a number of Halo 2 polls.

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Are You the Ultimate Halo Freak? wants to know. The good people at [url=][/url] are currently hunting for the biggest Halo freak in the United States, and offering up a huge suite of cool goodies to the winner.

Although, it does seem that if you were the ultimate Halo freak, you'd already have those...but that's beside the point! If you're [url=]the Ultimate Halo Freak[/url] you'll want two of everything! [url=]Go enter now![/url]

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Halo 3 Wishlist

Although Halo 3 itself is simply part of a wishlist, [url=][/url] has come up with a cool list of stuff it would like to see in Halo 3, should it ever appear. [url=]The List[/url] includes weapons, vehicles and features, some old, some novel.

[url=]Go check it out now.[/url]

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Halo.Bungie.Org Creator on VidGame Violence

Longtime Bungie community activist and all-round superguy, Claude Errera of [url=]Halo.Bungie.Org[/url] is interviewed by [url=]CBS News[/url] about video game violence and its effect on teens, tweens and the like [url=]here.[/url]

His controversial views (such as, "parents should be repsonsible for their children") and unorthodox method of answering questions (thoughtfully providing well-researched and honest answers) may strike horror into some, joy into others, but it's a good read nonetheless.

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Wrapped in Canadian Bacon

Canadian gamers can now eneter the [url=]worldwide Xbox Live Halo 2 Championships[/url] to prove their mettle, represent their awesome country and hopefully bring glory home to their frozen Kingdom to the North.

The [url=]Championships[/url] will be held in slightly different formats for each competing region, and for our Poutine-munching friends to the North, that means they get to pay on movie theater screens! [url=]Check it out![/url]

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Rental Mental!

Halo 2 is popular with the rental crowd! GameFly, the online game rental service, announced its "Q" awards, named after the service's "GameQ" queue system. Halo 2 won Favorite Xbox Game, Favorite Shooter Game and Favorite Game overall when the awards were announced today at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Woot!

You can read all about the other excellent games and winners [url=]here.[/url]

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Bungie Inducted into the Walk of Game

As of 5:30 this evening, Bungie was inducted into the [url=]"Walk of Game"[/url] a sort of video game version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and we were in good company. This evening, we joined the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog, Nolan Bushnell and Shigeru Miyamoto, which is company we're literally humbled to be included in.

You can read more details about the [url=]Walk of Game[/url] right [url=]here[/url] .

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Halo 2 Tournament with cash prize in Orlando, Fl.

Any one who lives in the Orlando, Fl area. A Halo 2 tournaments is being held at Boone High School. It is $5 admission to play all day of games then $5 per tournament. First Place gets at least 20% of the pot. We are expecting over 300 people in this. Up to $250 to first place. prizes to 2nd and 3rd as well. All who wish to be in the Halo tournament must be there by NOON.

The Drama Club of Boone High School of Orlando, Fl is hosting a game day for anyone who loves to play games. At this game day you pay $5 to get into it and play unlimited games with friends on many consoles and have the chane to enter into some big tournaments, the biggest out of all of these would be the Halo 2 tournament. There are huge prizes going out to 1st through 3rd place. First place has a chance to win a portion of the pot up to $250 paid in cash. Any tournament costs $5 to enter and then if you are eliminated you can do a one time re-enter for the fee of another $5. We are using a giant projector screen, along with over 30 other tv's for free play and tournament gaming. This is not something you want to miss out on. We will also be providing consessions for a minimal price. Come out and play and hopefully walk away with a pocket filled with cash. Boone High School's Adress: 2000 S. Mills Ave. Orlando Fl 32806 any questions please reply or eamil me at

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Aussie Xbox Charity Blast

[url=]Aussie Xbox[/url], held a magnificent charity bash in the land down under, to help raise money for the victims of the Tsunami Disaster, so good fun was had for a good cause on the 12th of February at Microsoft's Sydney HQ.

The event was a Halo 2 tournament, with prizes donated by Logitech, Netgear and of course Xbox. You can read the full results and see pictures from the event at [url=]Aussie Xbox[/url], and even get a feel for Antipodean Xbox antics.

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Voting Booth Needs Your Input

A few new polls and plenty of old ones are still waiting for your feedback over in our [url=]Voting Booth[/url]. Share your opinions on everything from potential playlist adjustments to your favorite weapons. Rock the vote and be heard!

The [url=]Voting Booth[/url] is filling up with loads of polls and chances for you to share your opinions with the Bungie team. A few new polls have been added that deal with the Xbox Live Matchmaking playlists: How do you feel about [url=]Random Weapons[/url] ? What are your thoughts on [url=]Single Weapon Variants[/url] ? (i.e. snipers only, shotguns, etc..) Do you like [url=]Random Vehicles?[/url] Chime in on these and many other thought provoking topics over the Voting Booth! And, for even more chances to share your opinions and help further improve the Live experience, check out this latest post over in the [url=]Optimatch Forum[/url]. The question of the week - what starting weapons would you change if you could?

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Stats Back Online

Sorry about the extended downtime. Stats are back up. It took a while longer than we though it would, but moving that many gigabytes of data takes a while. We also had a bit of problem bringing everything online, causing a small false start. Sorry about that.

Your games played during the downtime should be all caught up as well. Thanks for being patient, those of you who were.

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Stats Maintainance Continues [UPDATED]

[b]Update:[/b] Due to the sheer size of our database, things are taking much longer than anticipated. At this time, we expect stats to remain offline until Tuesday morning. We apologize for the downtime as we upgrade our storage capacity for archived and old stat info. We'll keep you posted as the upgrade continues.

Note that your stats are still being tracked and will update when stats are returned to normal service. This process can take a few hours, however.

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Sunday Stats Downtime

This Sunday is the Superbowl, but we'll still be working to make Halo 2 better. On Sunday evening at around 10pm, the Halo 2 Stats display on will be offline for approximately 24 hours. This only affects the web site display, not the collection of your game data or your Xbox Live play.

See, the problem is you guys play lots of Halo 2. So, our stats database needs to have some upgrades done to it to make sure it can handle the load. Bear in mind that your stats will still be collected as you play, they just won't be processed for viewing on the web site until the maintenance period is completed. We apologize for the downtime, hopefully we'll complete the maintenance faster than 24 hours.

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Halo Wins Awards

The awards season continues and we're very grateful to our peers for selecting Halo 2 to win four of the six categories in which it was nominated by [url=]The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences[/url] a group largely composed of developers and publishers.

Lots of awards in there for you to read about, so [url=]go check it out.[/url] Oh, and special congrats to Katamari Damacy, an office favorite.

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Cheating FAQ

There's no question that cheaters suck, but there are certainly a lot of questions about cheating itself. What is considered cheating? What will happen? What's being done? What can I do? Answers to these and other inquiries can now be found in this handy [url=/Stats/page.aspx?section=FAQInfo&subsection=cheat&page=cheat]Cheating FAQ.[/url]

If you play Halo 2 on Xbox Live, then you've no doubt encountered a dirty cheater at some point in the past few weeks. We received hundreds of mails per week accusing people of cheating, protesting bans from cheating and asking questions about cheating in general. To help shed some light on this problem, we've whipped up this quick [url=/Stats/page.aspx?section=FAQInfo&subsection=cheat&page=cheat]FAQ[/url] to better explain what's going on. To date, THOUSANDS of players have been banned from Xbox Live. And more are certain to follow. Read this FAQ and understand what you can do to help and what we're doing to help you.

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Extreme Makeover : Desktop Edition

If you're like us, you stare at your computer monitor ALL day long. Sure, you could look at the same old desktop all day, OR you could keep it fresh, by downloading these awesome new Halo 2 [url=/Games/Halo2/Gallery.aspx?Gallery=Wallpaper&page=2]Wallpapers![/url]

This week we've got [b]3[/b] brand spankin new Halo 2 wallpapers to liven up your computer. Shishka, AGDTinMan and Frankie have all contributed a work of art to adorn your desktop. Which is better? Who made which one? We'll leave that up to you to decide. The "Sneaking" image was originally created by long time Bungie friend and artist-for-hire, Craig Mullins. This image was commissioned towards the end of Halo 2 development for possible use as a magazine cover or promotional item. Unfortunately, we never quite had a good opportunity to use it. Recently it was leaked onto the web so we're now making it officially available to everyone. Despite the rumors flying around about this image, this is NOT a screenshot from Halo 3, Halo 2.5 or Halo 999. It's just a painting done by an extremely talented artist. That's it. And it's damn awesome.

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Go Gamespot Readers!

Venerable gaming site [url=]Gamespot[/url] has announced the results of its 2004 Reader's Choice Awards and we did just fine, thank you very much. You can check out the winners in the various categories [url=]here.[/url]

And remember, these are Reader's picks, not thos of [url=]Gamespot.[/url]

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Get on the Incubus!

Incubus, the famous popular music ensemble, are putting their necks on the chopping block as part of the Xbox Live, "Game With Fame" series. You can win the chance to play against the musical contributor to the Halo 2 soundtrack [url=]right here[/url] as well as a bunch of other prizes, including an Xbox and Incubus DVDs!

Get over there and [url=]enter to win[/url]. And sorry, you have to be a legal US resident over the age of 13 to win.

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GamePro's Reader's Choice Awards

Legendary print pub, GamePro is hosting its annual Reader's Choice Awards, where GamePro readers get the chance to agree or disagree with the editor's picks. You can vote too, but you will have to sign up (which is free) [url=]so go vote for your favorite sci-fi action shooter now![/url]

There may be other categories too, but you know, vote for Halo 2!

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