Old Man Master Chief

When I was your age...

HBO stumbled onto a nicely done work of art that imagines what Master Chief might look like were he aged rapidly and partially Flood infected. The results are oddly whimsical. Check it out.

Get Off My Ring!

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Reclaimer - Mark IX

Upgrades for everyone!

Looks like Reclaimer is back with a brand new look. If you've missed the mysterious side of Halo-inspired webcomics, strap in and get ready for some new curious questions.

Reclaimer - Mark IV

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October Playlist Updates are Live!

Details inside.

The second half of our October playlists just went live. Here's the rundown on what you can expect, shamelessly stolen from last Friday's Weekly Update.

October Playlist Updates: Part Deux

  • New Playlist: Team Snipers
  • New Playlist: Living Dead
  • Rumble Pit
    • Lineup rebalanced to offer more kill, less frill.
    • Removed Infection, Safe Havens, Race, Rally, Headhunter Pro
    • Removed “Classic” gametypes
  • Team Slayer
    • Removed all Snipers gametypes
  • Team SWAT
    • Added SWAT Magnums gametype
  • Team Objective
    • Removed 1 Flag Classic
    • Removed Headhunter Pro
    • Removed the following gametypes from Hemorrhage due to the size of the map with only 8 players:
      •  Multiflag Classic
      •  1 Flag CTF
      •  1 Flag Pro
      •  1 Bomb Assault
    • Removed Oddball and Hot Potato from Boardwalk
  • Multi Team
    • Removed SWAT
    • Removed Classic gametypes
    • Removed The Cage
    • Changed weighting for Rocket Race so it does not have a 100% chance to appear in Slot 3
  • Big Team Battle
    • Removed Multiflag from Boneyard and Spire
  • Invasion
    • This playlist now offers 3 voting options
  • Firefight
    • Updated Firefight playlist gametypes to be a full set instead of 1 round. Adjusted skull progression.
    • Removed Friendly Fire
  • Score Attack
    • Removed Crash Site
    • Added Mythic Score Attack
    • You can no longer pickup other weapons in Sniper Attack

  • Zealot/Arena Zealot
    • Arena Zealot is now used for all Slayer gametypes
    • Players can no longer stand on the edge of the generators in space and crouch to shoot below the shield
  • Asylum
    • Softkill zones added to the tops of the Sniper buildings
  • Boneyard
    • Modified respawn zones for Slayer gametypes
  • Hemorrhage
    • Modified respawn zones for both bases
    • Respawn timers for all Warthogs on Hemorrhage should now be 120 seconds

  • CTF
    • All CTF gametypes should now have a player respawn of 10 seconds
    • All Classic CTF gametypes now feature Flag At Home To Score and Touch Return
    • Flag At Home To Score disabled for all non-Classic CTF gametypes
    • Modified Flag Return and Flag Reset times:
      • 1 Flag on Small maps use 10 second return and 30 second reset
      • All other CTF gametypes use 30 second return and 45 second reset
  • Assault
    • Assault gametypes now have a player respawn time of 10 or 15 seconds depending on the map

In addition to the Playlist changes, we’re also introducing two new Forge Map Variants with this update, Cliffhanger and Atom. Atom will be on display in the Team Slayer, Team Snipers, Team Objective, Multi Team, and Big Team Battle Playlists. Cliffhanger will be found in Rumble Pit, Team Slayer, Team SWAT, and Team Objective.

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Humpday Challenge: HaloGAF

I won't belong to any organization that would have me as a member!

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

A very wizened man once uttered those words. I can almost hear them echoing in my ear, even now, as if he were still here with me today. And they may as well have been spoken about our opponents for this week’s Humpday Challenge.

Comprised of players from all walks of life, HaloGAF is a certified industry institution – one where you’d expect to find the members ensconced in the warm, restraining embrace of a straitjacket, their unbridled Bungie enthusiasm leaking from their slackened jaws like honey oozing from a hive.

And yesterday morning – as one of their longstanding figureheads astutely noted – I hauled off and plunged my foot cankle deep into their business, issuing our official challenge a mere 12 hours before kickoff to send them into a chaotic frenzy.


In the end my own wizened words, much like those of the aforementioned Old Ben, would prove to be prophetic.

The Teams

For this week’s Challenge we relied on the four members of Team Onyx to organize our fighting force. For a while, it seemed they wouldn’t pull it together and that Brian or I would have to jump in to provide poor substitutes for competitive seventh and eighth players. Fortunately for our team, we didn’t have to saddle up. Instead, Andrew Harrison swooped in and scooped up four additional players to help pad out the roster. (More on Andrew’s dirty swooping in just a moment).

Team Onyx

1. Andrew Harrison
2. Paul Lewellen
3. Jon Cable
4. Tomo
5. Ben Wommack
6. Jon Weisnewski
7. David Gasca
8. Javi


HaloGAF put together a massive roster of potentials, subdividing their ranks in haphazard fashion. The only clear organizational best practices they put to good use were those that already governed their established social cliques. Here’s how they ultimately broke it down:

Team Oonsk :3
It wouldn’t be completely accurate to label this squad NeedlerGAF, but with Dax on the team our guys knew that they’d be more than proficient wielding Halo: Reach’s more skill-based blamite weaponry.

  1. Dax01
  2. Total Sacrifice
  3. vhfive
  4. Merguson
  5. Sai Kun
  6. Shake Appeal
  7. teh Letters
  8. Slightly Live

Team Something Something Jesus Something
Formed out of the husk of our own TJ Scoot’s once mighty brotherhood of battle bros, Team 2 was beyond stacked. HaloGAF could have broken this team in twine and each half could have easily shifted the tide to their favor in either of the other two games. Alas.

  1. Thermight
  3. TJ Ram
  4. SpudxBud
  5. Oml3t
  6. TJ NutterB
  7. TJ Trasher
  8. TJ Capt Blood

Team Bad News Bladed
HaloGAF’s third squad seemed to have a little bit of trouble getting grouped together from the get-go. Chalk it up to late notice. Still, the talent pool at GAF is deep and we weren’t going to underestimate any one of their three teams.

  1. Laughtrey
  2. BladedExpert
  3. CrazedArabMan
  4. Hipster youth
  5. Hypertrooper
  6. godhandiscen
  7. Striker029
  8. Josef Redbeard

Rosters rendered, let’s review the Humpday Carnage.

Game 1 – Elite Slayer on Paradiso

Grief from Above

There’s really only one thing you need to know about the first match of the night. Andrew SF Harrison mounted his faithful purple people eating steed and rode hard, snagging himself the first ever Humpday Perfection. He flew like a bird, and as the kids at GAF say, “pooped on” the competition like a bloated, low flying albatross.

“Cable surprised everyone with his choice of Elite Slayer (including us!), but with Harrison's skilled Banshee play going big and our determined Dinos on the ground staying positive, we carried the game in style. Wort Wort Wort!”

“Give Harrison the Banshee=automatic win apparently. He ended up going 22-0. For the rest of us pedestrians on solid ground the game was a little closer. Though we had a pretty good lead throughout the game, so our (my) lack of coordination didn't hurt us much.”

“We forgot to set the time limit on the game to 15 minutes, so we didn't actually make it all the way to 100 kills, but the final score was 67-52 and we were keeping a decent lead the entire time. Blue team harassed us from the high ground for much of the game, but couldn't really dominate because of Harrison's expert Banshee tactics. He literally got into a Banshee at the beginning of the match and never left the skies.”

Jon W.:
“I think Cable was nervous when I got into the Wraith at the game start. During the warm up game I was on a Running Riot in the Wraith, but at the high(larious) cost of multiple betrayals against my team. I think I accidentally betrayed Cable three consecutive times that game. On the last one I heard "Really Jon? Really?" over the headset. Best part was I had no idea.

Luckily I was a bit more careful during Humpday and finished the match sans bro kill. Harrison in the Banshee was definitely the factor that granted us a comfortable lead and allowed for more reckless behavior.”

“Banshees! Fast and low!

You can tell from the film that I am playing ultra conservative. As long as we had air superiority, they didn't stand a chance. Only a couple times did I feel pressured. Getting shot at by needles feels like being tickled. The Plasma Launcher / Rifle were definitely causes for concern, but rarely made an appearance. I stuck on our side, took out all their vehicles, avoided boarding / Plasma Pistol takedown attempts and called it a Perfection.

P.S. Don't tell me there were no anti-vehicle weapons. It's called the Banshee. They went through three perfectly good ones en route to defeat...”

Final Score: Bungie Wins 67 – 52.

Game 2 - ???


Our online team is currently investigating why I can’t locate any evidence of the night’s second match. As soon as they provide me with some hard data, I’ll be sure to update this article with inline images and relevant statistics. In the meantime, we do have some fuzzy team recollections to offer to help set the stage for Game 2’s shenanigans.

“Not again. Well another match on Boardwalk, another loss.”

“Well, it started off close, but once we let our focus slip they took the lead and won it. Definitely not my best performance of the night, but an interesting time nonetheless. I do wish I'd remembered to save that film for a screenshot of my opening snipe.”

“I hate playing without radar, and therefore I hate Slayer Pro, but that doesn't excuse the ass-kicking their team gave us on Boardwalk. It was a slaughter, with every single one of us sporting a negative K/D by the end. I was constantly getting out DMRed and flanked; could barely kill anyone even with a group of teammates.

What's interesting is the group didn't even know they would be choosing the map and gametype before we all got in the party, but still managed to select our Achilles Heel to play. I can't decide if the group was a collection of ringers or if we all just sucked it up bad because of Slayer Pro and Boardwalk, or both.”

Jon W.:
“I'm pretty sure my grenades were shot out of the air and exploded in my face multiple times during this game. Everyone on our team went negative. Now I know what Vietnam was like.”

“I felt like I was playing with two left thumbs. Not on my best or anywhere close. All I can say about the second game is... At least I got some assists.” :(

“Seconded. 2 hits of 6 shots with a Sniper Rifle was not my finest hour. I should have given it to an adult.” ;)

Final Score: UNKNOWN

Game 3 – Invasion Slayer on Hemorrhage

Communications disruption can only mean one thing…Invasion.

Prior to the night’s challenge, GhaleonEB wished his HaloGAF compatriots luck and bestowed upon them the title, “Spartans.” And though ultimately his premonition of a Bungie victory was completely correct, it was our squad who would descend onto the tie-breaking battleground clad in Spartan’s armor. Lewellen put on a show with the Sniper Rifle on the way to a +19 performance and Andrew Harrison played selflessly, snagging a rare Broseidon for his generosity.

“When all else fails we play Invasion Slayer! We never got a Tank but still managed to win this thanks to well-timed Sniper and Spartan Laser drops to take out the Dino's Wraiths and Banshees.

P.S. Next time we should figure out our team and games before the day of.”

Can it be Sniper Timez, plz?

“Having never played Invasion Slayer on Hemorrhage before, I was surprised at how the teams essentially had to trade off drop zones since without any Mongeese there's no way to get to the other side of the map and steal one. The tier one play was pretty painful, with each side essentially holing up around the blue base cave or teleporter exit since those were the only areas with cover. Once the levels started progressing, we saw a lot of Banshees and a couple Wraiths start bearing down on our side of the map, but thankfully there always seemed to be a laser or rocket at the ready. Aside from controlling their vehicles though, it was the sniping and excellent DMRing from our top four which garnered all the kills.

I also learned how the Grenade Launcher loadout sucks on Hemorrhage. :P”

Cave Men
Jon W.:
“We went with last week's strategy of Invasion Slayer as the Spartan team, which ended up being a good move for us. Personally my game was a bit shoddy, but Huevos more than made up for our bottom half with Sniper control. For a while I was getting pretty nervous because it seemed like all the reinforcement drops were spawning on their side of the map. They were pumping out Wraiths and Banshees, which we were fortunately able to keep under control with a few Spartan Laser/Sniper/Rocket drops.”

Battle Bros to the End

“Happy days were here for myself, Tomo, and the rest of our riflemen. The Gaffers came back to take the lead at the beginning of Tier 3 while I was searching for more bullets, but it was smooth sailing after that. Relying on coordinated fire and power weapons to take out enemy vehicles worked out much better than I'd expected, but their wraiths still gave us some trouble. Fortunately, d1rtydr3w was there to seal the win again, this time with a clutch Broseidon.”

Shootin' and Lootin'

Bungie Wins 86 – 66.

Though the opening remarks were of the disparaging variety, we should note that it’s really all fun and games for us. Our guys had a blast. Had we given GAF more time to organize and prepare, we would be writing a very different story today. The last time we challenged GAF, they crushed us at our own game three to nothing.

Watch Your Step!

But not this time! Thanks for playing some games with us GAF. I take back every bad thing I ever said about you.

Lewellen gets the last word:
“That was one of our more disorganized Humpdays - we didn't even have a team selected until late afternoon, and we only had the full team together in time for two warm-up games before the first match. We also didn't decide on any maps or gametypes we wanted to play in advance, so we ended up picking them on the fly and learning them as we played. Luckily, everyone stepped up when it counted, and we got the job done.

It was a good time all around - those HaloGAF guys are always a classy bunch, win or lose.”

Next week, we’re sending out some of the old vanguard to take on 2old2play. Get out your Depends, veterans, we plan on forcing you to stay up way past your bedtime!

Note: Yup, we broke the trend of posting our victories as top news articles. Big DLC news today warranted a more subtle approach.

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Game For a Cure

Play Reach and raise money for research. Win/Win.

HBO isn't all fun and games. They're also offering fun and games with a side of goodwill. If you're a good person, hit the link below to see how you can help. If you don't have the dollars to dole out, you can still help spread the word.

Game For a Cure

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Domino's Grab Bag Giveaways

With a side of Devin.

Looks like two community compatriots are giving away goodies over at HBO this morning. If you want in on the cash and prizes (there's not really any cash), hop on over and see how you can stumble into some sweet swag. Free stuff!

Domino's Grab Bag Giveaways, Round 12

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Bungie Weekly Update: 10/08/10

Raising the information level cap.

Read Full Top Story

CommunityHalo: Reach 10/8/2010 2:31 PM PDT

Halo: Reach October Playlist Update

Sketch writes:

Reach Xbox LIVE playlists have been updated!

Our first Halo: Reach post-launch playlist update has been successfully deployed to Xbox LIVE. This update addresses a variety of issues in addition to tweaking some of the existing core gametypes and playlists.

Please note that this is just the first of many updates. Our team continues to work on improving the Reach online experience and we're always listening to your feedback and reviewing the voting and game data we get from our servers. Reach will just keep getting better!  As always, we welcome your feedback in our Optimatch forum here on Bungie.net.

Also note that we have another small update happening later this month (either 10/12 or 10/19 pending final test pass) that will enable campaign matchmaking. And for everyone out there who doesn't love Infection as much as the rest of the players, don't fret, we have plans to move Infection into its own "Living Dead" playlist later this month.

Lastly, in addition to everything listed below, today's update also makes some tweaks to the betrayal system. Hopefully players will feel it's a bit more 'fair' now and it shoudl behave closer to what you're used to in Halo 3.

Here's the full changelist of everything included in today's update:


Rumble Pit
* Added Crazy King
* Added Juggernaut
* Removed Oddball on Asylum

Team Slayer
* Removed SWAT
* Removed Classic
* Weights adjusted based on voting data

Team SWAT (New!)
* Based on existing Team Slayer SWAT offering
* Removed Hemorrhage
* Replaced Zealot with Arena Zealot map variant

Team Objective
* Added Crazy King
* Added several gametypes on Powerhouse (CTF, Assault, Stockpile, Crazy King, 3 Plots)
* Removed heavy vehicles from all 4v4 Team Objective gametypes

Multi Team
* Added Rocket Race

Big Team Battle
* Added Crazy King
* Removed SWAT
* Removed Snipers from Boneyard
* Weights adjusted based on voting data

Doubles Arena
* Removed Slayer Pro for Season 2
* Removed Boardwalk
* Replaced Zealot with Arena Zealot map variant

Team Arena
* Removed Slayer Pro for Season 2
* Replaced Zealot with Arena Zealot map variant


Arena Zealot (New!)
* Added a softkill zone to the space area
* Modified initial spawns so enemies cannot see each other

* Objects can no longer be dropped into the boot_base

* Removed multiple duplicate Headhunter score zones

* Changed the base object for territories from a hill marker to a flag stand
* Objects can no longer come to rest on the out of bounds cliff behind the scaffolding where the Invasion core is captured
* Players can no longer sit in the out of bounds area under the ship scaffolding

* Health Packs should not respawn after 15 seconds

* Landmine removed from Red team's west cliff
* Respawn time for all Mongoose vehicles is now 45 seconds
* Scorpions replaced with Wraiths (4 minute respawn)

* Respawn timer for Concussion Rifle at Red base is now 30 seconds to match Concussion Rifle at Blue base

* Changed the base object for territories from a hill marker to a flag stand

* Changed the base object for territories from a hill marker to a flag stand

* Respawn timer for all Needler weapons is now 45 seconds


Global Changes
* Slayer DMR now has motion tracker enabled
* Evade has replaced Hologram for all gametypes in which players can hold objects (CTF, Assault, Stockpile, Oddball)
* Evade has replaced Dropshield for gametypes which create concentrated gameplay in specific areas (Crazy King, Territories, Oddball)
* All Classic gametypes should now include Sprint as default equipment

King of the Hill
* Teams are now always able to correctly score points
* Players standing in the hill no longer receive extra points upon returning from a host migration

Rocket Race
* Players now attached to vehicles after being on foot for 10 seconds
* Flipped vehicles will be detected to prevent players from attaching to a non-upright vehicle
* Added functionality for tracking and reporting rotations
* Fountain of Mongeese should no longer be possible (don't ask)
* Players are no longer able to jack another teams Mongoose
* Players are no longer forced into a specific role of driver or gunner
* All players start with a Rocket Launcher
* Players move at 50% speed, do significantly reduced damage and are marked with a nav icon
* Players on foot are now able to score points in Rocket Race

* The Juggernaut no longer sees other players as allies upon returning from a host migration
* New clients after a host migration will no longer lose their Juggernaut status

* All teams now have separate capture timers for each territory
* Locked territories will no longer prevent players from using equipment
* The flag in the territory is now attached if the territory is a flag stand object
* Added a HUD_Widget to display contested status to players inside a territory
* The progress bar for a territory will now show as full when that territory is being contested (capture progress is saved and will appear again once the territory is no longer contested)
* Random flag clothes will no longer disappear after a round transition

* Bombs in Hot Potato now properly report carry time
* Multiple hot potato bombs will no longer spawn in the same location
* The carry time reported stat will now always be correct after a host migration has occurred
* Players carrying the oddball during a host migration will no longer receive extra points

* All stockpile flags are now attached to their spawn location if it is a flag stand

* The game score is now set per frame tick based off of the current phase
* A failsafe game end timer has been added to catch any possible bad cases of Invasion games not ending properly

Invasion: Boneyard
* The core will now reset whenever it is thrown through a shield door into a spawning location in Phase 3

Invasion (Assault) and Assault
* Added sudden death to Invasion (Assault) and Assault gametypes

* Players who die before the first checkpoint will no longer spawn in a random location on the map

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Fight Like a Girl

Help assassinate cancer!

Sign-ups are now underway for the annual Fight Like a Girl Halo tournament to help fight cancer. Play Halo: Reach AND contribute to a good cause? Sounds like a no-brainer!

The tournament itself will take place on Oct. 23 and 24th - just 18 days from now - with four different events taking place.

Halo: Reach FFA Double Elimination Tournament 

Halo: Reach 2v2 Double Elimination Tournament

Halo: Reach 4 Player Firefight Matchmaking (starts 10/22)

Halo: Reach "Play with Bungie" Event

All proceeds from the 2010 FLAG Tournament will benefit the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and NCCC.

To register for an event, get more information or simply donate to a good cause, check out the official site.

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Humpday Challenge: Bungie.net Moderators

Years of love were forgotten, in the hatred of a minute.

Last week Sketch felt compelled to write an emotionally charged Humpday mea culpa casting his own Halo skills in doubt and calling attention to himself as the sole culprit responsible for Team Terracotta’s totally embarrassing loss to HBO’s admins cybernetic killing machines sent back in time to seek out and destroy all Bungie life. Yesterday, it turned out that individual skill and overall manpower would not be a problem.

This morning Outlook greeted me with a friendly meeting reminder that was twelve hours overdue.

“Humpday with the Bungie.net Moderators.”

It was, of course, already too late. Time was a luxury our team no longer had. Hold that thought.
Team Terracotta
Since we were throwing down against our forum mod squad, we figured it would be right neighborly to send in some representatives from our own online team, namely Tom, Chris, and Stosh. The rest of the team was comprised of two Team Onyx steeds, a pair of multiplayer designers, and yours truly (that’s me).

  • Achronos – He is your Overlord.
  • Phailboat – He is your Overlord’s Overlord.
  • Stoshy – Probably his fault.
  • Thug Larz – Straight off the street.
  • mantis – Time Bandit.
  • d1rtydr3w – Not really all that dirty.
  • Tkblingx2 – Still warming up.
  • Urk the Red – Red hot.

Team Ninja
Team Ninja fielded eighteen brave men and one Yoozel. In between rounds, they took time out to swap in fresh players from the bench. (I’m pretty sure Qbix had to borrow Foman’s jock.) Here’s the full roster, in no particular order:

  • The Slayer Bro
  • Pirate Kenny
  • El Roboto
  • Butane123
  • Ash55
  • Duardo0
  • Foman
  • Salty Pfhor
  • Dazarobbo
  • Predator5791
  • Yoozel
  • X Lord Revan x
  • True Underdog
  • BobCast24ida
  • Old Papa Rich
  • N3rfherd3r
  • Caladolen
  • Nedus343

Game 1: 8v8 Slayer Pro on Boardwalk

Nails, bitten.

Allow Tomo to set the stage with a brief recap of Game 1:

“I enjoyed the first game, though I probably should have played a couple warm up games before the Humpday.”

Gotta Stretch the Hammies

Hindsight is always 20/20, but even though we didn’t limber up before the match, our opening game was still ultra-competitive with the lead changing hands several times while both teams struggled desperately to stake out a permanent position on the map’s higher perches. In the end, it was our Team Onyx duo of Drew and Tomo that kept us in the game, but even their skillfully placed crossmap shots were not enough to stave off the endless onslaught of our beloved, but bloodthirsty ninjas.



Dirty Work

After all was said and done, Joe Tung’s last minute decision to sit out this challenge rang in my ears. “Wake me when you need me,” he said. While he snoozed, we went down 0-1.

Compromising Position

I Have the High Ground!

Today, Stosh tried to put the blame onto his own shoulders. Derek wasn’t too happy with his performance, either.

“I betrayed Larz early in the game, and failed to capitalize on my stolen rocket launcher at the very end. LVP for sure.”

But one look at the stats reveals the real story. There was plenty of blame to go around. Only two Bungie players pulled positive numbers. Still, Team Ninja barely eked out the victory. The final word goes to Lars Bakken, who also got caught napping.

“This was a super close game. I got greedy when we were tied at 74/74 and ran after a guy who I thought was by himself. Turned out he was and I had the drop on him, unfortunately two of his teammates showed up behind me. One of them Shotgunned me in the back for the game winning score. See my file share for a sweet shot of my ‘laying down on the job.’”

Thug Life

Final Score: 75-74. Ninjas win.

Game 2: 8v8 Invasion Slayer on Boneyard

Rolling redemption.

Tank beats everything! Game 2 was moderator’s choice and they chose poorly. Our overall game plan for the night was to keep them out of cockpits, so we figured that they’d put up a more formidable fight when they got behind the wheel. Turns out, they were on the receiving end of nearly all of the vehicular manslaughter.

Dino Might

Banshee, Sniped

Here’s Lars with the breakdown (and a little bit of foreshadowing):

“This was more like it! I don't know why we didn't pick this as our third game too, but that would have been a little cheap. Still Invasion Slayer is one of my favorite gametypes in Reach, and we schooled them.”

Tomo: “First mistake for them, they picked Dinos. We steam rolled through this game, err the tank (Derek) did.”

And while Derek might have considered himself LVP for Game 1, he went off with the Scorpion and the Sniper Rifle in the follow up affair, putting up a professional grade +22 while leading our team to an all-out route of Team Ninja.

Fair Fight

Don't Tread on Me

Stay Classy!

“I only got ~17 tank kills,” Derek notes, “but yeah, all those explosions seemed to knock them off their game.”

Final Score: 100-72. Bungie wins.

Game 3: 8v8 Stockpile on Hemorrhage

Tick tock.

So much time was paid to determining the number of flag caps required to win this match that we forgot to consider one crucial and damning detail (and that, as they say, is where the Devil is). Just before Derek fired up the match, he pleaded with me to talk him out of the gametype and map selection.

“This is a terrible idea,” I replied. I even delayed the countdown once in defiance. But once is never enough and our pregame trepidation was indeed an omen of the terrible events to come.

Exhibit A. Eight players on our squad. Some of the industry’s brightest minds, all soon to be hoisted with our own petards. Note the time remaining at the outset.

Exhibit B. You may not notice the transparent figure holding a Sniper Rifle in this image. We sure didn’t and Nedus made us pay for our lack of vision, racking up eighteen kills on his way to a totally deathless performance.

Exhibit C. This is the moment of dread. The announcer’s voice booms throughout the curious gorge. “Thirty seconds remaining!” A ripple of terror splits our team’s resolve in twine. The confused shrieking over the microphones shatters our resolve as one by one we realize that the finality of the clock, and not our rifles, will be our ultimate undoing.

The second hand had become a razor’s edge, the blade sliding inexorably toward our extended necks. And we were powerless to stop it. Team Ninja captured two flags as the final seconds ticked away.

“I was having a great time,” notes Lars, “until I realized there was 45 seconds left and we were about to lose. Nooooooooo...game set up fail. We deserved to lose that one.” :)

“16 people, and no one notices the time limit until there are only 30 seconds remaining," adds Derek. "We are smart, and good at games.”

Final Score: 14-13. Team Ninja Wins. Tomo sums it up nicely.

“Curse you timer!!! One the plus side I did come in first place for the race game we played next.”

Ah yes, Games 4 and 5. I was tempted to write this up as the first ever Best of Five Humpday Challenge. Truth be told, it wouldn’t have mattered. Our consolation games were just that – fun games with a great group of guys. Guys that keep our forums clean for little more than a few words of encouragement, the occasional t-shirt, and the power to crush the hopes and dreams of the seedier elements of the Bungie community beneath their well-worn combat boots.

For that, and for the awesome games we played last night, we extend our thanks and gratitude.

Consolation Game 1: Astronaut on Zealot


Some players might tell you that Juggernaut on Zealot with 300% Speed and 16 players is a stupendously foolish idea. Those people are right. I only have one image from this game. The rest were deemed too pornographic for Bungie.net.

Consolation Game 2: Race on Master Chief’s Raceway

Long and Winding.

I don’t know who made this map and I don’t care. All I know is that the moment my Mongoose hit the drink, I was in for a bumpy ride. I wasn’t the only one, either.

Big thanks to our moderators for playing some sweet Humpday games with us. I think we all know that had the final game been set up correctly, we’d have won easily. Still, we are nothing if not gracious and we had an absolute blast. Thanks for everything, you surly bunch of jerks!

Next up, Tied the Leader. Death for you, Gunslingers. Life for Team Onyx. Saddle up.

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Domino's HBO Giveaway - Round 10

Free Soundtrack!

Domino is a generous guy with a luxurious head of thick and lustrous hair. He's giving away a Halo: Reach Original Soundtrack, too. Hit the link below to put your name in the hat.

Domino's HBO Giveaways - Registration (Round 10)

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Halo: Reach Armor Lock In Real Life

Toilet times are the worst.

Kotaku picks up on one man's exploration of what it might be like to rock Armor Lock in real life.

Halo: Reach Armor Lock Not Quite As Useful In Real Life

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Views from the Edge

Story spoilers in all their panoramic splendor.

HBO's BlueNinja took some sweeping panoramic shots in Halo: Reach. Since he's so polite, he's also marked some as spoilers so you know which ones you can and can't click. Click the link below to get eyes on.

Views from Reach

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Arby 'n' the Chief (and More)

Get caught up.

While we've been busy prepping for launch, JonCJG has been steadily churning out episodes of his two machinima shows. If you missed out, HBO has you covered with links to the latest trio of Arby 'n' the Chief and One Life Remaining.

OLR, ANTC (Acronyms FTW)

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'The Gym' - Halo: Reach Obstacle Course

Get fit.

Schooly D puts your Halo: Reach skills to the test.

The Gym: A Map for Training

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Do Something Awesome

Get something great.

Our very own Mark Noseworthy took the time to get his Halo: Reach Xbox 360 Console autographed by the team, and put it up for auction in support of the Brian Wood Memorial Trust. The entire proceeds go to the charity. Which is awesome.

Autographed Xbox 360 LTD Edition Halo: Reach Console

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Where's Mah Campaign Matchmaking!?

Keeping you spoiler free since 2010.

If you're looking for campaign matchmaking in Halo: Reach, sit tight. In an effort to keep your first campaign experience spoiler free, we've decided to wait for a bit before we deploy the campaign playlist. We can't have you beginning from the end, now can we?

For now, you'll have to link up with people on your friends list if you want to play cooperatively. As soon as the Campaign playlist goes live, we'll make some noise about it.

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New York, New York

Prepare to launch!

If you're in New York, you might want to get in line. People have been camping out at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square since yesterday afternoon. Marcus and Tung will see you there.

Noble Actual

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Avault Podcast with Christopher P. Carney

Our multiplayer lead is taking your questions.

HBO slapped up a pile of links to help you get your pressing questions about Halo: Reach answered. If you don't participate, don't complain when Carney has to tackle gems like, "Is the Battle Rifle in Reach?"

Last minutes questions for Chris Carney

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Fiesta Double EXP Weekend, Live at 11

Embrace the crap-shoot.

Unranked eight player Fiesta gametypes. What weapon will you spawn with? It changes every time.

8 Player FFA
Max Party Size: 8
Halo 3: Mythic disk required


  • Fiesta Slayer (46%) - Slayer, first player to 25 kills wins. Players spawn with random primary and secondary weapons, and have infinite ammo. No weapons on the map. 12 minute match time limit.
  • Fiesta Oddball (19%) - Oddball, first player to 100 points wins. Player spawn with random primary and secondary weapons, and have infinite ammo. No weapons on the map. 12 minute match time limit.
  • Fiesta Crazy King (14.6%) - King of the Hill, 100 points to win. Hill moves to a new random location every 30 seconds. Players spawn with random primary and secondary weapons, and have infinite ammo. No weapons on the map. 12 minute match time limit.
  • Fiestanaut (20.4%) - Players score points by killing other players as the Juggernaut. To become the Juggernaut, a player must kill the existing Juggernaut. 10 points to win. Players spawn with random primary and secondary weapons, and have infinite ammo. No weapons on the map. 12 minute match time limit.


  • Construct (Default)
  • Epitaph (Default)
  • Guardian (Default)
  • Isolation (Default)
  • Snowbound (FFA) - Snowbound tuned for Free For All play
  • The Pit (Default)
  • Foundry (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Heroic Map Pack.
  • Blackout (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Legendary Map Pack.
  • Ghost Town (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Legendary Map Pack.
  • Cold Storage (Default) - REQUIRED. Available on Xbox Live Marketplace.
  • Assembly (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Mythic Map Pack.
  • Sandbox (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Mythic Map Pack.
  • Citadel (Default) - REQUIRED. Available on Halo 3: Mythic
  • Heretic (Default) - REQUIRED. Available on Halo 3: Mythic
  • Longshore (Default) - REQUIRED. Available on Halo 3:  Mythic

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Tied the Leader: The Great Journey

The race is on.

Less than thirty days out from launch, Tied the Leader surveys the warfront.

Tied the Leader: The Great Journey

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3 Ball Double EXP Weekend Live at 11

Three oddballs. Infinite win.

A numbers game: Four teams of three.

Category: Double EXP Weekend
2-3 Players per Team (4 Teams)
Max Party Size: 12
Heroic, Legendary and Mythic Map Packs required


  • 3 Ball (40.9%) - Teams battle over three oddballs. Hold oddballs for points. 200 points to win. 12 minute match time.
  • 3 Ball Hardcore (30.1%) - Teams battle over three oddballs. Hold oddballs for points. 200 points to win. Players spawn with Battle Rifles. 12 minute match time.
  • 3 Ball Rockets (14%, Skipped After Veto) - Teams battle over three oddballs. Hold oddballs for points. 200 points to win. Players spawn with Rocket Launchers.12 minute match time.
  • 3 Ball Fiesta (15.1%) - Teams battle over three oddballs. Hold oddballs for points. 200 points to win. Players spawn with random primary and secondary weapons. 12 minute match time.


  • Construct (Default)
  • Guardian (Default)
  • Isolation (Default)
  • Snowbound (Default)
  • The Pit (Default)
  • Foundry (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Heroic Map Pack.
  • Standoff (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Heroic Map Pack.
  • Blackout (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Legendary Map Pack.
  • Ghost Town (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Legendary Map Pack.
  • Assembly (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Mythic Map Pack.
  • Orbital (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Mythic Map Pack.
  • Sandbox (Default) - REQUIRED. Part of the Mythic Map Pack.

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I Need Some Soy Lecithin

(It's an emulsifier.)

They use it in candy bars to bind all the ingredients together. Science is weird. Before you head off to do some research, check out the sweet experiment Hawty McBloggy found on the web.

A Chocolate Halo Figure That Will Melt in Your Mouth

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Extra Life Charity

Gaming for a great cause.

HBO gets all the good news. This morning they've got word of a great charity event. Click the link below if you're awesome.

Extra Life - Gamers Earn for Charity

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Just Another Manic Monday

Wu loves that song.

We might have missed some news yesterday, but nothing escapes HBO's watchful eye. Instead of listing each and every item individually, I thought I'd slap all the sweet stuff inline for you. A little bit of blog in your blog, so to speak.

Halo Scale Comparison - Revisited, AGAIN

Will he deliver it in a Grunt voice?

Halo 3: ODST Mythic Guide: NMPD HQ

Arby, The Chief, and OLR

Do Something Noble

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