We're Hiring: User Experience Designer

We're looking for a User Experience Designer, head over to the Jobs Page to learn about what this position demands.

The listing was so full of requirements, expectations and job functions that Achronos had to retool the Jobs Page in order to make it look right. Go check it out.

Work at Bungie: Getting Past the Gatekeeper

This recruiter holds a key to getting inside these walls. Here's how to impress her and how to alienate her completely. 

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Inside BungieCareers 5/23/2007 9:48 AM PDT

Breaking into Bungie

Bungie receives a high volume of emails on the subject of jobs. More than anything, people want to know how to get a job at Bungie. Take a look at Bungie's shady hiring practices and see if you're up to leaving behind the concept of "HR violations."

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CareersAbout Bungie 9/13/2006 5:15 PM PDT