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"SHOTTY FLY" by xX11joberry93Xx on 12.18.2009
This endless wasteland still holds many secrets. Some of them are held more deeply than others. 4-12 players
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I'm going to go crazy (and I'm taking you with me)


A Skybubble map.
A two base, symmetrical map.
A tunnel connects the two bases.
You can get on top of the tunnel via the gravlifts provided next to the tunnel entrance.
There are two walkways on opposite ends of both bases connecting them, an alternate route in case you wish to circumvent the tunnel.
Both walkways have mancannons, but on opposite sides of the bases to prevent botched landings.
You can travel on top of the tunnel, where there is a sword.
In the middle of the tunnel is an active camo.
At the beginning of the tunnel, on both ends, is a shotgun and two firebomb grenades.
At the top of the tunnel, at the beginning, on both ends, is a Battle Rifle and two spike grenades.
Other weapons include, an excess of two snipers per base, a rocket launcher per base, at least three battle rifles per base, an assortment of Covenant weapons located on the walkways to the side of the tunnel, connecting the two bases, including Needlers, Plasma Rifles, and Plasma Pistols. There are also SMGs and plasma grenades located on the walkways.
Each base has one piece of equipment, either the Power Drain or the Radar Jammer.

Note to the strafe-loving player: Watch your step, you may fall to your doom if you are careless. Stay sharp.


Two floating bases with tons of different possible deaths: Your guess is as good as mine.


Slayer (FFA or Team)
Assault (Neutral or Team, hell, you can even play Grifball on it)
CTF (Obviously team, though I tend to play 3v1)
Territories (All territories are located in or on the tunnel, with the exception of the one base territory on each base; I recommend Conquest with large teams)
KOTH (FFA or Team)
Infection (go easy on the survivors, they have no place to run)
Juggernaut (see Infection)

Not set up for VIP


Shotty Snipers
Red Glare

Note: the Plasma Pistol will not be available with these gametypes, that's one less option to taking down the Banshee. Be creative.


Snipers (x4, x2 per base)
Battle Rifles (x6, x2 per base, x1 per opposite tunnel entrance on the top)
Shotguns (x2, x1 per tunnel entrance)
Rocket Launchers (x2, x1 per base, look at the back of base)
Plasma Pistols (x2, x1 per walkway, use it to take down the Banshee)
Plasma Rifles (x2, x1 per walkway)
Maulers (x2, x1 per walkway)
Needlers (x2, x1 per walkway)
SMGs (x4, x2 per walkway)
Sword (x1, fight for it on top of the tunnel)


Banshees (x2, x1 per base)


Active Camo (x1, middle of the tunnel between the two bases)
Radar Jammer (x1, red base)
Power Drain (x1, blue base, use against invisible player or Banshee)
Note: Equipment was placed either to aid or distract the inevitable invisible player. Use wisely.


Tunnel Entrance

Map Overview: Note that the side you cannot see looks exactly like the one you can.

Walkway, Middle: Note that the Needler is in the center of a Hill.

Walkway, Near the ManCannon: Note the placement of the Plasma Pistol

Choose the Plasma Rifle, the Mauler, or Both.

Active Camo in relation to the beginning of the Tunnel. Note that it is exactly the same distance from both bases.

Sword: Note that it is directly above the Active Camo

Blue Base Overview: Note the Spawn Points and the Banshee at the back of the base, behind the Rocket Launcher.

Red Base Overview: Note, it looks the same as the above post only redder

Please leave comments: Constructive criticism only;
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