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"ONI Ark" by JPeloquin218 on 01.18.2010
Protect the Asset at all costs while in this ancient forunner battle ground. To be played with Asset gametype. Players 8-16.
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Subject: Map Variant

ONI ArkMade By: JPeloquin218This is a map built on the Mid of Sandbox built specifically for the gametype called Asset. It is a VIP game based off from Halo ODST's last mission in campagin. In that mission, players where to Protect the Engineer or the "Asset". The defenders are ODST's and the Attackers are the Covenent forces trying to take out the betraying Engineer. One person on the defending team will be the Asset whos traits are like as in ODST. The gaol of the game for the ODST's is to wait out for about 4 minutes for a Hornet to drop down making them able to reach the destination which is in the sky. but it will not be easy becuase at certin points in the game, the Covenent will get more powerful by either becomeing/having traits of a Brute Cheiftan, or becoming an invisable Brute with a mauler and some handy flames grenades. So it will be an epic battle to make it out alive.For a fully explaination of the game with everything you need to now, checkout the Asset Explaination GuideScreenshotsDefender Start
The start in a room full of Drop Pods

Attacker Start
The start in a enclosed room, after 30 seconds, they will move to the weapons room.

Weapon room

Vechicle area
After weapon room, the end up here to grab a vechicle.

Covenent ship
if the vechicles are all gone, they will go through a teleporter to lead them here which is above the battle field.

Overview of the map
Here is a Youtube video to see the map better.

  • 01.26.2010 5:23 PM PDT

Two words... EPICLY AMAZING!

  • 05.23.2010 1:23 PM PDT


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