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"Grounds........" by Conkerkid11 on 02.17.2010
When the U.S. Government opened its doors to this weapons testing facility, aliens came right on in and took it.
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Subject: Map Variant

Where are we?

Forge Hub Thread - Includes Over 60 Pictures

Killing Grounds is a fictional story-based map that I came up with while my internet was down a few months ago. It thrives on teamwork, and communication. Without teamwork, your team will most likely fail before reaching the first destination. Without communication, your team will most likely get killed repeatedly by either the aliens or the VIP team. Killing Grounds lasts about 3 minutes on average, but takes 5 minutes to reach the end. The only reason I say that it lasts about 3 minutes on average is because most teams aren't hardcore enough to reach the end. Killing Grounds is layered with exploding vehicles, abandoned homes, and even ammo dumps. Some weapons are hidden, and some are out in the open left there by fallen military personnel. Killing Grounds is huge, and is located outside the ground level of Sandbox with only a fraction of the tower's blocked.

Camp grounds usually tend to be full of pitched tents, blazing fires, and happy families. But not Killing Grounds... Killing Grounds is set on a deserted island just a few miles off of Maui. Claimed by the United States Government, Killing Grounds specifically earned its name from the thousands of weapons tested daily. With an area of about 700 square miles of flat, open desert. There's question behind what the Government might actually be testing there. Some say the island doesn't exist, and some say that it does. Though the Government does try and force the public to believe otherwise, some just have to see things for themselves to believe.

Killing Grounds has a population of 100 people as of today. The Government was forced to allow civilians to live on the island, proving that it was not used for weapons testing. The civilians lives were documented, and footage was recieved from all around the world of the travesty that occured there...

Some say that aliens exist, and nobody says they don't. On January 21st of 2053, a UFO crash-landed into one of the Government offices set up on Killing Grounds, and one of the documentary cameras recorded it... Over 10 billion people witnessed a real UFO crashing down onto Earth. When the United States Government sent Officials to Killing Grounds in order to claim the UFO, the whole island had vanished.

Killing Grounds is a VIP variant that operates and plays much like "Cave Freaks" by Insane54, and Shock Theta. But also, kinda like "Manifest: Help's On The Way, Right?" the team without a VIP has access to four teleporters that all lead to different parts of the map, unable to be seen by the VIP's team.

For those of you who have not yet played either "Cave Freaks" and/or "Help's On The Way, Right?" yet, I'll explain how it works to you.

In the game "Killing Grounds" only one team out of two teams has a VIP. The team and the VIP must pass through all ten goals placed around the map using teamwork in order to win the round. Only reaching a goal will reward the VIP team points, and kills will not. The non-VIP team begins at the bottom of a hill not too far from the VIP team. Each is equipt with a sword, and slight invisibility. Being aliens (More like Predators, but whatever...) the non-VIP team can jump high and run very fast, so the VIP team must stay alert, and cautious at all moments of time.

Throughout the map, you might notice a theme going on. Such as all the exploding vehicles, and sand. The first exploding vehicle is down the hill blocking the building's entrance. You must wait for the fusion coils to blow it up, and vanish before you touch it. DO NOT TOUCH IT!!! The second and final exploding vehicle is hornet blocking the exit to the building. DO NOT TOUCH IT!!!

There is also this thing called the Helnaught. It's vicous and evil, and it will tear your -blam!- up if you don't know what to do when it shows up. The VIP might run like a coward when this Banshee operated by an alien shows up, but don't do that! Turn around and fire whatever you've got at it. The Helnaught can be killed by less than a magazine of SMG ammo. He's not that tough!

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