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"Bloodlust" by XxItZxPsYcOxX on 04.06.2010
ODST's drop into hell, excited to slaughter any covenant in their way. They will pay for what they did in New Mombasa. ~Psyco
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  • Map: ONI Alpha Site
  • Size: 312.43 KB

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Subject: Screenshot
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Positive vibes.

The lighting is superb man, and you captured the pose and angle oh so brilliantly!

: )

  • 04.06.2010 1:58 PM PDT

I'm kind of big on screenshots. I love taking them and I love looking at what others are capable of, so feel free to send your shots my way if you want some nice feedback!

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i love the light behind the leaves

  • 04.06.2010 3:18 PM PDT

War of the masses, the outcome, disastrous
Many of the victim family save they ashes
A million names on walls engraved in plaques
Those who went back, received penalties for their acts
Another heart is torn as close ones mourn
Those who stray, -blam!-z get slayed on the song.
TCE is the one.

Bloodlust is a pretty nice shot as far as other ODST shots I've seen go. Theres a couple of things that I dislike though that can be easily corrected. First off the lighting may be just a bit too bright. If you could pull the camera back and make the leaves more defined it would help the clarity of the shot. I'm not too crazy about the pose either. The way his head is tilted back just doesn't really work. Kudos for trying something new with that pose, but if you could make his head the focal point and not necessarily the chest it would be much better.

  • 04.06.2010 3:45 PM PDT

Hey, if you know me, you know
I am a die hard splatter freak.
I am currently 2nd in the world
for splatters total... and
2nd for Splatter Sprees.
I also take screenshots, check my
File Share and amazing screenshots.

I wasn't really trying for anything new, it is just the way the head goes when you die... can't be fixed. I wasn't even trying for this shot, I accidentally killed the poser, and the way the leaves lit up made it look amazing.

So, I just took a pic, placed it in my share, and gave it a crappy name/description... Job well done.

It actually reminds me of my shot Shock, I messed up it's name and description.

Thank you all for your criticism, it has helped me get better at taking screenshots! <3 the community

  • 04.06.2010 4:48 PM PDT

I was pleasantly surprised when I had seen this 'shot. It conveys a sense of serenity through the light and at the same time, a feeling of chaos because of the resemblance of a Nuclear bomb going off or something of the latter. I really like it but the ODST's figure isn't amazing - it appears as if he has a limp neck. Regardless, it's an awesome screenshot and definitely deserves a high rating, comment and tagging.

  • 04.07.2010 10:01 AM PDT

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