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"Epiphany" by JPeloquin218 on 04.07.2010
Natives from thousands of years ago came to practice a ritual that could be considered,"unhuman like". 8-16 players.
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Subject: Map Variant

Map: EpiphanyMade by JPeloquin218 Epiphany is a Symmetrical map built on Sandboxs Crypt level. The map is made for Competetive 2 Team Games. It can play with Every gametype expect Infection. The map is based on 2 things, the two center peices of the map. If you look at the screenshots below, you will see the middle is seprated into two parts, Purple and Yellow, you will also see the giant Octagon in the middle. Ans no you cannot get in it. The point of it is to start gameplay that relies on picking the right path. For example, in CTF, you have the flag, you gotta decide which center way will get you there safely and quickly. That is the kind of gameplay I wanted on this map and what ended up happening is becoming a great gameplay expirence.Weapons on Map- 4x AR, 2 spare clips, 30 sec.
- 6x BR, 2 clips, spare 30 sec.
- 2x Carbines, 2 spare clips, 30 sec.
- 2x Spikers, 2 spare clips, 30 sec.
- 2x Plasma Rifles, 30 sec.
- 2x Magnums, 2 spare clips, 30 sec.
- Energy Sword, 120 sec.
- Brute Shot, 2 spare clips, 60 sec.
- Rocket Launcher, 1 spare clip, 150 sec.
- 8x Frag Grenades, 10 sec.
- 8x Stickys, 10 sec.
Equipment - Bubble Shield, 60 sec.
- Powerdrain, 60 sec.
- Regenerator, 60 sec.
Blue Base
Red Base


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  • 04.12.2010 12:36 PM PDT


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