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"Trial Maze III" by The MrJump on 11.07.2007
Millennia of tending has produced trees as ancient as the Forerunner structures they have grown around. 2-6 players
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  • Map: Guardian
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Subject: Trial Maze III - Gardian
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Trial Maze Series Guide!!! -Finally some help for all the lost souls- **Trial Maze VII Included**

This is my fileshare page: (If you need any other specific help with a link message me online or leave a reply on the threads)
The MrJump's Fileshare

_______________________________ R U L E S ________________________________

1.First off make sure you play these maps on the "Trials" gametype found on my fileshare or community fileshare (make sure I'm the author).

2. SECONDLY, EACH MAP SHOULD BE PLAYED AS IF THERE WAS NOBODY ELSE IN THE GAME FOR A “TRUE” FINISH- (FOR EXAMPLE, YOU CAN NOT BUDDY JUMP OR BLOCK TELEPORTERS WITH A FRIEND, ECT…) ALL MAPS CAN AND SHOULD BE BEATEN BY ONE PERSON. This doesn’t mean that you can’t play it with your friends, all it means is DON’T use your friend to “cheat” or take "shortcuts".

============================================================= ===========

-Trial Maze: *The Pit*
Is the last room the 3 grav-lifts room? This is the part that stumps many people and, no, this isn't the last room. Keep trying!
........HERE ARE SOME HINTS........
For the "Three Grav Lift Room":
1. Use everything in your power you have on hand or better yet "out run the reaper."
2. "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"
Pic: Holding Cell
Pic: Above Platform 1
Pic: Three Grav-lift Room

-Trial Maze II: *Construct*
Yes, I rushed the map and forgot to delete 2 hill markers. The correct hill is the one under the glass part near the edge by the waterfall, and yes you cant even score it when you get there, like i said i rushed it and i forgot to make the hill big enough to score. Sorry everyone.
........HERE IS A HINT.........
For good measure:
1. Zero-Gravity
Pic: Map Overlook
Pic: Objective 4

-Trial Maze III: *Gaurdian*
Pretty straight forward as long as you find your way out of the spawn, just keep messing around in that room.
.........HERE IS A HINT.........
1. hahaha, .... whose got problems with this one?
Pic: Map Overlook
Pic: Spawn Room
Pic: Objective 5

-Trial Maze IV: *Last Resort*
My pride and glory. Don't take anything for granted and keep focused. Things will go striaght over your head if you dont pay attention to every detail.
....... HERE ARE SOME HINTS.........
For the spawn point area:
1. Knock on it for good luck
2. It is the "key" to success
3. "The sky is the limit"
4. You can see but you cant touch it.
Pic: Spawn Cell
Pic: Ceiling 1
Pic: Objective
Pic: Contraption
Pic: Inside Camp Froman

-Trial Maze V: *Epitaph*
Only for the truely gifted.
..........HERE ARE SOME HINTS.........
For the start:
1. Use a force that equals 9.8N (look it up for its source)
2. Read between the lines (respanwn wall and sand)
Pic: Map Overlook
Pic: Starting Area
Pic: Fusion Coil Area
Pic: Gaurded King of The Hill

-Trial Maze VI: *Sandtrap*
One stubborn b!tch! Dont take grav-lifts for granted and be very cautious.
..............HERES A HINT.............
General advise:
1. X Marks the spot
Pic: Antenna Area
Pic: Objective 4
Pic: The "Block Box"

-Trial Maze VII: *Isolation*
This reminds me of one of those 90's room quest games, where you look in every desk for a key or use a dead body for weights, ect. to get you to the next floor of the "mansion" you are trying to escape from. In other words look for everything in the room that you could maniputale in your favor.
.............HERE ARE SOME HINTS.............
General advise:
1. Haha, think of it as a cheat for Trial Maze IV
2. "hot potato, hot potato"

_____________________________________________________________ ________________

I hope this helps anyone who is having trouble. Message me if there are any questions or problems. Enjoy.

-The MrJump

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  • 11.08.2007 4:13 AM PDT
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i beat ur maze in less than 35 minutes(we trying to get to the wrong spot for the first 30). it was pretty easy once u figure out wat to do. check NBA Sixers763's file share, it shows us beating it. when are you going to make another one?

  • 11.08.2007 11:40 AM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

This one was my favorite one by far, and was very difficult. My friends and I want some more maps! lol Great job!

  • 11.08.2007 7:17 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

u didnt beat in 35 mins. i bet you got pissed and went into forge to beat it. good map man!

  • 11.09.2007 4:01 PM PDT
Subject: Trial Maze II - Construct
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Well first I just want to say, good job. Really good job. Your maps are probably the most challenging thing that I have ever played in Halo 3. The 1st map was great, and i can't seem to get the second one... I got the Grav Hammer but I don't know what to do next... any hints that would totally give away the answer would be awesome! And keep making these, because soon enough you'll get the attention of Bungie.

  • 11.09.2007 9:32 PM PDT

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