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"Sniper Hill" by Furious D 18 on 11.08.2007
Control the one central hill... but keep your head down. Designed for the Sniper Hill custom gametype.
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Subject: Sniper Hill - one central hill, plenty of good sniping spots
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This map is pretty simple to explain. There is one central hill located at the gravity hammer spawn, and plenty of sniping locations scattered around it. The goal is to control the hill while not getting sniped. This is a revival of one of my favorite Halo 2 custom games, which was played on Headlong.

I highly recommend using the Sniper Hill gametype. It has everything set up quite nicely.

Screenshot: Map Overview
Screenshot: Map Overview 2
Both teams spawn near their elephants, and can charge the hill or scatter to the various sniping locations to provide cover. The team spawning near the tall structure (interior base) can get to the hill slightly faster, but to do that they must jump on the floating boxes to cross that gap. That makes them slightly more vulnerable. At each team starting location there is a teleporter that will take you to the top of the respective structure.
Screenshot: Tall Structure Sniping Location
Screenshot: Short Structure Sniping Location
Screenshot: Jumping to the Hill

There are also a couple more sniping locations. From the tall structure spawn, head to the right and go into that little bunker. A two-way teleporter will take you to the tallest sand dune, where you can snipe at the hill. To get back to the action quickly, remember that the teleporter behind you is a two-way. From the short structure spawn, head to the right to find the teleporter near the barricades. It will take you up to a floating box, which provides the best view of the hill. But, there's nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.
Screenshot: Sand Dune Sniping Location
Screenshot: Floating Box Sniping Location

The hill has a few crates and barrels put down for cover. Watch out behind the barrels, though. They can be knocked over by a sniper bullet. The hill also holds a custom powerup and an active camo. In the Sniper Hill gametype, the custom powerup gives the player 150% damage reduction and immunity to headshots for 30 seconds. That means it will take three shots to kill them, no matter where they get shot. You must jump on the radio antennas to get to the active camo. It's a risk to stick your head out for it, but once you get it you'll be nearly impossible to see. Finally, there is a Flare nearbly, but you can't throw it far enough to blind the distant snipers. Use it for people running up toward the hill.
Screenshot: Getting the Camo
Screenshot: No Camo For You
Screenshot: Explosive Situation

There are a few weapons on the map, mainly for descriptive purposes. It's easier to say, "sniper by the turret" than, "sniper by that bunker thing with the air lift... the one near the dropship." You might see a few plasma pistols, some beam rifles, some more sniper rifles, and one turret. None of these should have a big impact on how the game is played. You'll see a drop pod lacation, a turret location, and a covenant box location. I wanted to put vehicles down... "he's by the banshee", or "he's behind the scorpion," but you wouldn't believe how angry people get when you put vehicles on the map but make it so they can't drive them.

As always, comments are welcome. (Let's keep the quality maps at the top of the list, eh?)

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  • 11.09.2007 11:14 AM PDT

Edge 2.0 - The New Sandtrap, but out of the map!!!!

this looks pretty sweet!!!! u've done a v.good job!!!

  • 11.12.2007 3:37 PM PDT

Great map, can't wait to try it in an actual game. Love the snipe possitions. Really good job - 5/5

  • 11.21.2007 9:05 PM PDT


Nice work

  • 11.21.2007 9:33 PM PDT

I went through this in forge, looks really good. Unfortunately I can never get any of my friends together for custom games so I haven't played it yet. But here's a free bump.

  • 11.22.2007 9:31 AM PDT


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