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"QuadLaserSniper" by Predator XVIII on 06.20.2010
Teams of 2. VIP drives. Other player shoots ONLY FROM PASSENGER SEAT. 4-10 players
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Play with maps in the file set.


Teams of 2.

This game type is all about sniping and lasering from the back of a Mongoose. This is NOT Escort, earn points for getting kills.

4 rounds of 3 minutes each. Players switch between the roles of Driver and Shooter each round.

Every player has no shields and 10% damage resistance. (for ease of sniper and splatter kills)

Shooter Tips:

You have a Sniper Rifle, and a Spartan Laser, but it's influential VIP, so unless you are really close to your driver (i.e. on the back of his mongoose), you do 0% damage. If your driver dies, run to where he spawns with your active camouflage and 300% speed.

When you are with your VIP, you can deal 100% damage, are visible, and have less speed so you can get on your mongoose easier. You also get a way-point over your head so enemies go after you instead of teams trying to get on a mongoose. (you also get 5 seconds without a way-point when you spawn)

Shooting while on foot is considered cheating.

Driver Tips:

You are the VIP. You have a plasma pistol and a rocket launcher which does no damage, but is great for knocking people off their mongoose if you flip your own by mistake.

You can pick up equipment such as bubble shields (found at most mongoose stations) which provide protection while you and your shooter get on your mongoose if there are enemies around.

There are no penalties for suicide, so if your shooter dies, you can get off your mongoose, kill yourself with a rocket, and spawn 3 seconds later next to your shooter and a mongoose. Another option is to find a teleporter to escape from your enemies.

Your primary roles are to drive your shooter, avoid enemy sniper/laser fire, and splatter anyone who is on foot (which you get 2 points for by the way).

If there is an uneven number of players in the party, one person may go on his own team and run around causing havoc with his 0% damage Rocket Launcher.

If you like the game type, add Predator XVIII as a friend :)

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