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"Martyrtown" by Aryzona Bay on 11.11.2007
He had a lot to say. He had a lot of nothing to say, we'll miss him. ¡fiesta! gametype required.
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Subject: Martyrtown = Construct compressed, small combat area, strange spawn...

Fiesta gametype
Best enjoyed with Fiesta. Random weapon spawns, 3 second respawns.


The combat area in this map is directed to the bottom platform on construct that consists of the two cross-hallways that hold the bottom entrances to the 3 air lifts. There are exit deterrents for players in the form of portals along the perimeter of the cross-hallways. Lots of thought and patience went into focusing players into the selected combat area. You will see what I mean. The air lifts have also been booby trapped in that their ultimate destination will flush them back into the hole in the ceiling above the cross-shaped combat area. As with any other map, its nigh impossible to keep people trapped in a certain area with non-Bungie standard issue forge. The focus of the other 5 maps I've made with the close-quarters mentality merely encourage people to stay in the selected combat area. That being said, I think the setup of this map with portals, air lifts, grav lifts and air respawns will do a damn good job of keeping you focused on shooting.

Remember, falling debris will kill you.

It's rare in Fiesta to actually spawn into chaos and dual-wield, so I did see fit to sparsely insert a few d.w. weapons and break the standard rule I've had. There is also one Overshield, in the middle. Bubble Shield and Regenerator have been thoughtfully placed in corners. It's a small map, hopefully you won't live long but if you do there are plenty of things to counteract rockets, sword and shotty.

here are some more Fiesta
MAPS! (with screenshots)

CornerGround - combat is encouraged in AA gun area on High Ground. air spawns. fusion coil air bombardment.

rubber ducky - small bathtub combat area on Sandtrap. less punishing in size, but stay out of the middle!! screenshot

Fight Club - in the base on Zanzibar/Last Resort. air spawns, constant death.

Ring of Fire - central platform on Guardian. a 'ring' respawns every 45 seconds around the perimeter of the platform. goes boom. silly. screenshot

Third Eye - fun with portals on The Pit. will cause kids to whine. and give people claustrophobia. get the flamethrower!

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  • 11.11.2007 5:56 PM PDT
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Again - well done with the maps. This one in particular looked amazing. Liked the traps. It's so cool when you're fighting on different environments on a given map, much different than playing the same map over and over.

  • 11.12.2007 7:16 AM PDT
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Very slick map - nice lift traps. very sweet addition

  • 11.12.2007 9:48 AM PDT

117 dls!!

  • 03.29.2009 12:28 PM PDT

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