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"Death Row..." by Timpski on 11.13.2007
You have been sent to retrieve the neural implants of a UNSC starship captain lost to the Flood. Bring him home, Spartan.
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  • Map: Narrows
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Subject: Death Row... A Puzzle on Narrows
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This map is designed as a puzzle - you'll need to be tenacious, skilled and patient to succeed. It requires the gametype DeathRow Puzzle to work correctly, so go download! [:

Basically you start in an area near the ball, but you can't reach it. To get to it you'll need to go through several more areas first, each linked by teleporters... So upon arrival in a new area, have a look around for the way out...

This is my first attempt at a puzzle, and I reckon it's pretty difficult! If you need a hint post here and I'll try and help - likewise if you have any questions or want to know how I did something then post here and I'll answer as best I can. I'm not completely evil, so in a couple of places there are teleporters that take you back to the start of the puzzle you just failed so you can have another go. On the other hand, there are a couple of... diversions, that are lethal. Basically, try not to be... lazy. [;

I've done the best I can to stop you shortcutting, but if you do find any ways of getting round puzzles that you don't think you're supposed to please tell me and I'll fix it and credit you! In this gametype you do 0% damage, which stops (should stop) you meleeing your way out of areas by disturbing crates and so on. Some of the puzzles might require you to do damage, however... It's up to you to work out how you're supposed to get round that (it's quite obvious)!

Lastly the puzzle is doable, I've done it myself a number of times so please, no complaints about it being impossible! You're probably just not looking hard enough. Good luck, and remember to post here for hints (and post your game record if you complete it!). [:

People who have completed the puzzle: As of yet, no-one has proved themselves worthy... Will you be the first?

Credits: Canadian Ehh, urweirdsaysi, Takker 5, and Nab for help and a little guidance and ideas; Jester for -telling- me he was making spawns in the death zones that I couldn't reach so I could revert to saved -before- I'd done hours of work; Nude Pikachu for being my muse; Kaebers & Bob for making their Pit Playhouse map that gave me the idea for this one and Bungie, for the game. [;

Updated map: Removed second ball spawn, as you could actually reach it, skipping a few of the last puzzles =P

[Edited on 11.13.2007 11:21 AM PST]

  • 11.13.2007 11:04 AM PDT
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Can i have a hint what do do after the area where you pick up the grav lift?. I've gotten to the area across from the first portal you go thru, am i on the right track?

  • 12.24.2007 5:24 PM PDT

I make maps that some people don't understand how its possible and there not modded.

nice map man

  • 06.20.2009 5:12 PM PDT

cool map

  • 01.01.2010 3:35 PM PDT

I can't even get started. How the heck do you get on top of the first platform?! It's too high, even with crouch-jumping! I'm about ready to smash my controller out of frustration.

  • 08.13.2010 11:54 AM PDT

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