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"Ambition" by lametastic on 08.19.2010
Large asymmetrical map designed with diligence for all competitive gametypes. A Lametastic creation. 2-12 players
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Ambition is a competitive asymmetrical map I have been creating on and off for a very long time. It features two symmetrical areas in the center and two distinct wings, making the Crypt feel larger than it really is and allowing for short to long range skirmishes.

Its strategic placement of windows and walled-off sections creates some interesting lines of sight and some very tactical locations. There are multiple paths to the same destination which creates a more fluid experience and keeps camping at a minimum.

Ambition was designed to support every gametype, with asymmetrical objective games in mind. One Flag and KOTH can be a blast, but we've definitely had the most fun with straight-up Slayer (both Team and FFA). A party of at least 4 is recommended, with a maximum of around 12. I would also suggest BR starts, although there are plenty of long range weapons placed around the map.

I hope players are reminded at least somewhat of "The Pit" when they play Ambition, as that was my biggest inspiration in creating a balanced, fairly symmetrical competitive map that feels somewhat open and not too confining. Maybe it's just me, but a problem I have experienced with a lot of user created maps on Sandbox is the steep learning curve involved in simply navigating throughout the map. Rarely can I jump into a user-creation and have an adequate understanding of where exactly on the map I am. This problem is largely due to Bungie's decision to paint nearly every item in Sandbox with the same dull color and texture, but I believe it can be overcome with a more calculated placement of objects.

Whether I have succeeded in this area is up to you, but at the very least I have attempted to craft Ambition in a more straightforward and easily navigable way. What it's lacking in visual flair I believe it makes up for in gameplay.

Sorry for the editorial. Now everyone who disagrees with me will probably downvote my map, sadface :(.

Weapons, Equipment and Vehicles:

6 Battle Rifles \ 10 seconds
2 Sniper Rifles \ 120 seconds
2 Plasma Pistols \ 30 seconds
3 Plasma Rifles \ 30 seconds
2 Needlers \ 90 seconds
2 Maulers \ 45 seconds
1 Rocket Launcher (no spare clips) \ 120 seconds
1 Shotgun (asymmetric only) \ 120 seconds
1 Machine Gun Turret \ 120 seconds
8 Plasma Grenades \ 10 seconds
Overshield \ 180 seconds
Bubble Shield \ 120 seconds
Power Drainer \ 120 seconds
2 Mongooses \ 90 seconds
1 Ghost \ 120 seconds

Thanks especially to Bailey Bros, Blayners and Brain Craters for extensive testing and feedback. We've had a lot of fun on Ambition, and I hope you will too.

short rendered video

Middle 1
Middle 2
Side A
Side B

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  • 08.25.2010 11:24 PM PDT

Great forging throughout and really original design. Love it!

  • 09.03.2010 10:37 PM PDT

Hello, Veiled here, I would just like to share with the community that out out of all the (Halo 3) maps ive seen, this one stuck in my hundred. Awesome job! :)

  • 11.26.2010 9:42 AM PDT

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