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"Edge 2.0" by sporter08 on 11.17.2007
You thought Sandtrap was big!!! We just made it bigger!!!! The original map now has 2 new bases at Edge of map!!! 2-16 Players
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Subject: Edge 2.0 - sequel to the New Sandtrap (but out of the map) 2500+ Do...

Edge 2.0 - The New Sandtrap, but out of the map!!!!

This is a sequel to top downloading map, Edge 3,000+Downloads!!!! Although this is an updated version, you may want to try the original, so here it is!!! Edge 3,000+Downloads
Edge 2.0 supports all game Modes, but Here are the recommended Game Modes:
Edge 1 Flag CTF 320+ Downloads (best option)
Edge 2 Flag CTF 150+ Downloads (Each Team Has A Flag To Defend)
Edge One Bomb 60+ Downloads (Each Team Takes Turns in Attacking with their Bomb)
Edge Assault 70+ Downloads (Both Teams Attacking, Each Have Their Own Bomb)
Edge Neutral Bomb 40+ Downloads (Both Attacking Using One Bomb)
Edge Zone 40+ Downloads (Custom FFA Slayer Mode)
Survival 10+ Downloads (FFA Slayer Mode in which everyone has one life)
Team Survival 30+ Downloads (Team Slayer mode in which everyone has one life)
I will be Bringing a "Flag Rally" Territories Mode Soon, and maybe some modes such as an Infection Mode, a Team Slayer Mode,etc!!!

Basically, Edge is Sandtrap, but with 2 new bases on the outside of the map, a Base on the structure you can see from the main area of sandtrap, but on the Edge of the map. And a floating Base right above it!!!! Sandtrap then becomes a warzone as players from both sides fight their way across it to reach the other side in hope of securing the flag/placing the bomb. This map has been greatly updated since the last version and will make this a more enthralling experience!!! Here's a description of each area:
-Stucture Base: this is located outside of the map and contains a Missile Pod, a Shotgun, a Needler, some Grenades and a bubble shield + a few vechiles. There are also Two Turrets and this is the Defenders Flag return/spawn Location. There are two Exits (by vechile/foot or by Teleporter leading to Sniper Tower) and 1 Entrance (by teleporter on Sniper Tower)
-Floating Base: this is located directly above the Structure Base and is Attackers respawn point. It contains Sniper Rifles, equipment and a Banshee. There are Two Exits(by Banshee or by teleporter leading to Attacker's Elephant/ Assault Cove) and no Entrances. Once you leave, the only way to get back in is to spawn on it
-Sniper Tower: this is located as the big Sand camoflauged tower structure on the Defenders side of Sandtrap. It feature sniper rifles, a regenorator and some grenades. It also has the teleporters to and from the Structure Base
-Assault Cove: This is located in a sand camoflauged stronghold. It features grenades, a BR, Sentinal Beam and a brute shot. It also features a reciever node from the floating base. This is the Attacker's main stationary base on Sandtrap area
-Elephant: the attacker's elephant features grenades, a brute chopper and a reciever node from the floating base. It also has the attacker's flag return/ spawn point. this is the attacker's main base on Sandtrap area (NOTE: Defender's Elephant will only spawn on match where both teams are attacking)
-Anti-personell Wall: This is a wall made out of turret cases on the defenders side that features a mounted turret, two BR's and some grenades. There is also a turret just to the right of the wall with has a better view but less cover
-Attacker's Side: This covers most of Sandtrap Area, and features a Prowler, a guass warthog, two mongooses, a rocket launcher, Assault Cove, a wraith,an elephant and less notable weaponary/equipment
-Defender's Side: This is considerably smaller than the attacker's side, but way more fortified and less empty. It features Sniper Tower, the Anti-Personnel Wall, a prowler, a brute chopper, a ghost, a scorpian, a gauss warthog, a mongoose, a grav hammer, an energy sword, an elephant (on matches where both teams are attacking) and less notable weaponary.
-Du Pont: this is the road down centre of the map and features a Spartan Laser, the neutral bomb point and is near key killing points (Anti-Personnell Wall, Rocket Launcher spawn, Grav Hammer Spawn, spartan laser spawn, etc.
- There is also a custom powerup in a clearly visible, though camoflauged and uninviting place. If you find it, it will make you really fast, low gravity, invisible but you'll have no shields and one shot will kill you!!!!

There will be some screens arriving very shortly

Also, I Am A Member Of The Silent Cartographers. If You Wish To Join Click On The Link!!!!

NOTE: on the description it says 2-16 players. Although this is true, the more players the better. And also my game variants don't really support under 8 players

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  • 11.17.2007 4:13 PM PDT
Subject: Edge 2.0 - sequel to the New Sandtrap (but out of the map)
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Want to post your maps and get downloads quick?
Check out my site HERE

  • 11.17.2007 7:16 PM PDT

I think the first edge was great, so this is a download for me. Gl with more map-making.

  • 11.19.2007 8:38 AM PDT
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you should try to make your own type

  • 11.23.2007 5:03 PM PDT
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awsome map dude, loving the new improvements you made from the old one. Evry1 shud definetely download!!

  • 11.25.2007 10:30 AM PDT

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