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"Double Track" by c u l8er on 11.30.2007
Mongoose race coarse that changes during the race. Works with VIP gametype "RACETRACKS".
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  • Map: Last Resort
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Subject: ..:::Mongoose race track "Double Track" on Last Resort:::..

Mongoose race track "Double Track" on Last Resort
This track is the first of our 2nd series of tracks. Yes SECOND series of mongoose RACETRACKS! This map starts of in the base and your driving along on the cool little short track. You will see yellow orbs spawn and count how many laps you have done. 1, 2, 3, 4, then all the sudden BOOOM!!! The track totally flips around and takes you on a totally different ride. Your just going to have to download for yourself to get that feeling. There is also extra features added to this map just to make it that much better. This track is almost the same but defiantly better than our first mongoose track released (last lap) and thats why I chose this map to be our opener for series 2.

So now your asking ok so you gata sweet map now were is the game type? well the gametype has you spawning at the mongoose's, includes no killing, its a VIP gametype so each person in the game needs to be on his own team, because every time you pass the finish line it gives the VIP a point and not the regular guy.

Please, if you are going to rate this leave a post below describing why you rated what you rated. If I can get a bunch of comments it will make future maps of mine better and better. Thank You!

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  • 11.30.2007 8:59 PM PDT

i swear this is probably the best map ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 11.30.2007 9:30 PM PDT

If you love race tracks go here to see the best of the best iewreplies=true&postRepeater1-p=1

Yep it close. I also just posted a new map if you wanna see it.

  • 11.30.2007 9:40 PM PDT

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Dude this map is AWESOME!! It's so awesome with the changing course, it makes the racetrack one of a kind (well, for right now). Nice job! 5/5

  • 12.01.2007 4:41 AM PDT

common sense is so uncommon its scary...

Hey can you send me a friend request so we could forge some time (my GT: xXxMENTALxXx). I've made some maps myself and enjoyed some of yours.

  • 12.01.2007 6:19 PM PDT

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