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"Tremor Valley" by TrueDarkFusion on 12.08.2007
Tremors returns from H2. The game is tailored to be played without the honor system. 1-2 players must play on red and rest blue
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Subject: Tremor Valley (Forge Hub)
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Map created by TrueDarkFusion, TheYavimayan, aNitrous, and Trickmyster

Map must be played with the Tremors Game Varient

This is the official Forge Hub Map release for Sunday, 12/9/07.

Tremors was designed after the classic Tremors gametype from Halo 2 that many of us have come to enjoy. Well we have managed to create the gametype along with a map which can be played without the use of the honor system.

In order to play load the gametype and map up in the lobby. Have one to two people only on red ream and the rest must be on blue team. The red team is the tremors and the blue team is the humans. The game is setup so players can't do damage but splatters do work. The tremors spawn by a pair of choppers (if there is only one tremor playing the second chopper will detonate at 30 seconds in) which they must take and race around the map splattering those pesky humans. Remember that only splattering does any damage so you need to catch those humans off guard to kill them before stealing your flag.

If you're playing as a human your objective is cross the valley without getting splattered by the tremors. You must use a combination of closely timed acrobatics, patience, teamwork, and use of boxes/rocks. As you cross the valley jump on the various boxes (the boxes are immovable so the tremors can ram them and humans will be safe) and rocks scattered throughout the map. At times you may need the assistance of your teammates to make a clean run to or back with the flag.

Tremors win the game by splattering all the humans before they score the flag or if the time limit reaches zero. The humans win by stealing the flag and making their way back to the base alive while avoiding the tremors. Enjoy the redux of Halo 2's Tremors!

The Human Spawn
The Tremor Spawn
A Safe Refuge
A Tremor Claims Another Victim
Uh... Now what?

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  • 12.09.2007 3:34 PM PDT
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Sounds fun, I gotta try it out =D

  • 12.09.2007 3:36 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

Very fun, I've played it before with you and Yavi and such. It is very fun and gets rid of the chance of anyone trying to break honor rules. It is very exciting when someone scores. And best of all, Yavi can't get wedged in between the most random places if hes in a Chopper. XD

  • 12.09.2007 3:39 PM PDT

Life can be dangerous


  • 12.09.2007 3:54 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

Hmmmm reminds me of sharks and minoes that u play in the pool... ahhh, good summer times....
good job guys.

  • 12.09.2007 3:58 PM PDT


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